Groundbreaker Maiah Wynne on new perspectives and possibilities #becauseofHATCH
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Groundbreaker Maiah Wynne on new perspectives and possibilities #becauseofHATCH

Maiah was selected as a 2017 HATCH Music Groundbreaker and the 2017 winner of Claim to Fame’s international songwriting competition. At 20 years old she has played across the northwest at some of the most prestigious festivals and venues in the country including the Roseland Theater, Hotel Cafe, South by Southwest, Sundance, and Red Ants Pants Music festival.  She joined us at HATCH Big Sky 2017 as a Groundbreaker Musician.

In her words:
“HATCH has impacted me in so many unexpected ways. From the moment I began experiencing the magic of Moonlight Basin, Big Sky, I knew I was in a place of love and creation. Because of HATCH I now have a drive larger than ever to make a positive impact in the world. I also have direction to make those intentions a reality. Now more than ever I feel that I actually CAN make a difference and that for once I am not so small in this world. I cried every day and smiled bigger than I ever had. I feel so connected with all the people I met. It was truly special and I can’t wait for all of the many potential creations to come to fruition. I feel like 1000 doors just blew open and I’m ready to walk through all of them with an open heart and an intense creative passion. I now have a new project with another HATCHer to help inspire the next generation of creators, and I am so excited to help change the world. ” 
Click to listen to more of Maiah Wynne’s music.  A special thank you to mentors Lynn Grossman of Secret Road Records, Lee Allentuck, of Raising Nerd, musicians Chloe Smith of Rising Applachia, Butterscotch, Russell Spurlock, and Philip Sheppard, and dancer Quentin Robinson.  Thank you to Moonlight Basin for being the home of HATCH North America, and to Moonlight Community Foundation, the Yellowstone Club Foundation, and High Stakes Foundation for helping make this life-changing magic possible. #becauseofHATCH | #HATCHaBetterWorld | #HATCHGroundbreakers | #HATCHBigSky | #BigSky | #MoonlightBasin