ART for Good

We believe that art can make a greater impact on the world. The HATCH Art Amplifier is “Art for Good” and designed to help Artists reach their higher goals, while connecting Artists with causes and resources, by promoting their art and empowering Artists to amplify environmental and social impact.

This application is meant to understand the Artist’s project, purpose or social impact and the Artists greatest needs/asks.

Each year, three to five Artists will be selected. Their projects will be amplified via HATCH, through the HATCH Network, H360 and other forms of social media. HATCH will make introductions to social or environmental causes that align with Artist’s purpose or passion. Please note that financial resources are not currently part of the program offerings. 

Should the artist be selected, a formal contract will follow. It will include a mentorship commitment from Artist (12 hours in the course of a year). Additionally, Artist will determine how to partner with the social impact organization, as well as the Artist’s give back to HATCH. The latter could be a piece of art, a concert or engagement — it is the currency. It can be financial or not, but must have value to HATCH.