My Love for YOU
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My Love for YOU

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of you have been that for me. And even more moving, is seeing each of you be that for one another. Over the past three – four years we’ve evolved from event to community and movement. 

HATCH is wrapping up its 16th year, and preparing for 2020, the year of our 25th summit.  For 14 of those years, we were 100% volunteer driven. Not one paid position. Many of you may have heard me say how proud I was of that data point. But a couple years ago, it dawned on me like an epiphany – we need a few or our best and brightest working full-time for HATCH, to better serve the mission, and serve our community.

This year, we executed on a strategic plan, put together with the help of our amazing Board of Directors, and various advisors from the HATCH community. As a result, we made two hires (Director of Development Jared Silverman, and Executive Coordinator Cassidy Seckman), and the momentum has been extraordinary. Our focus is to continue to nurture your needs with the collective resources of the HATCH Network. 

HATCH is a sum of its parts – YOU.  We built this together – Each of you, placing a brick in the foundation. And for that, I have incredible gratitude. I appreciate each and every one of you beyond measure.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on the evolution and strength of the HATCH community. As the decade comes to a close, it is evident that 2019 was a culmination of every year before, and all the work that has been collectively put into HATCH by all of you.

A HATCH nation working together to HATCH a better world. 

Consisting of people who do remarkable things…

Dave Ford’s Soul Buffalo launched Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit in collaboration with HATCH. As a result, several of the 150 participating global companies have made changes to their practices and policies.

Teacher, Cary James biked 3139 miles across America and raised $1,705 for the NextGen program.

Quentin Robinson launched Movement for Movements, inspired at HATCH.  

The launch of HATCH Mexico was a huge success, and will repeat in 2020.

At the Montana Summit this year, Teniea Sanders reminded us that there are dark times, and sometimes we need to wrap those feelings in a bow and “don’t come for me.”

In July, we held a HATCH Europe Council meeting with Steelcase.

In September, HATCH was invited to NASA Ames to discuss the Ethics of Developing Space

There were 100’s of beautiful collaborations reported, and thousands of Asks answered with Offers

There are many more magical things that happened this year. Keep an eye out for end of year impact report that Cassidy is preparing for you all.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our volunteer team, partners & donors, and early adopter HATCH+ Members. THANK YOU!!  

I am filled with appreciation and gratitude. 

Sending a massive virtual bear hug to you all.