European Advisory Board

Initiatives of Change

https://iofc.org/en –  The Caux Palace. Since 1946, the Caux Palace has been owned by a non-profit foundation, Initiatives of Change (IofC) and they use it as an International center for reconciliation, dialogues, peace, trust, capacity-building and much more. Caux is a home to the world and provides a neutral safe space. IofC Switzerland and its international network are organizing youth leadership programs, conferences on sustainability, ethical business, creative leadership. Also, the dates that we’ve targeted lead into the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival for those that want to stay longer. 

Maurizio Rossi

As HATCH’s first strategic move, the organization has added Maurizio Rossi to help build the HATCH Europe Summit Advisory Board. Maurizio is the Co-Founder and CEO of H-Farm, Europe’s largest innovation + education campus and platform founded in 2005, outside of Venice, Italy. H-FARM was born from Maurizio’s pioneering idea of creating a place where students, professionals, investors, and 21st century entrepreneurs converge to launch startups inspired by the “H-uman” philosophy (where the human factor is at the center of a technological world).  H-FARM is now publicly traded, has invested more than €28M to support 127 companies, has helped 300 international and educated more than 2,000 students through an international and digital didactic path.

Kim Dabbs

Global VP, Social Innovation + ESG Strategy at Steelcase – Kim Dabbs is a social entrepreneur, advocate and innovator who is leading Social Innovation for Steelcase. She has a passion for building a culture of opportunity and is leveraging that mindset as she partners with organizations leading transformational change projects around the world. She has scaled innovation and designed programs that showcased impact as she collaborated on the launch of the new Learning + Innovation Center that was built as a global hub in Munich. Prior to joining Steelcase she served as executive director of the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology. Kim crafted a model for both adult career training and teen arts + tech engagement, leading to WMCAT’s inclusion in national learning networks as a best practice. Kim also led Michigan Youth Arts, where she built a coalition of 16 statewide organizations focused on public policy, philanthropy and advocacy for education.

Ricardo Marvao

Co-founder and Board Member of Beta-i, a Portuguese non-profit association that since 2010 has focused its energies on fostering and elaborating entrepreneurial ecosystems, and increasing innovation and entrepreneurship in Portugal. A Lisbon Challenge Coordinator, international startup acceleration program for growth & international stage tech startups. Co-founder & CEO of Evolve Space Solutions (Germany and Portugal) since 2004, developing software products for the Aerospace Industry, with clients like ESA, Thales, Astrium, Inmarsat, Eumetsat, and Airbus. The company specialized in the Telecommunications sector, with over 2000 employees, offices in Portugal, Spain, Germany, the Middle East, Mozambique Angola, South Africa and Ghana). Specialties: Space industry: satellite simulators & operating systems; Earth-Observation, Scientific and Inter-planetary Missions, Dissemination of Entrepreneurship programs.

Brigitte Mohn

Brigitte Mohn is a member of the Board of the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the German Stroke Foundation. Her career has included positions with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy; Bantam, Doubleday and Dell Publishing in New York; McKinsey in Hamburg; and Pixelpark in Switzerland.Brigitte Mohn believes in supporting innovative and young entrepreneurs – in doing this, she also contributed to establish a start-up ecosystem in her home region Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Germany. Furthermore Brigitte Mohn is an active early stage investor. Aligned with her strong commitment to social innovation, her own company supports start-ups to pursue their social and sustainable driven missions.

Nicoletta Iacobacci

A Global Technology & Ethics Advisor, Transmedia Visionary. Senior Advisor at Singularity University, Professor and Author of “Exponential Ethics.” She’s member of the Executive Committee of the non-profit organization “Women’s Brain Project,” aiming to support women’s mental health. Head of Strategy and Future Media at the European Broadcasting Union until November 2014, focusing on Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and a BAFTA guru. International speaker and event moderator, she has curated five editions of TEDx Transmedia and nine European Broadcasting Union Summits. Currently, she works on robotics and affective science, teaches “Emerging Media” at Webster University Geneva and will be visiting professor, at Jinan University, in Guangzhou, China.

Harald Niedhardt

Harald is passionate about meaning in technology, the future of exponential technologies and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs – especially in Europe. Together with a select group of an inspiring futurist faculty, leading corporate innovators and creative minds from startups & science, he has launched the Futur/io Institute, a new platform and community for global innovation leaders to help co-create a vision for desirable futures. A new part of the offering are Moonshot Thinking Masterclasse and Leadership training for Sustainable Innovation & Execution. He is an advisor to the UNFCCC Resilient Frontiers initiative and an expert member of the World Economic Forum workgroup on digital platforms & ecosystems projects. Harald is a Singularity University alumnus and is a keynote speaker on sustainable innovation at many international conferences, including TEDx (Hongkong, Hamburg, Marrakesh), SXSW, SingularityU Summit (NL/USA/DE), COP26, Wired, Next, MWC/4YFN and is a speaker at corporate executive events. → Read the interview at Innovator.news