HATCH is a network of world-shapers that mentor and mutually invest in one another. As positive things happen #becauseOfHATCH, the tag is used to help track the many projects and initiatives that grow from HATCH to create a global movement for good.

Dr Sylvia Earle Activates the HATCH Network

HATCH SPENDS 1000 HOURS FINDING & CURATING 100 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM WITH THE INTENTION THAT THE RESULTS WILL IMPACT THE LIVES OF 100 MILLION.   Dr. Sylvia Earle came to HATCH at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana last fall, two weeks after appearing on the cover of TIME Magazine.  Watch Time’s short video […]

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HATCH Superhero Series: Mark Brand on the beauty of food, compassion, and social enterprise

  Mark Brand is one of Canada’s most recognized social entrepreneurs. Having successfully created 11 businesses in Vancouver, he has become a prominent example of a new generation of leadership that focuses on passion and purpose – a power shown in the superhero illustration created by HATCH illustrator Stephen Downer. During HATCH Experience 2017 […]

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We Are Doers. Not Dreamers.

HATCH Big Sky 2017 participants had the honor of being deeply grounded and profoundly inspired by Samantha Ramirez Herrera’s talk about her experience as a businesswoman, activist, mother, and one of the United States’ 800,00 DREAMers.  Call your Member of Congress TODAY and urge them to sign onto and pass a bipartisan Dream Act:  http://bit.ly/2yJ29G2 […]

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Real Solutions Emerge from the Catalytic Environment of HATCH Labs

The HATCH Lab experience connects experts from diverse perspectives, experiences, and industries to focus on specific global challenges. From climate change to racism to public health, each dedicated think-tank forgoes the status quo to identify breakthrough solutions that create broad positive impact. HATCH labs unlock visionary thinking through the process of immersive discussion and […]

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#becauseofHATCH: Hannah Herbst shares her life changing experience at HATCH

Every HATCH Experience takes a heartfelt investment of thousands of volunteer hours, generous financial support, and a limitless commitment to helping current and future leaders HATCH a better world.  That’s why emails like this from HATCH NextGen’ers like Hannah Herbst move us so profoundly, and keep us focused on bringing together the hearts, minds, and […]

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