Philip Sheppard Performs at Eiffel Tower for #COP21 1 Heart 1 Tree Opening
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Philip Sheppard Performs at Eiffel Tower for #COP21 1 Heart 1 Tree Opening

Renowned composer and HATCH Board Member Philip Sheppard performed at the Eiffel Tower on the opening night of COP21 to help kick off 1 Heart 1 Tree‘s effort to re-forest conflict and war zones.  The performance and virtual reforestation installation were live extensions of the 1 Heart 1 Tree app that allowed people around the world to let world leaders gathered in Paris know it’s time to take the bold climate action humanity needs.

Downloading the 1 Heart 1 Tree app gave you the opportunity to plant a tree of light in 3D that on the most famous monument in Paris: the Eiffel Tower. By placing your finger over your phone’s flash and camera, the app measured your heartbeat, then grew a virtual tree in time to that beat along with your unique name or message on the Eiffel Tower. For every digital tree planted on the monument, a real tree will be planted through reforestation programs all over the world. Each virtual and real tree will be totally unique.  The organization aims to plant millions of trees all over the planet that will help reduce the impacts of climate change by absorbing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Philip generously licensed his original composition for the 1 Heart 1 app, and has contributed payment for 500 trees.

Joining 1 Heart 1 Tree Founder, Naziha Mestaoui for the opening night was Nicolas Holut (special correspondent for the French President for the environment), Felix Finkbeiner (UN Youth Ambassador of 1 Heart 1 Tree), Chief Raoni (Tribal Chief of the Amazon Forest),  Actress and singer Marion Cotillard, and Political leader and author Mogens Lykketoft.

The FIRST #EarthToParis Film, Co-directed by HATCHer Nirvan Mullick, premiered at the United Nations and reached 6M views & 1.1B impressions views in its first week.  The second film is being created now, and will be narrated by Morgan Freeman, to be released this week.  Visit to see how you and your voice can be included at this critical turning point in mankind’s history.


HATCH Founder Yarrow Kraner, and Philip Sheppard were at the opening night of the world’s largest climate change summit in history on behalf of HATCH and its partnership with GOOD and United Nations for  the#EarthToParis global coalition of over 100 partners, including Vogue, Twitter, National Geographic, Mashable,, Project Drawdown and more.

Tonight,  Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations had this to say at 1 Heart 1 Tree ‪#‎COP21‬: “we must work as one, we have one heartbeat, the heartbeat of the earth.”

Absolutely. Let’s use our collective heart beat NOW to send a loud and clear message for climate action to #COP21.  Join the Thunderclap from #EarthToParis to send world leaders a loud clear message to act now on climate:   #COP21

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