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HATCH Labs tap into the incredible resource of the HATCH network to curate the most powerful team of change agents that bring passion, purpose and new ways of thinking and executing to companies and organizations.

Whether you are a part of a small startup team or a large multi-national corporation, or whether you have one day or seven, give us a CHALLENGE. We will help you daylight solutions. TRANSFORM YOUR ORGANIZATION


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The HATCH Lab Process

  • We curate 10 diverse HATCHers to solve a challenge. To push for a break through.
  • We cross-pollinate diverse industries, perspectives, and generations. From astronauts to composers. The inventor of Siri, and an educational disruptor. CEO’s and strategists. Our network spans 13 years and thousands of global thought leaders.
  • Intensive, immersive experiences, expertly designed by HATCH. HATCH Labs are active, not passive: yielding actionable creative tools that are designed to your organization’s needs.
  • Specialized methods to unlock creative and visionary thinking that exists within your organization, creating ongoing innovation.
  • Proprietary approach aggregates multiple business solutions in a short timespan.
  • HATCH Labs are a proven unifier: By deeply infusing all aspects of your organization’s business process with the question “does this help HATCH a better world?,” attendees shift their perspective towards collective rather than individual missions.
  • Concludes with a shareable insights report and video that recaps all solutions uncovered, with an actionable game plan.



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