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Category: Education

Finding Your Spark | Global Living Room

with Featured Guests Ed Catmull, Elyse Klaidman & Harold O’Neal “Real magic happens when you feel ego leave the room.” -Ed Catmull Thoughts from Ed Whenever you reach a goal, you no longer have it and have to create a new one. It’s important to know you won’t always be right all the time, but […]
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Systems Thinking for the Next Economy | Global Living Room

Theme: Systems Thinking for the Next Economy with Guest Speaker Denise Hearn Marques Anderson set the stage for this Global Living room by reminding us that if something is not moving in the direction we see fit, we have a choice and responsibility to make a better decision moving forward.  He acknowledged that in the […]
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Global Living Room: Demystifying Systems Change with John Kania

Our Challenge: How do we demystify systems change to equip leaders with the tools to create and grow their change efforts? John Kania’s Point  In the last two months, as in no time in recent memory has the flaws of our current system been so openly exposed.  It’s time to break the bars of the status […]
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HATCHedu @ DSEL MSU /// Challenge: Design the School of the Future

THE CHALLENGE:  Design the School of the Future. 45 students from diverse disciplines, majors, and colleges. 15 faculty from diverse disciplines, majors, and colleges. 15 HATCH Alum mentors 1.5 Days 8 Proposed Solutions Video Highlights Recap from HATCHedu @ DSEL MSU:  WHAT WAS THE IMPACT? HATCH.edu was a transformative experience for both our students and faculty. […]
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