#becauseofHATCH: Building a More Inclusive World with Dr. Victor Pineda
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#becauseofHATCH: Building a More Inclusive World with Dr. Victor Pineda

“I was elevated emotionally, and professionally. “
-Dr. Victor Pineda, reflecting on his experience at HATCH

Dr. Victor Pineda came to the 2016 HATCH Experience in Big Sky with little idea of what to expect. As a global human rights expert, urban planner, filmmaker, and scholar, he came to share his insights. His first HATCH Experience was marked by Dr. Pineda’s notions of equity and inclusion. He left his mark through a series of talks, performances, and exercises. I was able to catch up with Dr. Pineda after HATCH and asked him to reflect on his experiences:

What were your impressions of the people at HATCH and how did that core reaction differ from other conferences you’ve been to?

“It’s simple, really. HATCH is about finding new ways to express yourself and connect to others authentically and creatively.

One of the biggest differences right away was that level of openness. It’s not people talking shop, it’s people talking with their souls. We all have a limited time on this earth, and need to ask the right questions of ourselves and each other. At HATCH we were looking for solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. The questions we were posed could only be answered through a deep level of expertise and franess. It struck me that HATCHers were engaging fully and with unmatched sincerity, kindness and openness. Vulnerability was an overarching theme at HATCH this year – connecting with vulnerability is not about feeling shy, but opening those places where we can truly transform ourselves.”

Victor reconnecting with HATCH Founder Yarrow Kraner and fellow HATCHer Mark Goerner in Chicago

What moments at HATCH stand out for you?
“My talk was unscripted and real. I was sharing insights that were deep inside of me; insights I could share without judgement from the audience. It was clear to me that everyone truly wanted to hear what I had to say.”

After Victor’s talk, he was approached by HATCH’s music director, renowned cellist and composer Philip Sheppard about collaborating and choreographing a performance with celebrated dancer Quentin Robinson.

That piece performed on the last evening was for many a highlight of their HATCH Experience. The piece explores the struggle between the body and the soul and highlights our ability to transcend all obstacles. The performance was emotionally evocative and echoed the relationships made during HATCH.

“The performance was an extension of my belief that the body is a vessel for our souls, and should be cared for and accepted as such. I belief that the body and soul are intertwined in a continuous dance. A dance where at times they may separate or be in conflict; to express it through dance was powerful.”



How have the insights and connections gained during HATCH served you and your work thus far?

Immediately after Hatch, we launched a collaboration with renowned arial artist John Quigley  and we created an image with 300 people, calling on 193 countries to ensure that our cities are inclusive. Our program was featured on television, and was highlighted during the closing session of the 3rd United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito, Ecuador. The New Urban Agenda, is an agreement between governments and people from around the world, and through art, we raised much needed attention and have a lot of fun while doing so. Bringing new friendships into my professional life is rewarding.

Getting the right people in the room is a key element of HATCH. Were there other professional relationships and collaborations that were born at HATCH? What is most exciting and meaningful about those opportunities?

“Working with talented and generous professionals was remarkable. I spoke about sound design, story telling, editing, and production with leading filmmakers. I talked about global advocacy efforts with global shapers, and even had a discussion about what instrument could represent the voice of a soul.”

KoAnn Skrzyniarz (Founder and Chief Executive of Sustainable Brands) also suggested I get in touch about financing for my upcoming documentary film 12 Bends. Martin and Sascha , both HATCH Groundbreakers in film, were open and excited to pursue a collaboration in special effects.

I believe that we each have a piece of the puzzle and can work together to Hatch a better world. My organization World Enabled, is a non-profit promoting the right to dignity of people with disabilities… but we can do much more working and partnering with others. HATCH gets the ball rolling, connecting talented people and the resources they need to make a bigger impact.

A few months after HATCH Big Sky 2016, Victor collaborated with fellow 2016 HATCHer and actor Matthew Lillard in a music video for BRAVES that “pushes the boundaries of social mores in an impactful way once again creating a thought provoking visual element to complement a compelling single.”

Followed by a human art installation with famous artist John “Spectral Q” Quigley for US International Council on Disabilities.

In April 2017, Victor delivered another powerful talk that moved and inspired our global network of alumni at the HATCH Reunion in Chicago.

Just a month later he was delivering a keynote speech on the importance of inclusivity at a Sustainable Brands conference in Detroit; a result of his HATCH connection with KoAnn Skrzyniarz.  The Detroit event was also the setting for a HATCH convergence that expanded and deepened network connections in the sustainability and social justice space. 

As Victor advances his mission, it’s clear he has the passion, commitment and knowledge to HATCH a better world. Certainly, Victor’s impact on the the other 150 HATCHers gathered in 2016 – and a wider network reached in the past year – will remain a powerful reminder of our individual and collective abilities to do good and and have fun doing so.