Impact Case Studies

HATCH is a network of world-shapers that mentor and mutually invest in one another. As positive things happen #becauseOfHATCH, the tag is used to help track the many projects and initiatives that grow from HATCH to create a global movement for good.

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Health & Safety

CrashPad offers a safe space to sleep and shower on campus in recreation centers and other under-used facilities for students and community members facing housing insecurity, or unstable home environments.

Spun up during a HATCHedu + MSU design sprint, CrashPad creates on-campus crisis housing for students facing housing insecurity or unstable housing situations. During the Lab, Team CrashPad won $1,000 invested personally by members of the HATCH network. This was matched by a micro-grant from Les Craig and MSU Launchpad for a total of $2,000. In addition to funding, ongoing mentorship was offered by the HATCH network, including Elke Govertsen, Mark Brand, Brandt Williams, and Mark Goerner. Composer Philip Sheppard offered a soundtrack to the team's final presentation video. CrashPad was adopted by Montana State University in 2017 as a way to provide housing to students in need. Funding for this program comes from The Associated Students of Montana State University where students invest in their peers.
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