April 29 - May 3, 2024  //  HATCH Arcosanti (Arizona) October 7-11, 2024  //  HATCH Montana
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What exactly is ?

HATCH is a community, movement, and a series of experiences designed to ACTIVATE CREATIVITY to HATCH a better world. Since 2003, HATCH experience is a four day annual retreat meets summit offered to 100 of the most provocative innovators, inventors, and cultural catalysts, across a wide range of disciplines.

Attendees who are invited each year cover a wide swath of humanity - Oscar-winning filmmakers, Grammy-winning Musicians, CEO’s and Founders of diverse companies and non- profits, designers from IDEO, NASA, Google, and a wide range of hackers, inventors, educators, disruptors, and mavericks.

This cross-pollinated alchemy of global perspectives, allows thought leaders to re-ignite their creative vision... and opens them up to a new a network for life. The outcome has lead to hundreds new projects and collaborations, and ongoing mentorship opportunities.   Learn more

Why does exist?

Reversing the Creativity Crisis

Creativity is the magic ingredient in building a bright future. HATCH is driven to infuse every member of the HATCH community by: uniting disruptors and mavericks, cross-pollinating diverse people and ideas, and creating experiences that activate the creator inside each and every person.  Learn more about the Creativity Crisis

360° Mentorship

Mentoring is a Hatch cornerstone. HATCH is built around meaningful relationships. What began as top-down mentorship has evolved into a ‘360’ mentorship approach; bottom-up and peer to peer. We encourage — if not expect — all HATCH community members to mentor, share, and challenge one another.  Learn more about 360° Mentorships


You will be .

Each year, the HATCH group is diverse and includes artists, inventors, award-winning authors, grammy-winning musicians, filmmakers, technologists, CEOs, social impact change makers, designers, and more.

“Imagine gathering up a hundred innovators, artists, makers, creators, educators, risk-takers, influencers, and mavericks... people who want to shake the world by its ankles. And are destined to.

Imagine them in a room together, teased out of their cocoons, grids off, brains on, glass flying everywhere: A NASA engineer tackles a problem for an entrepreneur. A scientist cracks open an idea for music distribution. An ad executive delivers insight to a health-care play. An inventor, architect, and designer sketching new models for education... Imagine that. Or just find yourself at HATCH.”


“I have been to the world’s top conferences and retreats, but I have never been surrounded, by people - and an environment so powerful as HATCH. I am re-HATCHed”


”This meeting of visionaries is the most real life example of the adage "come as a stranger, leave as a friend" that I have been involved in - a family is formed, and through the influence of others, one’s path becomes more meaningful.”


“Quite simply, HATCH makes us more dangerous. The companies that send their best and brightest to HATCH dramatically benefit from them returning refueled, re-energized, on the forefront of what’s next, and full of new collaboration opportunities. HATCH makes us more valuable to our work, ourselves, and the world.”


In the mountains of .

Southwest Montana — Southwest Montana is consistently recognized as one of the best areas to live, work and play in America by magazines such as Outdoor Magazine, Business Week, USA Today, New York Times, and Forbes. The Kauffman Foundation has ranked Montana as #1 in startup activity four years running, and Montana was recently named the #1 most entrepreneurial state by CNN’s Money Magazine, and three years in a row by the Kaufman Foundation, while Bozeman, home to one of HATCH’s educational partners, Montana State University, thrives on its ability to blend a lifestyle rich in culture, arts and the great outdoors. Learn more about the start-up landscape and Montana Economic Development here.


April 29 - May 3, 2024  //  HATCH Arcosanti (Arizona) October 7-11, 2024  //  HATCH Montana
Invite Only – Apply Now
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