UPDATE: #EarthToParis Reaches Over 1.4 Billion Impressions During COP21
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UPDATE: #EarthToParis Reaches Over 1.4 Billion Impressions During COP21

On Saturday, December 12th 195 nations gathered for COP21 in Paris reached a landmark deal for the first time to lower greenhouse gas emissions and stave off the most dramatic impacts of climate change. The deal represents what South Africa’s environment minister, Bomo Edna Molewa, called the “first step in a long journey that the global community needs to undertake together” in a feature New York Times story.

Global leaders were undoubtedly spurred into action by the powerful outcry for bold climate action from around the world.  The #EarthToParis campaign played a significant role in making sure that voice was heard; that the strong messages to protect our planet for current and future generations could not be ignored.

As negotiations tightened, #EarthToParis sent this update from the field:

“On Dec 10, Friday afternoon in Paris 48 hours before the COP21 negotiations are complete, over 4,000 love letters from the Earth To Paris community were hand delivered to Nick Nuttall of the UNFCCC. Three members of the #EarthToParis team brought flowers and love letters from the world, and read a selection of the letters to the COP21 officials.  #EarthToParis images are showing on the screens of COP21 and your support for a strong climate agreement is reaching Le Bourget. In the last ten days, the #EarthToParis message has generated over 1.3 billion impressions and reached over 75 million people.”  The final tally was 1.4 billion impressions, and 78 million people reached. 

As Morgan Freeman states in A Love Letter from #EarthToParis, there is no voice more beautiful than the voice of the world speaking as one. And the world has spoken.”

The #EarthToParis partnership between HATCH, Good, and the United Nations Foundation helped over 75 million people find their voice on this critically important issue.  Let’s make sure they continue hearing our voices as we hatch creative solutions for a stronger, more resilient home and future for all of us.

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