You were invited to HATCH — 100 at a time — because you are amazing. As you inspire others, you are inspired.

HATCH is a network in which we mutually invest in one another. Few things promote this movement of good more effectively than a collective and shared social tissue, showcasing the work we are doing throughout the world, under one hash tag.

#becauseOfHATCH brings all of our work collectively full circle. Use it.

Let's start a collective movement. Attach #becauseOfHATCH to your projects, ideas, creations, speaking engagements, etc. By attaching the #becauseofHATCH hashtag to social media posts, packaging, conferences and causes, it creates a trackable MOVEMENT, and serves as a metric for securing future partners and funding.

Used consistently, #becauseOfHATCH not only promotes YOU, via HATCH, but serves as a trackable node in which each of you are supporting one other and the global HATCH community.

HATCH Connects Latin America in Kalu Yala, Panama

Last week, I shut off my phone, left my computer at home, and headed to Panama to spend 4 days off the grid in a jungle called Kalu Yala. 150 artists, educators, inventors, designers, founders, disruptors, technologists, mentors, and students came together with a single vision: to HATCH a better world. My journey began […]

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HATCHLab Hasbro Creates Powerful Relationships and Changes Perspectives in a Fortune 500 Company

“We’re on a speeding train. We need a fun-car”  Post its. Neon. Music. Creativity. Honesty. Play. Balloons. Tears. Superheros. These are some things that come to mind when I reflect on the collaboration between HATCH and Hasbro that took place last month.  On October 1st, something amazing happened.  I had the privilege of witnessing […]

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#EarthToParis: HATCH partners w/ U.N. & GOOD to send critical message to world leaders

At HATCH Experience 2015, NASA Scientist Michelle Thaller  offered a very blunt assessment of the rapidly accelerating climate crisis; and a very clear message that it’s time for all of us to push for meaningful action from world leaders. She also offered a hugely compelling argument to quickly push past the collective disconnect we feel when such […]

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HATCH Ostinato Project Connects Renowned Composers & Musicians w/ Big Sky Students

”My kid came home from school last week talking about music every day. He’s never talked about music class before. Not even close.”– a parent in a parent/teacher’s conference two weeks after launching the “HATCH Ostinato Project” When world-renowned composers Philip Sheppard and Russell Spurlock visited John Zirkle’s music class at a school in rural […]

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HATCH Storytelling Series

HATCH Storytelling Workshop for Middle School and High School students in Big Sky, MT #becauseofHATCH With HATCH mentor: Elke Govertsen Assembly series After school workshop (APPLICATIONS CLOSED)* Writing contest   DATES:  Monday, January 11 Friday, March 4 Friday, April 8 Storytelling is one of the most important and fundamental skills. Be it writing, branding, music, […]

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Philip Sheppard Performs at Eiffel Tower for #COP21 1 Heart 1 Tree Opening

Renowned composer and HATCH Board Member Philip Sheppard performed at the Eiffel Tower on the opening night of COP21 to help kick off 1 Heart 1 Tree‘s effort to re-forest conflict and war zones.  The performance and virtual reforestation installation were live extensions of the 1 Heart 1 Tree app that allowed people around the world to let world […]

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HATCH Collaboration “Compose Yourself” Earns Wall Street Journal Headline

Renowned composer and cellist Philip Sheppard met Tanya Thompson, then Head of ThinkFun Inc. Inventor Relations (now Mastermind Toys‘ Head of Global Product Sourcing and Development), at HATCH in 2013.  Since then, the duo have collaborated on several fun projects and events – earning accolades at Toy Fair 2015 along the way. A few weeks after HATCH 2015, Philip and […]

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Collaborations started through HATCH make big waves at Toy Fair 2015

In 2013, Philip Sheppard (a renowned composer),  Tanya Thompson (Head of Inventor Relations for toy company Think Fun), and Parker Thomas (an education curriculum innovator), and David Yakos (product designer and co-owner of Salient Technologies) met at HATCH. Over the next four days they connected through constructed creative exercises and fireside chats.  Along the […]

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