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Pride More than Ever

Happy Pride! My first Pride coincided with the end of my junior year at Northwestern University. A friend coaxed me to march, despite my fears that I would be seen by someone, particularly my football fraternity brothers who were at a Cubs game in adjacent Wrigley Field. I have little doubt that if I had […] Read More

My Love for YOU

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of you have been that for me. And even more moving, is seeing each of you be that for one another. Over the past three – four years we’ve evolved from event to community and movement.  HATCH is […] Read More

HATCH: World-changing ideas born in Montana Think Tank

STORY BY MICHAEL SOMERBY. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN EXPLORE BIG SKY ON OCTOBER 25, 2019. SEE ORIGINAL POSTING — EMIGRANT – Somewhere at the intersection of a TED Talk, a think tank, a professional networking event and, in many respects, a Ken Kesey party, lays HATCH. To reduce the event to single descriptors or with comparisons […] Read More

Dr Sylvia Earle Activates the HATCH Network

HATCH SPENDS 1000 HOURS FINDING & CURATING 100 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM WITH THE INTENTION THAT THE RESULTS WILL IMPACT THE LIVES OF 100 MILLION.   Dr. Sylvia Earle came to HATCH at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana last fall, two weeks after appearing on the cover of TIME Magazine.  Watch Time’s short video on […] Read More

HATCH Superhero Series: Oman Frame

“Every single person has the ability to make change.  It may just be a matter of checking our privilege to see where we can make a difference…I don’t need allies.  I need accomplices.” – Oman Frame at HATCH Big Sky 2017 Oman has 20 years of experience in teaching and diversity leadership; most recently as […] Read More

HATCH Superhero Series: James Anderson

Love is the most powerful, innovative tool we’ll ever have at our disposal. – James Anderson at HATCH Big Sky 2017 James’ HATCH talk focused on the transformative power of love. Illustrator Stephen Downer created the superhero image of James Anderson, reflecting the changes he’s made by harnessing that strength.   James is a human rights […] Read More

We Are Doers. Not Dreamers.

HATCH Big Sky 2017 participants had the honor of being deeply grounded and profoundly inspired by Samantha Ramirez Herrera’s talk about her experience as a businesswoman, activist, mother, and one of the United States’ 800,00 DREAMers.  Call your Member of Congress TODAY and urge them to sign onto and pass a bipartisan Dream Act:  http://bit.ly/2yJ29G2 Samantha […] Read More

Real Solutions Emerge from the Catalytic Environment of HATCH Labs

The HATCH Lab experience connects experts from diverse perspectives, experiences, and industries to focus on specific global challenges. From climate change to racism to public health, each dedicated think-tank forgoes the status quo to identify breakthrough solutions that create broad positive impact. HATCH labs unlock visionary thinking through the process of immersive discussion and using […] Read More

#becauseofHATCH: From Real Life Superhero to Real Life Mentor

Being part of the HATCH Experience means cultivating meaningful relationships with game changers from all walks of life and fields of expertise. Given the depth of the relationships made through HATCH, connection can quickly be elevated to collaboration with your real life superhero – as was the case for Hatch NextGen’er Cole Janssen. National Geographic-published […] Read More

#becauseofHATCH: Hannah Herbst shares her life changing experience at HATCH

Every HATCH Experience takes a heartfelt investment of thousands of volunteer hours, generous financial support, and a limitless commitment to helping current and future leaders HATCH a better world.  That’s why emails like this from HATCH NextGen’ers like Hannah Herbst move us so profoundly, and keep us focused on bringing together the hearts, minds, and souls […] Read More

#becauseofHATCH: Building a More Inclusive World with Dr. Victor Pineda

“I was elevated emotionally, and professionally. “ -Dr. Victor Pineda, reflecting on his experience at HATCH Dr. Victor Pineda came to the 2016 HATCH Experience in Big Sky with little idea of what to expect. As a global human rights expert, urban planner, filmmaker, and scholar, he came to share his insights. His first HATCH Experience […] Read More

HATCH Activation at Sustainable Brands ’17 Detroit

From May 22nd to the 25th, a team of HATCHers converged at the Cobo Convention Center for the 2017 Sustainable Brands Conference in Detroit, focused on Redefining the Good Life.  HATCH was invited to participate after a successful first year of partnering with Sustainable Brands (SB) as our key Sustainability Partner at HATCH Experiences.  In […] Read More

#becauseofHATCH: Panamanian Artist Uses Creativity to Combat Climate Change

HATCH is a convergence of creative minds, focused on using their skills and passions to rapidly develop and implement next generation solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Diwigdi Valiente tapped right into that Venn Diagram of heart, mind & taking action during the 4.5 days of HATCH Latin America.  Hearing climate action leaders like […] Read More

What is HATCH?

Founded in 2004, HATCH connects people to resources and a global network to accelerate solutions to global challenges. HATCH is anchored by: Two annual, curated HATCH Summits – Carefully selected social impact leaders, influencers, inventors, technologists, CEOs, designers, artists, and more NextGen Program – The world is being inherited by a resilient generation of intelligent, empathetic […] Read More