You were invited to HATCH because you are amazing. 100 at a time. As you inspire others, you are inspired… HATCH is a network in which we mutually invest in one another and few things promote this movement of good more effectively than a collective and shared social tissue for the work we are doing for the world under one hash tag.

#becauseOfHATCH takes all of our work collectively full circle. USE IT.

Permanently attach #becauseOfHATCH to your projects, ideas, creations, speaking engagements, etc. By attaching the #becauseofHATCH tag to social media posts, packaging, conferences and causes, it creates a trackable MOVEMENT, and serves as our metric to continue to find partners to fund this ecosystem.

Used consistently, it not only promotes YOU, via HATCH, but serves as a trackable node in which you are all supporting each other, the global HATCH community, by helping it grow and thrive, supporting your ideas and visions with more infrastructure and potency.

HATCH Activation at Sustainable Brands ’17 Detroit

From May 22nd to the 25th, a team of HATCHers converged at the Cobo Convention Center for the 2017 Sustainable Brands Conference in Detroit, focused on Redefining the Good Life.  HATCH was invited to participate after a successful first year of partnering with Sustainable Brands (SB) as our key Sustainability Partner at HATCH Experiences. […]

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#becauseofHATCH Impact Oaxaca Challenge

During the first week of November, members of the global HATCH Network and Mexican thought leaders converged in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico for a design thinking lab focused on select local challenges, curated by local influences.  The inaugural Oaxaca Challenge is the first of what HATCH intends to be the beginning […]

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One Student’s Life-Changing Moment at HATCH: Spontaneous Combustion

This piece was written by Bozeman High School student and HATCH NextGen member, Cole Janssen, after attending his first HATCH Experience in Big Sky this September.  Cole is an incredibly talented National Geographic-published photographer, writer, and rock climber.  He’s also a Peer Educator at Bridger Care Clinic.   “Maybe it’s the power conjured from […]

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#becauseofHATCH: Butterscotch & Director Mary John Frank on “Accept Who I Am”

Mary John Frank and Butterscotch on the music video “Accept Who I Am” From Montana to New York to Los Angeles, singer and beatboxer, Butterscotch, and director and choreographer, Mary John Frank, criss-crossed paths to create the groundbreaking music video, “Accept Who I Am.” The two artists met unexpectedly at the creativity summit, HATCH […]

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The Creative Connection: Actor Tim Daly & NASA Astronomer Michelle Thaller

A conversation between HATCHers Tim Daly and Michelle Thaller during the inaugural HATCH Latin America at Kalu Yala in the Panamanian rainforest.  February 19th, 2016.  Tim Daly is most recently known for his current role on CBS’ political drama television series Madam Secretary , and has been a leading advocate for STEAM (science, technology, arts, and math) education […]

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HATCH Connects Latin America in Kalu Yala, Panama

Last week, I shut off my phone, left my computer at home, and headed to Panama to spend 4 days off the grid in a jungle called Kalu Yala. 150 artists, educators, inventors, designers, founders, disruptors, technologists, mentors, and students came together with a single vision: to HATCH a better world. My journey began […]

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HATCHLab Hasbro Creates Powerful Relationships and Changes Perspectives in a Fortune 500 Company

“We’re on a speeding train. We need a fun-car”  Post its. Neon. Music. Creativity. Honesty. Play. Balloons. Tears. Superheros. These are some things that come to mind when I reflect on the collaboration between HATCH and Hasbro that took place last month.  On October 1st, something amazing happened.  I had the privilege of witnessing […]

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#EarthToParis: HATCH partners w/ U.N. & GOOD to send critical message to world leaders

At HATCH Experience 2015, NASA Scientist Michelle Thaller  offered a very blunt assessment of the rapidly accelerating climate crisis; and a very clear message that it’s time for all of us to push for meaningful action from world leaders. She also offered a hugely compelling argument to quickly push past the collective disconnect we feel when such […]

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HATCH Ostinato Project Connects Renowned Composers & Musicians w/ Big Sky Students

”My kid came home from school last week talking about music every day. He’s never talked about music class before. Not even close.”– a parent in a parent/teacher’s conference two weeks after launching the “HATCH Ostinato Project” When world-renowned composers Philip Sheppard and Russell Spurlock visited John Zirkle’s music class at a school in rural […]

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