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It seems, now more than ever, that we have found ourselves on the cusp of monumental worldwide change. Whether we consider the environment, politics, infrastructure, health, economics, or equities across a broad swath of social constructs, the consensus is clear and urgent: all is not as it should be. The United Nations (UN), a consortium of 193 Member States from around the globe, agrees. In 2015, the UN unanimously adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calling for urgent action in global partnership to secure “peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” In alignment with the goals, HATCH — a curated network of innovators, artists, activists, and entrepreneurs working together to accelerate positive global change — focused its fall summit impact labs on topics related to their four impact pillars: EQUITY, EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT, and EMPOWERMENT.

This series will explore those on the frontlines of transformational systems change, accelerating solutions for these human challenges.


with special guests Tony Cho, Dr. Tia Kansara & Stan Stalnaker

In this episode, our host, Tate Chamberlin hosts Tony Cho, CEO and founder of Future of Cities, which aims to positively impact 1 billion people through innovations in the built environment; Stan Stalnaker, Stan Stalnaker, social globalization expert and founder and chief strategy officer of Hub Culture, a collaborative exchange platform; and acclaimed economist, speaker, author, moderator, and Replenish Earth CEO, Dr. Tia Kansara. Here, they imagine the future of the planet — of its inhabitants, global economies, diverse cities, and environments — through a regenerative lens. And that future is bright with hope.

EPISODE 10: A COP Half Full

with special guest Marc Buckley

In this episode, our host Tate Chamberlin hosts climate activist and SDG advocate Marc Buckley at the 27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. One of the first climate speakers trained by Al Gore, Buckley seeks to “empower billions of global citizens to live an adaptive lifestyle of health and sustainability,” actively working toward systems reform driven by accountability, optimism, and hope. Here, he discusses the regenerative model primed to replace our dystopian reality with a utopian vision well within our grasp.

EPISODE 09: Freeflow 

with special guests Karoline Zizka, Florian Fournier, and Fernando del Sol of FreeFlow

In this episode, our host Tate Chamberlin is with Karoline Zizka, Florian Fournier, and Fernando del Sol of FreeFlow, a global movement to empower the people with sustainable access to complementary education, internet, and currencies (banking) for less than a dollar per month through an open-source, peer-to-peer, decentralized Internet infrastructure: ThreeFold’s Web 4 stateless and lightweight Zero-OS.  

If you haven’t listened to our last episode: The Internet of Internets, We’d recommend starting there. This chapter is essentially what the world could look like on top of decentralized internet infrastructure.

We’re in Egypt.  Join us, won’t you?

EPISODE 08: The Internet of Internets

with special guests Kristof de Spiegeleer and Sabrina Sadik  

In this episode, Tate Chamberlin hosts Kristof de Spiegeleer and Sabrina Sadik of ThreeFold, a growing global partnership intent on building “an open-source, peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure that removes all forms of centralization from the global IT systems.” Coined the “People’s Internet,” ThreeFold’s Web 4 stateless and lightweight Zero-OS has the capacity to revolutionize the Internet as we know it, reverting the tool to its original intention and iteration, taking power and revenue back from the chosen few and redistributing it to the many, and ensuring that your data – your “digital twin” – remains within your care and, ultimately, your control.

EPISODE 07: Ocean Health = Planet Health

with special guest Marcus Eriksen 

In this podcast, our Host Tate Chamberlin is joined by Marcus Eriksen, scientist, and co-founder of The 5 Gyres Institute, “a leader in the global movement against plastic pollution.” Eriksen and his wife, 5 Gyres co-founder Anna Cummins, have manned the Institute’s helm since 2009, leading 19 expeditions throughout the world’s waters with scientists, stakeholders, and innovators researching the detrimental reach and impact of plastics and inspiring change. Here, Eriksen discusses the true nature of the plastics beast and the work of dismantling the systems and misconceptions that have allowed its reign.

EPISODE 06: The Next Generation of Systems Change

with special guests Pamphinette Buisa, Olivia Bulis, and Ruby Jenni 

In this episode, our host Tate Chamberlin is joined by Olympian, facilitator, and community organizer Pamphinette Buisa with HATCH NextGen activists and students Olivia Bulis and Ruby Jenni in reflections on diversity, decolonization, systems change, and why empowering youth may be the first step toward a brighter future for all.


with special guests Cindy Chin, Elyse Klaidman, and Hakeem Oluseyi

In this podcast, I Am Interchange Founder Tate Chamberlin is joined by Dr. Hakeem Muata Oluseyi, Cindy Chin, and Elyse Klaidman in a discussion examining the good, the bad, and the ugly of our current education systems and innovative approaches to STEM explorations, both in and out of school. Dr. Oluseyi is a renowned astrophysicist, STEM educator, author, and inventor. Royal Society of Arts Fellow Cindy Chin is a NASA datanaut and the co-founder of CLIPr, a revolutionary development that “uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create searchable recorded meeting recaps and actionable insights to drive desired outcomes in a fraction of the time.” And, artist and educator Elyse Klaidman is the CEO and co-founder of X in a Box, an online platform that partners with innovative companies to develop “world-class lessons that connect the classroom to the real world.” 


with special guests Andre Perry, Renay Loper, and Otho Kerr

In this podcast, our host Tate Chamberlin discusses the wealth gap and its impact on BIPOC communities and national economic prosperity with esteemed HATCH Montana Lab guests Otho E. Kerr III, Andre M. Perry, and Renay Loper. Otho Kerr, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Impact Investing at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, works to solve crucial environmental, social, and financial problems by advising investments in innovation and equity, moving money to makers. Senior fellow at Brookings Metro, Andre Perry is the author of Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities and the landmark 2018 Brookings Institution report, “The Devaluation of Assets in Black Neighborhoods.” He is a nationally renowned analyst of race, education, and inequality. Impact Strategist Renay Loper is the Vice President of Program Innovation at Pyxera Global, an organization working to develop collaborative partnerships that put people at the center of public, private, and social interests to solve complex global challenges.


with special guest Ryland Engelhart

In this podcast, our host Tate Chamberlin is joined by Ryland Engelhart — co-founder and executive director of Kiss the Ground and producer of the September 2020 film by the same name — for a conversation about his HATCH accelerator lab, regenerative agriculture, the 2023 Farm Bill and Engelhart’s multi-pronged mission to help save the planet. Next year, the 2023 Farm Bill — a package of legislation passed once every five years that outlines agricultural parameters around farming and food production — will once again define our path forward. Or back. Engelhart and many like him are particularly passionate about engaging public momentum around the bill because its reverberations have the power to revolutionize farming and food in America on a regenerative, sustainable platform, or to seal the fate of the planet and all the species reliant upon it. Co-creator of the documentary film May I Be Frank and co-owner of the groundbreaking Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre plant-based restaurants, Engelhart and his family live in Fillmore, California where they put intention into practice on their own 17-acre regenerative organic farm.


with special guests Ada Williams Prince, Asiaha Butler and Kimberly Bryant. 

In this podcast, our host Tate Chamberlin reimagines philanthropy with HATCH Rethinking Philanthropy lab facilitator Ada Williams Prince and esteemed lab guests, Asiaha Butler and Kimberly Bryant. Ada Williams Prince is the senior advisor for program strategy and investment at Pivotal Ventures, where she works to accelerate positive social programming and evolution, particularly in the areas of adolescent mental health and empowerment and access for women and girls of color. Former electrical engineer and founder of Black Girls CODE, a non-profit that introduces girls of color to technology and computer science, Kimberly Bryant has grown her grassroots initiative since 2011 to reach over 30,000 young women worldwide. And Asiaha Butler, co-founder and CEO of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood or R.A.G.E. in Chicago, works to reinvigorate the greater Englewood neighborhood by mobilizing “residents and resources to force a change in the community.” Through the voices and experiences of these commanding women of color, this podcast provides a glimpse of the struggle, the passion, and the power behind change and its makers.


with special guests Philomena Mantella, Ty Hobson-Powell, and Zineb Mouhyi. 

In our very first episode of The HATCH Podcast, our host, Tate Chamberlin, discusses the future of education with HATCH education lab coordinator, President Philomena Mantella of Grand Valley State University, and esteemed lab guests, Ty Hobson-Powell, and Zineb Mouhyi. President of Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, Philly Mantella brings 30 years of higher education experience to both her university role and her work transforming inter-institutional collaborations and designing partnerships for diversity in learning.

The Future of Education HATCH lab was centered around accelerating Mantella’s passion project REP4 (or rapid education prototyping), an alliance of six higher education founding partners working together to transform the education system into a student/learning centered model. Lab invitee, child prodigy, and founder of Concerned Citizens Demanding Change, Inc., Ty Hobson-Powell joins the discussion as a lifelong activist and advocate intent on disrupting systems and structures that no longer serve the global community.


Zineb Mouhyi | Episode 01

Kimberly Bryant | Episode 02

Asiaha Butler | Episode 02

Ty Hobson Powell | Episode 01

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Ryland Engelhart | Episode 03

Tate Chamberlin | HATCH Podcast Host

Ada Williams Prince | Episode 02

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