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ROADMAP TO THE FUTURE: In today’s volatile, in-flux world, understanding the future is the best defense. Often, leaders of global companies are faced with the need to fast forward to future thinking in literally a heartbeat. And there are many options and means to generate intensive learning for teams. But the trick is melding the universal and the personal; the general and the specific. You can deep dive into the world of technology, but what of culture? You can tap experts in sociology, but what of design? You can bring in world leaders in science but will never understand narrative. True learning, true engagement, true conceptualization of what’s next comes from the collision of all these genres into a symphony of thought, idea and ultimately, action.  

Thus, HATCH Labs – a unique, multi-discipline, high level collision course with leaders in the fields of design, science, technology, food systems, AI, education, climate, inclusion, and human culture.

Over 15 years, HATCH has developed a highly effective “sleeper cell” impact, embedding in the top companies running business today. More and more, these organizations are seeking outside inspiration to think smarter, run harder and do better as corporate citizens and innovators.  

HATCH is an activated network of changemakers that is

  • creating highly catalytic experiences (a selected chemistry set of extraordinary humans)
  • facilitating peer to peer acceleration (exponential collaborations where 1 + 1 = 11)
  • designing solution-driven think tanks (working on solutions for real world challenges)
  • mentoring the next generation through educational programs (to shape future leaders)

   …. to HATCH a better world.

HATCH has curated some of the best and brightest minds from hundreds of industries to create a very potent network and is bringing these minds together to solve global challenges and accelerate innovation and impact.  By connecting leadership executives from INTEL, IDEO, TED, NASA, IBM, GE, Pixar, Google, Virgin, Universal Studios, United Nations, Microsoft, Warner Brothers, FOX Studios, Burning Man, Redbull, The Buckminster Fuller Institute, NVIDIA, Delloite, Boeing, Hasbro, and more, the HATCH Network is making a tangible positive impact in our world.

Why HATCH Labs?

HATCH has been in the business of changing hearts and minds for over a decade. Through unique events in North America, Latin America, and Europe, HATCH has hand-picked leaders, artists, athletes, scientists, poets and disruptors to connect and cross pollinate their visions of a bolder and better world. Significant research has shown that Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse. Companies such as Intel, Google, Ernst & Young, Hasbro and more have seen their top management permanently changed and inspired by their time spent with this ever evolving group. Breaking down silos, cross-pollinating internal and external resources, and reigniting a peer to peer transfer of trust and collaboration. HATCH offers organizations the chance to experience this deep level of new thinking, the type of thinking that starts in the soul, not the brain. This is HATCH Labs.

HATCH Labs unlocks creativity and visionary thinking within your organization to maximize efficient processes, positive global impact, and full potential.  Interested?  CONTACT HATCH

Whether you are a part of a small startup team or a large multi-national corporation, or whether you have one day or seven, give us a CHALLENGE. We will help you daylight solutions. SPARK INNOVATIVE BREAK-THROUGHS.

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HATCH Labs ingredients

  • CURATION: HATCH curates a diverse group of over 1500 HATCH Alumni – the brightest minds on the planet, specific to your challenge.
  • CROSS-POLLINATION: HATCH cross-pollinates diverse industries, perspectives, and generations. From astronauts to technologists. The inventor of Siri, and an educational disruptor. CEO’s and strategists.
  • MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS: Proprietary approach aggregates multiple business solutions in a short timespan.
  • SILO BREAKER: HATCH Labs are a proven unifier: By deeply infusing all aspects of your organization’s business process with the question “does this help HATCH a better world?,” attendees shift their perspective towards collective rather than individual missions.
  • ACTIONABLE ROADMAP: Intensive, immersive experiences, expertly designed, yielding actionable creative tools that are designed to your organization’s needs. Shareable insights report and executable game plan.
  • ONGOING RESULTS: Specialized methods to unlock creative and visionary thinking that exists within your organization, creating ongoing innovation.

HATCH Labs are shaped with the following key elements:

Talent: A minimum of 6 HATCHers will be tapped to participate in each LAB event.  These members will be selected based on expertise, field of work, and overall ability to provoke, inspire and shape a new narrative for the engaging corporation.  This does not mean that for a hotel group, we will tap hospitality experts. Rather, we will look for opposing and analogous talent to generate the necessary friction to generate change.

Space: Great change requires discomfort. We look for offsite spaces that are unusual and that place our clients in a place that is unfamiliar and challenging. Spaces are filled with interactive materials, art, thought starters and surprises to constantly feed the narrative of disruption.

Process: Depending on need state, organization size, and challenge statement, HATCH Labs creates an inspirational agenda covering 1 – 2 days, complete with meals, exercises, outings, and interactive sessions meant to inspire, provoke, stimulate and truly change the organization from the inside out. HATCH will create and implement the plan for each client in a truly thoughtful and bespoke fashion.

Contact us to get started on sparking innovation and transforming roadmaps with your organization.