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Systems Thinking for the Next Economy | Global Living Room

Theme: Systems Thinking for the Next Economy

with Guest Speaker Denise Hearn

Marques Anderson set the stage for this Global Living room by reminding us that if something is not moving in the direction we see fit, we have a choice and responsibility to make a better decision moving forward. 

He acknowledged that in the current climate we are living in, we may think that the challenges we are facing are way too large for one person or group to change. But that couldn’t be farther from the case. The discussion throughout the Living Room centered around how choices surrounding capitalism have created the largest economic inequality gap in American history and as global thought leaders, what changes we can make as individuals and a collective in order to build a bridge to secure a more equitable future. 

To whom much is given, much is expected.” – shared by Denise Hearn

When we look at natural systems, cooperation is the overarching value that allows flourishing. Cooperation allows robust competition. 

We need to take a holistic approach to what it means to democratize power. A few policy levers for change include:

  • Looking closely at the connection between political and corporate power
  • Strengthening workers power and rights
  • Establishing stronger merger reviews
  • Closing the gap between rural and urban – strengthening rural and local communities 

A Few Solutions 

  • Fundamentally reimagine of paradigms that underpin the systems. 
  • New frameworks, discussions on changing the structures of power. “You can’t have systems transformation without self-transformation.” 
  • Making decisions for the future and thinking about that time in the NOW.

How I Can Help 

  • Women should consider joining SheEO as an activator, to fund diverse women entrepreneurs working on the world’s problems (anyone can consider donating to their org as well)
  • Spend 30 minutes this week sitting with the question, “How do I use my resources to put me in the right relationship with myself, others, and the planet?” What’s one change I can make today to get me closer to actively creating a more equitable planet with my resources?
  • Order your books from a local bookstore (not Amazon) at
  • Cancel your Amazon Prime, delete your Facebook and Instagram, etc.
  • Read reports from AELP, inform yourself, and vote accordingly!
  • Read any of these great books on new economic thinking

Something Important To Think About

What does privilege mean to you?  Are you willing and able to give up some space of your privilege to secure a better future for someone else?

Denise Hearn ||  Co-author of the book The Myth of Capitalism, which explores industry concentration and monopoly power and its effects on wages, consumer prices, inequality, and shareholder returns. Capitalism without competition is not capitalism. Denise helps investors, companies, and organizations activate capital and develop strategies for impact, and works to support a future economy in which all humans and ecological systems thrive together.

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Words and thoughts from Marques Anderson & Denise Hearn. 

Denise Hearn || Systems Thinking for the Next Economy