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Ideas that change the world start when remarkable people from diverse organizations convene with a common goal. HATCH Labs unlock the full potential for creativity and visionary thinking within your organization to make internal processes more efficient and expand your global impact.

What are HATCH Labs?

HATCH Labs use principles of design thinking to generate and refine ideas and accelerate solutions. The team curated for an immersive session with your organization will pinpoint the challenges holding you back, and deliver a clear roadmap for moving forward.

Talent Curation

Significant research has shown that Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse. The unique team of “out of the box” experts custom curated for your organization’s immersive session will pinpoint challenges, opportunities, and solutions, then deliver a clear roadmap for moving forward.

HATCH Labs are a high level convergence of thought leaders from incredibly diverse fields.

The teams we curate for Labs bring a depth of experience in:

  • Futurism
  • Design & Creativity
  • Human Culture & Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • AI and cutting-edge technologies
  • Organizational Diversity and Inclusion
  • Space Design
  • Food Systems
  • Education
  • Climate Solutions

How HATCH Labs Work

HATCH Labs break down silos in your organization, and create powerful connections based on trust and collaboration between your team and our global network. The outcomes focus on delivering powerful results for the goals you’ve identified.

Our focused one or two-day sessions are facilitated throughout the year.


Companies including Intel, Google, Ernst & Young, Hasbro and more have seen their top management permanently changed and inspired by the HATCH Labs process.


HATCH Labs deliver more than break-trough ideas, but actionable roadmaps in the form of multi-media output reports, and 30/60/90 day game plans to manifest those ideas.

In-Summit Lab Sprints

At each HATCH Summit we endeavor to shepherd the translation of ideas into action beyond the Summit. One component of the programming are dedicated break-out “Lab Sprints.” These Lab Sprints are a designated part of each day’s programming, in service of amplifying impactful projects dedicated to change.

HATCH Labs unlocks creativity and visionary thinking within your organization to maximize efficient processes, positive global impact, and full potential.  Interested?  CONTACT HATCH

Whether you are a part of a small startup team or a large multi-national corporation, or whether you have one day or seven, give us a CHALLENGE. We will help you daylight solutions. SPARK INNOVATIVE BREAK-THROUGHS.

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