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working together to invest in and improve our future.  

This is the NextGen Program.

This is HATCH.


HATCH strives to foster and mentor the Next Generation into socially responsible, entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow through education, experience and opportunity.


The HATCH NextGen programs connect students to global leaders and mentors at the top of their industries.  As a community of innovators and influencers, HATCH works to support NextGen students and expand their horizons of what’s possible.

HATCH is founded on the principal of mentorship.  Mentorship is a process of collaborative self-reflection, optimization, and actualization.  Having a mentor can exponentially elevate professional capabilities, and in turn can maximize an individual’s positive impact on the world.  HATCH curates high-touch collisions that forge relationships, manifesting powerful outcomes. The potent collaborations that result #becauseofHATCH have led to breakthrough ideologies in business, creativity, education, social impact, and global entrepreneurship.   To date, HATCH has curated 10,000+ hours of face-to-face mentorship with winners of awards such as Pulitzer’s, Cannes, Cannes Lion, CNN Women of the Year, Hugo’s, Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, Addy’s, Webby’s and more, with our leaders of tomorrow. interested in attending?

While mentoring often occurs when you least expect it, HATCH believes that all NextGen participants deserve consistent, proactive mentoring strategies.  WATCH This NextGen Video  & HIGH SCHOOL GROUNDBREAKER TESTIMONIAL VIDEO.

Want to to be a NextGen student at HATCH? APPLY HERE.  Know a student who should be a HATCHer?  NOMINATE A STUDENT HERE.  

Interested in Sponsorship or underwriting a NextGen student to attend? Contact Yarrow@HATCHexperience.org or go to SPONSOR A NEXTGEN STUDENT.

Research by Deloitte projects that millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. They also proactively choose to engage with companies that care about improving the world.  A 2012 Dimensional Research survey revealed that mentorship was the # 1 request by millennials worldwide, with 62% requesting help finding a mentor.   


  1. THE HATCH Summit NextGen program (outlined below) – Students that APPLY and are accepted attend a HATCH Signature Summit – a 3 1/2 day event of mind melding, consisting of speaker panels, music, workshops, idea exchange, and rapid prototype sessions working collaboratively on solutions to real-world challenges. During this event, the mentees are paired with mentors who align with their vision and/or area of interest. After the summit, the mentors and mentees create a follow-up path to solving a problem and creating a project in line with one of the United Nations Global Goals for 2030. The three NextGen categories include Global, Regional / local to event location, and Under-served.  Interested in Sponsorship or underwriting a NextGen student to attend?  Contact Yarrow@HATCHexperience.org or go to  https://hatchexperience.org/partners/support-contribute
  2. HATCH NextGen Workshops – HATCH / mentors visit schools.  Programs are underwritten by a sponsor.  Watch video examples: Writer’s workshop + Innovator’s workshop
  3. HATCH NextGen LaunchPad An in-school program currently being prototyped. The program pairs a student with a HATCHer to help a scale a student’s social impact capstone project and amplify its impact through mentorship.  
  4. HATCH Ostinato Project  (http://hatchostinatoproject.com) A music-focused mentorship program that matches composers and industry musicians with schools and music classes to allow for collaboration on music creation, resulting in professional music production that ultimately funds more music programs.  Interested in participating? http://hatchostinatoproject.com/get-involved
  5. HATCH ACADEMY (https://www.hatchacademy.net)  Hatch Academy connects the dots between where a young person is now and where they want to be, building necessary life skills under the apprenticeship of a seasoned professional.
  6. HATCH EXPERIENCE NEXTGEN + TEACHER HATCH (in design phase for 2019) – Designed to

HATCH helps NextGen Students develop 21st Century Skills:

  •      Critical thinking / Problem Solving
  •      Creativity and innovation
  •      Adaptability / Resilience
  •      Collaboration
  •      Communication (written, oral, blended, advanced media)
  •      Information sourcing and media literacy
  •      Self-direction and self-assessment
  •      Application of technology to workflow
  •      Authenticity & Accuracy
  •      Apprenticeship
  •      Leadership
  •      Networking

Want to to be a NextGen student at HATCH? APPLY HERE.  Know a student who should be a HATCHer?  NOMINATE A STUDENT HERE.

In their words:

As a young poet and activist, the HATCH Next Gen program has given me the tools, platform, connections, and support network to improve my work and grow as a person.  In my fellow Next Geners, I have found some of my closest friends and collaborators, including Taliq Tillman, a young activist from Rhode Island who I have begun working with on a new project to increase youth political involvement.  In many of the adult HATCHERS, I have found mentors, including Steve Connell, an accomplished spoken word poet whose advice and wisdom has helped me grow tremendously as an artist. These connections, along with the incredible opportunities I’ve received through the HATCH Next Gen program, have truly been life changing.  I have been given the tools to further pursue passions I already new I had and have been introduced to others I didn’t. The way that HATCH brings together people of all different ages with different passions and professions is truly special and I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

  • Royce Mann


“Take time to build relationships, and you will be rewarded with

Experiences you could never pay for.” ~ Jon-Paul Bowles