#EarthToParis: HATCH partners w/ U.N. & GOOD to send critical message to world leaders
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#EarthToParis: HATCH partners w/ U.N. & GOOD to send critical message to world leaders

At HATCH Experience 2015, NASA Scientist Michelle Thaller  offered a very blunt assessment of the rapidly accelerating climate crisis; and a very clear message that it’s time for all of us to push for meaningful action from world leaders.

She also offered a hugely compelling argument to quickly push past the collective disconnect we feel when such a massive problem, reminding us “We’ve already destroyed the world.  And we’ve already healed it;” referring to the Montreal Protocol’s role in preventing wide scale destruction of the ozone layer by banning CFCs.  The development of the Montreal Protocol in the early 90s was straightforward: policy makers listened to the dire predictions coming from scientists, and took decisive action to prevent conditions on Earth from becoming inhospitable to humanity.

As of 2015, we need to turn the collective volume up and make it absolutely clear that we demand action from our elected leaders.  We need to make it absolutely clear the time for climate action is NOW.

As part of that effort, HATCH was asked to partner with the #EarthToParis campaign to connect with strategic global influencers and amplify the global climate discussion leading up to COP21 (a good explanation video), the United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place this November 30 – December 12 in Paris. GOOD (co-founded by HATCHer Max Schorr) developed #EarthToParis for the United Nations Foundation + a growing coalition of nearly 100 partners so far.  The first video installation, helmed by creative director (and HATCHer) Nirvan Mullick, has harnessed the collective influence of key players like Jack Black, Kid President, and internet legend Lil Bub to spread a simple, profound message:

“Everyone has a role to play. As governments convene for the conference, civil society groups, businesses, scientists, innovators, and citizens will also gather to share climate solutions and to let leaders know that every sector, every community, and every person must play an active role in addressing climate change. ”

Since its release one week ago, the first #EarthToParis video was viewed over 5 million times and shared over 70,000 times – with viral reach continuing to increase exponentially every day.  The effort has grown to a social media footprint of 115 million human beings so far, and growing.

Max Schorr:  “We are all connected. #EarthToParis is a way for us to create a global moment of solidarity and encourage our leaders to take strong action for the planet.  This is one of the most important endeavors we have ever been a part of at GOOD – It’s our only planet.

#EarthToParis takes perhaps the most critical issue of our time and the most important meeting on that issue, and gives us an opportunity to take action for more than ourselves and share a voice for the planet: #EarthToParis.”

HATCH Founder (and filmmaker) Yarrow Kraner who will be on the ground documenting this historical moment stated “This is the first time in history that leaders of every country are coming to the table with the intent to work together for climate solutions.  COP21 can be a turning point as this is the first climate summit in the internet era, which means we all have a collective voice and now is the time to be heard.”

A dozen HATCHers will be collaborating on pivotal events during COP21, and there are plenty of ways to get involved in the weeks leading up to the conference in Paris:

HATCHer Philip Sheppard will be playing live at the base of the Eiffel Tower for the opening, with the Mayor of Paris, and Nicolas Hulot as #EarthToParis partner 1heart1tree projects virtual trees, as real trees are simultaneously adopted to be planted elsewhere in war zones across the world.

You can participate immediately by signing up at earthtoparis.org, and sending a message to leaders in Paris. You can also create a 5-10 second video with an #EarthToParis sign (hold phone sideways!) + share the video and your message to the world. Messages will be incorporated into the next Earth to Paris video and shared in Paris, and world leaders will hear your voice.