NextGen Advisory Board

Marques Anderson

Marques began his professional career in the NFL, playing for 5 years. After a pivot in 2006, Marques founded the World Education Foundation, performing research and project development in 18 different countries. Marques is an alumnus of Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program, sponsored by NASA. Marques has become an expert in Cyborg Anthropology, bringing ambitious ideas to communities and markets around the world. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Urban Matrix One, which focuses on utilizing satellite imagery, unique data sets and machine learning to solve global challenges.

Olivia Bulis

Olivia is an activist, mental health advocate, and teaches and advocates for comprehensive reproductive education as well as healthy relationships throughout Montana. She is also an actor, writer, and director, and in this age of COVID-19, has been working on writing a play. Olivia is a Sophomore in High school.

Kim Dabbs

Kim Dabbs is a social entrepreneur, advocate and innovator who is leading Social Innovation for Steelcase. She has a passion for building a culture of opportunity and is leveraging that mindset as she partners with organizations leading transformational change projects around the world. She has scaled innovation and designed programs that showcased impact as she collaborated on the launch of the new Learning + Innovation Center that was built as a global hub in Munich. 

Oman Frame

Oman has 20 years of experience in teaching and diversity leadership. He is a gifted motivator and educator who combines real world topics with academic rigor in a way that makes learning personally meaningful for his students. Oman has conducted workshops around the country. He creates curriculum that helps students understand the effects of oppression on underserved communities and inspires commitment to social justice. He has been featured in many different media outlets and continues to strive to change the world.

Jeremy Harder

Starting in 2000, Jeremy was the 4th Grade Head Learner at Big Sky School District. He recently graduated from 4th grade and has taken on the role of MS/HS Lead Learner of Design Thinking/Technology. When not in the classroom, he leads an outdoor summer camp, untangles his son’s fishing line, and guides his wife Kristin down various regional waterways.

Cary James

Cary teaches at Bangor High School in Bangor Maine. His students have excelled in national and international science competitions including the 2010 National Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP), the 2011 Bjorn von Euler Innovation in Water Scholarship, and the 2016 first place INTEL Science Talent Search “Global Good” award. He has a passion for improving the quality of water for people around the world. He has focused student research on water sanitation, conservation, and remediation. He directs the NSF SMART program helping students solve issues related to climate change and stormwater.

Chris Lehmann

Chris is the founding principal and CEO of Science Leadership Academy Schools, a network of progressive public schools in Philadelphia, PA considered to be pioneers of the School 2.0 movement. Chris is the co-founder of Inquiry Schools which is dedicated to helping schools become more empowering, modern learning spaces. Chris has won the McGraw Prize in Education and has been named Outstanding Leader of the Year by the International Society of Technology in Education. Chris is co-author of Building School 2.0: How to Create the Schools We Need with Zac Chase and father to Jakob and Theo.


Royce Mann

Royce is a NextGen Actor, Poet, Musician, and Filmmaker, and activist, author who was vaulted to fame at age 14 in the summer of 2016 when his original slam poem, “White Boy Privilege”, won first place at his school and went viral worldwide. At age 15, after reading his poem “Rise Up”, he was invited by MLK’s family to speak on MLK day at Ebenezer Church. He’s now a graduating Senior in high school.

Kip Morales

Kip is a 2019-20 Teach Plus California Senior Policy Fellow. He teaches 10th grade English at Alliance Collins Family College-Ready High School, where he is a national award-winning sponsor of the Junior State of America club. From 2013-2018, Kip acted as an instructional coach for teachers from entry level to master, and now he acts as a seasonal Teacher Development Manager for TNTP’s Roots LA. He was awarded the 2014 Alliance District-wide Teacher of the Year. Kip recently finished his tenure on the board of directors for the Junior Statesmen Foundation (JSA) and was elected chair for the School Site Advisory Council at Collins, and has previously been a member of the ELA curriculum development team for two school districts, one in New Mexico and the other in Los Angeles. Kip was also a Teach Plus Policy Fellow 2016 and 2017.

Marilu Salvador

Marilu is an Education Specialist with 25 years of experience. She has spent her career defending the rights of children and of all humans to receive quality education. After spending the last 4 years working in the Ministry of Education leading National Program for the improvement of educational quality with equity; she decided on a big shift in her career and recently got hired to become Director of Sustainability at Conservatorio, SA in Panama. This new endeavor will allow her to tackle community challenges with a holistic approach and push for social change from within the private sector.