Imagine gathering up a hundred innovators, artists, makers, creators, educators, risk-takers, influencers, and mavericks… people who want to shake the world by its ankles. And are. Imagine them in a room together, teased out of their cocoons, grids off, brains on, glass flying everywhere:

A musician tackles a problem for an entrepreneur. A scientist cracks open an idea for music distribution. An ad-guy delivers insight to a health-care play. An inventor, architect, and educator sketching new models for learning… Imagine that. Or just find yourself at HATCH.

San Rahi, CEO Mantrii Emmy-winning Creative Director

HATCH is a community, movement, and a series of experiences designed to ACTIVATE CREATIVITY to HATCH a better world. Founded 10 years ago as an annual four day “think-tank meets summer camp;” a retreat gifted to 100 curated creators and doers across a range of disciplines. Actively designed to stimulate new thinking and lifelong collaborations, HATCH nurtures a passionate community, supports innovative thinking with 360 mentorship, fills immersive environments with provocative ideas, and makes sure there’s plenty of play in Montana’s breathtaking mountains.

Since then, HATCH has grown into a global network of innovators, and is expanding into a year round collection of experiences that will take a variety of shapes and forms. The goal of all will be to unite, refuel, challenge and support those boldly and brilliantly designing the future, to catalyze the creativity that drives their work (and the possibilities for all us), and to re-shape perception of the importance of creativity in our everyday life.

HATCH unites the world’s top creative thinkers with tomorrow’s most promising minds and has connected over 300 mentors w/ approximately 5000 students. Over 200 students have been awarded scholarships to our annual experience and HATCH content has been viewed in over 150 countries.

The inspiration of one can impact the lives of millions. Who’s next?