Not Impossible HATCHes creative solutions to global challenges
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Not Impossible HATCHes creative solutions to global challenges

Not Impossible has a fairly ambitious goal – even by HATCH standards.  They aim to literally remove the word “impossible” when considering solutions to some of the world’s (yes, world’s) most pressing and often complicated problems.  And this is no think tank; as their website describes, “Not Impossible makes DIY, accessible, tech-based solutions for people around the world, and then powerfully tells those stories to inspire others to do the same.”  They don’t just come up with ideas – they execute on their creative vision to transform lives.

Watching this video on Not Impossible’s Project Daniel, a collaboration with HATCH sponsor Intel, captures the power and beauty of their work.

It may not be surprising that HATCH actually played a pivotal role in bringing Not Impossible and their world-changing solutions into being.  Not Impossible Co-Founder and HATCH alum Elliot Kotek  talks about how he connected with partner Mick Ebeling through the vast (and lovely) HATCH network:

“Will Travis and I met at an early HATCH – I recognized him as my taller, better looking brother from another mother …so any time Will came out to LA, I’d jump at the chance of having dinner with him, San Rahi, Mark Fewell and the rest of his gang. I first met Mick at one of those dinners and had known a little about what he’d been up to with the Eyewriter. But when Will and Yarrow and gang invited me up to C2-MTL in Quebec, I got to spend more time with Mick …when we got back to Venice Beach, where we both lived, we continued to meet and I started to share some story ideas and offer up some of my contacts to help with the mission, which eventually led to an offer to partner with him on the next phase of what Not Impossible was to become…and life got more interesting.”

HATCH has done more than change Elliot’s career path; it has shifted his perspective on how to approach all aspects of work and life; how to transform the “impossible” to the next innovation:

“HATCH to me symbolized the nucleus, that hub in the middle of the spoke, where people from different careers, skills and energies, can meet to share mindsets and inspire each other to think bigger or better. That first HATCH, where filmmakers, photographers, designers, architects, fashion designers, musicians, actors, journalists and others were taking time out to hear each other, became a place that, to me, symbolized a cross-fertilization of inspiration that was both addictive and conceptually thrilling.

That place is where I now live, looking at what’s being done in entertainment, gaming and other places, seeing how those ideas can cross over and be reappropriated/adjusted/hacked and reconfigured to helping the most vulnerable among us, and then telling the stories of how a life can be made fuller as a result of that idea – it’s a rewarding crossroads at which to sit.”

Amen, Elliot.  Amen.