HATCH Labs is a global collective of thought-leaders and “out of the box” experts from a broad array of disciplines focused on solving large-scale challenges for organizations and corporations. Our Labs are designed to induce collisions and elicit breakthroughs by means of big thinking from across genres, industries, expertise, and age. 


Accelerate break-throughs.  Whether your organization is seeking creative solutions in culture, innovation, strategy, technology, or leadership, HATCH Labs will design the roadmap and action plan to propel you across the threshold of change. We use strategic curation of talent and principles of design thinking to generate new ideas and refine them into actionable solutions.  HATCH Labs are packed full of conversations, installations, interactive exercises, and insights that will leave teams expanded, engaged, and excited to see the world, and their work, differently.  



HATCH Labs are 100% curated for your organization’s immersive experience. We pull from a vast network of cognitively diverse and often “out of the box” experts from an array of disciplines.  From astronauts to composers; inventors to software engineers; educators to CEO’s; our network has been cultivated for over 15 years and includes thousands of global thought leaders.  The teams we curate for Labs bring a depth of experience in strategy, culture, creativity, leadership, and technology.  (Harvard Business Review Study)


A HATCH Lab unlocks the full potential for creativity and visionary thinking within your organization to make internal processes more efficient. We look beyond traditional methods of design thinking to integrate insights from psychology, science, technology, and the arts.  HATCH Labs break down silos in your organization and create powerful connections based on trust and collaboration between your team and our global network.


HATCH Labs deliver more than break-through ideas, but actionable roadmaps in the form of multi-media output reports, and 30/60/90 day game plans to manifest those ideas.

The HATCH Labs process extends before and after the Lab session itself. We work with your team to identify and unpack challenges in addition to supporting the implementation process into the future.

  • Pre-session Inputs – Stakeholder interviews, in place observation, challenge identification, macro trend funnel
  • Short Term Shifts (what can you do now? 3-6 month pivots)
  • Pivot Points (re-directs)
  • Long-term purpose planning
  • Actionable insights


Companies including Intel, Google, Ernst & Young, Hasbro and more have seen their top management permanently changed and inspired by the HATCH Labs process. 

Whether you are a part of a small startup team or a large multi-national corporation, or whether you have one day or seven, give us a CHALLENGE. HATCH Labs will unlock creativity and visionary thinking within your organization to maximize efficient processes, culture, and positive global impact. Interested?  CONTACT HATCH