HATCHing a Better World

HATCH is a network of world-shapers that mentor and mutually invest in one another. As positive things happen #becauseOfHATCH, the tag is used to help track the many projects and initiatives that grow from HATCH to create a global movement for good.

Colon Cultural Community Development
Colon Cultural provides an “Artist Exchange” Residency to specifically link visiting artists – both local and global – with local cultures and communities in Cuba, inspiring a reciprocal sharing of knowledge, insights and creative techniques during the residency and beyond.
Colón Cultural is a non-for profit organization based in Havana, Cuba. Since its founding in 2016, Colón Cultural has been operating in a Centro Habana neighborhood called Colón. What at first was just an idea from two friends interested in the value of art as a tool for change and social exploration, became the house of over 50 artists from a dozen countries that have come through the program one way or another. In recent years we have been working with the disinterested help of many of the collaborators who have given their support, with the simple satisfaction of knowing that their sweat was driving an initiative to fill a space of creation for these communities and social groups. With our actions we have managed to attract the attention of other organizations and most importantly, we have earned the respect of the communities and social groups with which we work. But what we have done in recent years is not enough. 2020 has brought new challenges for the world and also for our team. The ways of seeing the context and of relating in society must be rethought, seeing this crisis as a new opportunity to put our organization on an increasingly sustainable path. For this we want to grow and strengthen our tools and practices in a new context for the future. This time when many of us stay at home, we have decided to leave the nostalgia of the past before Covid-19 and start thinking about a different type of "normal" for our future, which can help reaffirm the work we have done so far and also increase our capacity to collaborate with the peripheral communities and social groups with which we work, as well as to establish new connections locally and internationally.
With Our Whole Broken Hearts Resiliency & Healing
The book, With Our Whole Broken Hearts, is a graphic memoir that is a raw and real look into heartbreak, healing and – eventually – the phoenix rising moment through three friends’ individual and interwoven stories; Kirsten Kramer, Melanie Curtis and Sarah Walko.
With Our Whole Broken Hearts is a collaboration graphic memoir with two other writers. This memoir brings deeply personal concepts to an accessible and resonant place for others on any part of their journey of heartbreak. It aims to offer support and belief in resilience and the wisdom gained in the at times difficult and at times hilarious journey from brokenness to wholeheartedness. Alongside this book is a strong focus on Resilience Workshops aimed to provide support and healing to those who have suffered trauma.
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COVID-19 PPE Health & Safety
Founded in 2004, HATCH is a non-profit ecosystem that connects highly motivated individuals to accelerate solutions for positive impact. We are uniting networks to raise money to help get PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the hardest hit, underserved hospitals. The HATCH PPE CHAIN is in action, and thousands of […]
Free from Within Incarceration
Free From Within empowers incarcerated women to build a life of self-worth – both inside and outside prison. This platform and in-person facilitation for women in maximum security prison and jails provides the space and tools to activate, elevate and support internal transformation to end violence from the inside.
More than 200,000 women in the United States reside in prison. Since 1980, incarcerated women have increased by 700% - and outpaced men. 77% are arrested again within 9 years - 35% in first year alone. What does compassion, empathy and forgiveness in the brains of incarcerated individuals who are considered some of the most hardened criminals look like? Free from Within wants to eventually answer this question. How can we remember the goodness in ourselves so we can see and acknowledge that in others. It starts in the prisons, considered one of the darkest corners of society. This is where we can find the greatest potential for light. Free from Within is an in person facilitated program within jails and prisons to ignite healing from within. People on on the outside will come in and experience alongside incarcerated individuals the same transformational training. Often the prisons within our minds and hearts are the same as the concrete prisons. Together both civilians and incarcerated people will leave the trainings with the tools to break free from self limitation. Since its inception, the support of the program has spread through not only the prisoners but also garnered the support of staff, warden and jail psychologists. Long term inmates are now requesting groups daily. "We have had 100% retention and a 1000% growth," states the sheriff who is advocating for in-person trainings so that a new paradigm of leadership and empowerment can come not only from the outside but through the inmates themselves.
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TEAL Tag: Keepers of the New West Regenerative Agriculture
The American West is changing. There are rising conflicts between livestock and wildlife, conventional (dated) agricultural practices are degrading the landscape and a generally negative impact from predator intolerance. That’s why we are developing Landscape Pairing technology with land ethics for a better tomorrow on large landscapes.
The TEAL Tag: A wellness microchip worn by cattle in predator dense areas, measuring GPS, body temperature, and heart rate, and paired to a smart phone providing crucial, real-time information through the use of IoT technology. This tech will help locate deceased or sick livestock, alert when they might be stressed due to the presence of a predator, and would know immediately if an animal is dead, how, and where to find it. This system will revolutionize safer landscapes by decreasing encounters between humans, livestock, and wildlife and widen the platform of tolerance of diverse landscapes in agriculture. Equally important (if not more) is this project's support and enhancement of conservation and protection of key wildlife species across the globe, ultimately changing the way we live with wildlife/predators everywhere. This technology will allow for measurable data collection including hyper-local climate data, carbon ‘hoofprint’ data, humidity, etc. This is invaluable for land use managers, climate researchers, forest fire management, government, and more. While scalability may look small (cattle in predator country), it's scalable capacity reaches into all sectors of agriculture and wildlife management on a global level.
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Art for Good The Arts
We believe that art can make a greater impact on the world. The HATCH Art Amplifier is “Art for Good” and designed to help Artists reach their higher goals, while connecting Artists with causes and resources, by promoting their art and empowering Artists to amplify environmental and social impact.
Each year, ten Artists will be selected to participate in the ART for Good program. Their projects will be amplified via HATCH, through the HATCH Network, H360 and other forms of social media. HATCH will make introductions to social or environmental causes that align with Artist’s purpose or passion. Should the artist be selected, a formal contract will follow. It will include a mentorship commitment from Artist (12 hours in the course of a year). Additionally, Artist will determine how to partner with the social impact organization, as well as the Artist’s give back to HATCH. The latter could be a piece of art, a concert or engagement --- it is the currency. It can be financial or not, but must have value to HATCH. If you believe your art or project could use the support of the HATCH network, use the link below to apply.
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Paradigm Shift 2030 Ocean Plastics
We envision an industry-led consortium that seeks to create cleaner environments and communities locally and globally. We aim to create data transparency throughout the value network while identifying the changes required within that value network to support the adoption of these new technologies.
Paradigm Shift 2030 looks to create an industry-led consortium to create cleaner environment and communities locally and globally. We believe that consortium members will benefit because solutions are Safer Together, Faster Together, and Cheaper Together. Safer because we de-risk research and development; Faster because we expedite market adoption across the value network; Cheaper because we distribute investment costs across Consortium members.
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Rise Above Ambassador Program Refugee Crisis
Creating a Community of Global Citizens Rise Above is striving to put together a global Ambassador Program that will advocate and bring awareness to the SDG Impact Accelerator, this will provide a change in narrative and a clear on-ramp to global citizens who desire to work on and with refugee issues. The Ambassador Program aims […]
The SDG Impact Accelerator (SDGia) - A global accelerator built by a multi stakeholder platform focusing on empowering “systems entrepreneurs” and innovators who are providing impact at scale. SDGia aims to generate market-creating innovations initially for refugee populations and least-developed country (LDC) populations. We are building a unique model for accelerating the discovery and market entry of solutions for the selected big problems. Market-creating innovations are executed by mobilizing different stakeholders to catalyze systems change. Success looks like: - Global awareness and partnerships for the SDG Impact Accelerator program - Entrepreneurs globally are creating solutions for refugee challenges - An inclusive community of global citizens who are working together to support displaced people all over the world.
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For Students By Students – A Student Bill of Rights Education
The K-12 Student Bill of Rights is a document designed to elevate education and empower students to advocate for safe, inspiring, and equitable learning environments. This document will act as the first step in the many changes that need to be made in the education system.
According to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, "American public schooling is, and has been, profoundly unequal in the opportunity delivered to students...." Creating a Student Bill of Rights, we hope to be able to use it a a guiding document to make needed educational changes that our national, state, and district educational systems have been too ineffective in addressing. Students will create the Student Bill of Rights based on their own experiences and through negotiation with adult stakeholders.
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The Social Good Club Equality & Environment
A group of creators and audiences from around the world working directly with experts in social impact to learn how to create better lives for ourselves and the world around us.
The Social Good Club is a production company, but more importantly, a community working to co-create a better, more connected world. The SGC is a group of influencers and audiences from around the world working directly with experts in social impact to learn how to create more sustainable lives for ourselves, our communities, and the planet.
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Ignite Mentoring Education
Zoom meets the Go Game for Mentorship.  This new mentorship platform integrates state of the art video conferencing into the practice of more effective mentor relationships.
After 4+ decades in leadership and strategy positions in government, industry and non-profit sectors, Alan became an author to change the conversation around mentoring to make it more available, more inclusive, more structured, more egalitarian, and more effective. He wrote "Growing Mentor Intelligence - A Field Guide to Mentoring" in 2014 to start that process combining my passion for mentoring with insights gained from deep and unique experiences in leadership, mentoring and diversity and inclusion. Following publication, Alan began to offer workshops to organizations large and small - this work continues today. He hopes to change the world one mentor relationship at a time, but knows that the real promise of this life work is to scale beyond his social media connections and word of mouth marketing to a global audience that desperately needs to hear this message. Mentoring is a core enabler to every one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This project is co-led by Alan Landry, Finn Kelly and Erica Mackey.
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5 Jamma Slamma Social Equity & The Arts
At HATCH Big Sky in 2016, Matthew was connected with the kindred hearts and minds to put his ideas to HATCH a better world into action. Matthew’s first experiences at HATCH inspired him to create 5 Jamma Slamma, a poetry slam for kids living in the foster care system.
Five Acres in Pasadena California is group home for “at risk” kids, on their last stop before being institutionalized in a juvenile detention center or another bastion of the criminal justice system. Matthew saw the potential of giving these kids a creative outlet and new means of self-expression by introducing them to the power of poetry – he just needed help figuring out exactly how that would work. Within moments of sitting down to write out his ideas, Matthew was approached by fellow HATCHer Jenny Sheets, asking him to ‘teach her how to perform poetry.’ They both saw it as a “sign” from the Universe and decided to sit together and ‘crush this idea’ of creating the poetry slam. Forty minutes later they completed an outline for the event and how it would work. From that initial conversation, 5 Jamma Slamma was born. Following HATCH, Matthew returned to Los Angeles and pitched his newly HATCHed idea to the Five Acres administrative team. He then personally matched the $5k budget the organization had to invest in the project, and got to work producing the event. He started by asking other artists to help mentor the 5 Acres kids. He called on several internationally recognized slam poets and musicians to bring their talents to bear. Steve Connell (Hatch newbie 2017) and Butterscotch (HATCH alumni) as well as a dozen others artist, answered the call to action.
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The Power of Movement Equality & The Arts
When Quentin Robinson arrived at Moonlight Lodge for HATCH Big Sky 2016, he had no idea he would be making a global impact within months of HATCH by sharing his talent and passion with a community of refugees in Uganda, and later making plans to connect global networks of students through artistic performance.
Less than one month from saying yes to the idea, Quentin had raised the necessary funding (with significant support from his new HATCH network), and was on his way to bring the creative outlet of dance to the Makavili Refugee Settlement in Uganda. The results were instantaneous and powerful. Children and adults alike immersed themselves in the moment and gave their all to the choreography, huge smiles on their faces throughout. From there, bigger ideas erupted about how to do more with this type of interaction. Seeing the transformative power of dance in action set Quentin thinking about ways this type of interaction could help break down cultural barriers between students across the U.S. and around the world. He’s now working toward live projection dance classes and Q&A sessions between kids hundreds, if not thousands, of miles apart. For instance, students in a rural Montana school could ultimately connect and perform with kids living in Uganda. The ultimate goal would be a documentary web series that demonstrates the value of these cross-cultural connections and spreading a global understanding that our similarities far outweigh our divisive differences.
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