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HATCH is a network of world-shapers that mentor and mutually invest in one another. As positive things happen #becauseOfHATCH, the tag is used to help track the many projects and initiatives that grow from HATCH to create a global movement for good.

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Resiliency & Healing
Sarah Walko
Sarah Walko is an artist, director, curator and writer. She is currently the Director of Education and Community Engagement at the Visual Art Center of New Jersey.
With Our Whole Broken Hearts

The book, With Our Whole Broken Hearts, is a graphic memoir that is a raw and real look into heartbreak, healing and – eventually – the phoenix rising moment through three friends’ individual and interwoven stories; Kirsten Kramer, Melanie Curtis and Sarah Walko.

With Our Whole Broken Hearts is a collaboration graphic memoir with two other writers. This memoir brings deeply personal concepts to an accessible and resonant place for others on any part of their journey of heartbreak. It aims to offer support and belief in resilience and the wisdom gained in the at times difficult and at times hilarious journey from brokenness to wholeheartedness. Alongside this book is a strong focus on Resilience Workshops aimed to provide support and healing to those who have suffered trauma.
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