HATCH Superhero Series: James Anderson
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HATCH Superhero Series: James Anderson

Love is the most powerful, innovative tool we’ll ever have at our disposal.

– James Anderson at HATCH Big Sky 2017

James’ HATCH talk focused on the transformative power of love. Illustrator Stephen Downer created the superhero image of James Anderson, reflecting the changes he’s made by harnessing that strength.


James is a human rights activist focused on social entrepreneurship. In his evolution from drug addiction, gang membership and prison to double honors UCLA graduate and entrepreneur, James co-founded the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, one of California’s leading resources for supporting the formerly incarcerated and advocate for fairer criminal justice policies. He sits on the Board of a California State Advisory Committee, the John M. Lloyd Foundation, and several non-profits focused on juvenile justice. Passion and creativity guide his work, and he recently started a Latin inspired clothing line called Los Mayores.

James’ HATCH talk focused on the transformative power of love, particularly when we finally decide to truly love ourselves.  He recounted his own experience – of growing up with severe abuse and turning to drugs and gangs for escape, only to become a successful college graduate, businessman, and advocate – as an example of what’s possible when we decide we’re worth investing in.

The fact that James used that transformation to improve the lives of others through mentorship, advocacy, and a social impact business venture is a perfect example of the HATCH equation  1 + 1 = 11.  Every person he works with is given the power of love to go out and change their communities and our world.

Here’s a sneak peek of the process Stephen Downer used to create the superhero version of James:

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