What is HATCH?

HATCH is a non-profit global network and ecosystem of transformative experiences that consists of two annual curated Summits, year-round Impact Labs, and a platform that connects to accelerate solutions for positive impact. HATCH is not only a place for ideas, but actionable impact. HATCH is a chemistry set of diverse individuals, industries, and expertise — collaborators, who cross-pollinate to accelerate solutions for positive impact and HATCH A Better World for ALL.

The topics of discussion and focus feel like a heat map of what’s “keeping people up at night.” Environment, Education, Equality, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Creativity and DIVERSITY as critical problem-solving tools for today’s challenges. See our Board of Directors – and VIEW HATCH 2021 IMPACT REPORT. 

The HATCH ecosystem consists of:
  • SIGNATURE SUMMITS – Two annual, invite-only summits (Montana and HATCH Europe) for carefully selected influencers, inventors, makers, technologists, CEOs, designers, artists, and more
  • HATCH NextGen Mentorship – The world is being inherited by a resilient generation of intelligent, empathetic and action minded leaders.  HATCH is building programs to mentor them.
  • IMPACT Labs – A series of salons, workshops, and activations throughout the year that activates the HATCH Network to work on solutions for global challenges.
  • HATCH NextGen – A series of workshops and design thinking labs in high schools and with universities
  • HATCH360 -A collaboration match-making platform driven by A.I. and machine learning that connects people and projects to resources

HATCH is an activated network of changemakers that is

  • creating highly catalytic experiences  (a selected chemistry set of extraordinary humans)
  • facilitating peer to peer acceleration  (exponential collaborations where 1 + 1 = 11)
  • designing solution-driven think tanks  (working on solutions for real world challenges)
  • mentoring the next generation through educational programs  (to shape future leaders)

   …. to HATCH a better world.