Dr Sylvia Earle Activates                 the HATCH Network
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Dr Sylvia Earle Activates the HATCH Network


Dr. Sylvia Earle came to HATCH at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana last fall, two weeks after appearing on the cover of TIME Magazine.  Watch Time’s short video on how Sylvia Earle became the first woman to be Chief Scientist Of U.S. NOAA.  At HATCH Dr Earle’s “ask” was: “How can we bring more awareness / empathy for the ocean to the world? It’s 2/3 of our planet – and the the literal barometer of our existence.  How can we bring more global awareness to the importance of oceanic health?”

From that ask Sylvia activated the HATCH network. A network that is still at work for her today.

In addition to the ideas currently in motion and detailed below, Sylvia gained a board member, who has opened the doors for new brand relationships and marketing strategies.  She has also gained supporters, volunteers, and donors as a result of the HATCH Summit. Through the HATCH network she was booked at C2, where another Lab will take place, facilitated by HATCHer and new Mission Blue Board member Will Travis, with a curated room of high-end talent.

During the HATCH Lab:  The head of immersive imaging at Facebook, the inventor of Siri, the head of creative licensing for lego, a woman who is the CEO of a digital media platform, a filmmaker, an educator, a famous musician, a brand strategist, two genius NextGen students…. united to cross-pollinate diverse perspectives around Sylvia’s challenge, implementing highly-functioning problem-solving skills, within a tightly run process.

Over the following three days, several ideas and action items around sustainability formed, many of which have already been executed on.  Two such examples:

The first initiative was to highlight critical steps necessary to restoring the health of our oceans. This was activated by creating an online film contest/campaign that invited multiple communities to submit short films about the ocean.  A crop of well-known judges were chosen to select finalists. $10,000 in prizes and a trip to Fiji to dive were donated as incentives.  Over 100 short films about the problems and solutions the ocean faces were submitted. 

The eight finalists from the HATCH Ocean’s Film Challenge, kicked off “World Ocean’s Day,” in Washington DC at the Naval Heritage Center during the International Environmental Film Festival, the largest environmental film festival in the world (#becauseofHATCH).  The awareness over this project has put in motion the planning of “Blue Out Day” — one day in which, supported by numerous strategic partners, the world does not eat fish or seafood.

The second initiative is targeted at our youth, to create appreciation and awareness around the ocean from an early age. Built on a simple game mechanic, but each “skinned” with gorgeous photographs of various magical creatures from the sea, this game presents with interesting factoids coupled with photographs donated by a world famous underwater photographer. The intention of the game is to captivate young minds with the fun of game play, while simultaneously engaging them in the content, educating and creating empathy for the majesty of the millions of creates below. The game is in development.

From Dr Earle:  “Deepest thanks for making this powerful and inspiring mobilization of talent, vision, inspiration and caring possible.  This concept is a way to motivate people to use their power and share their insights with a wider audience than otherwise might be possible.  Bravo to all who participated — and a special salute to you who have done the heavy lifting that turned the idea into reality. Truly a network of actions not words.  Let’s HATCH some more!”

This resulted from 1 Lab, 1 Ask, and 1 HATCH Talk, all taking place at 1 HATCH Summit last fall in Big Sky, Montana.  

Network activated.