The Future of HATCH















The future of HATCH is ambitious – and yet the blueprint for making large scale impact to HATCH a better world, is in progress. We strive to reach more people in less time with better information by developing “model programs” that can be quickly and clearly communicated, understood, and applied by others.  We believe creativity is a critical leadership skill in the new innovation economy. We will help company, community and educational leaders stimulate creativity and breakthrough thinking at every level.

Over the coming five to ten years we will be crafting and proto-typing a series of “chain reaction” programs, included but not limited to:

    • HATCH Experiences (US + Global) – a connected network of additional 4 day destination summits
    • HATCH 360 – year-round mentorship program – a sophisticated tech/data-enabled platform in development that can reach thousands, tap into corporate CSR programs, and move the needle on injecting creative inspiration into our leaders of the future.
    • HATCH Accelerator – an incubator / launch pad for mentoring creative endeavors that impact the world
    • HATCH Activation – using our experience to catalyze ‘hatchings’ at other thought leader events
    • HATCH Labs – on-site collaboration/mentoring/acceleration spaces
    • HATCH Edu – leveraging our network and insights to promote creativity in education, curriculum design, etc.
    • HATCH Studios – robust development and distribution for HATCH content (talks, film, music)
    • HATCH Adventures – 2-4 day global retreats for HATCH Experience alums which feed an insatiable thirst for life-long learning.