HATCHedu @ DSEL MSU /// Challenge: Design the School of the Future

THE CHALLENGE:  Design the School of the Future.

  • 45 students from diverse disciplines, majors, and colleges.
  • 15 faculty from diverse disciplines, majors, and colleges.
  • 15 HATCH Alum mentors
  • 1.5 Days
  • 8 Proposed Solutions

Video Highlights Recap from HATCHedu @ DSEL MSU:


HATCH.edu was a transformative experience for both our students and faculty. The HATCH team brought a fully realized, thoughtful program chock-full of innovation and enthusiasm to the table.

– Meta Newhouse, Director of DSEL, MSU

What struck me was that HATCH is a culture… a culture of passionate, empathetic, shifters, movers, shakers and disruptors whose collective desperate need for exploring, making, inventing, grinding, shocking, questioning, relating and multiplying was utterly palpable. This is the first time that I have been in such a setting where I was truly humbled while at the same time engaged and empowered.

– Jordan Stoner, Student

HATCHedu was one of the most amazingly constructive, exhausting, eye opening, life-changing, spin your brain in your skull kind of days I have ever experienced. I have been told how to “think differently,” but never been in the environment to practice or fully understand how to take that different approach. Having a group, like our nests, that was there for us to apply all these ideas to creating something beautiful. I never knew there was a way to apply my engineering skills to something that was not a direct engineering problem.  HATCHedu was a mind blowing experience that gave me a thirst for the pursuit of my real dreams and made me truly believe they are attainable.

– Peter Hruska, Student

HATCHedu was easily one of the most insightful and thought provoking experiences I have had in years. Never have I felt so energized from a group of professionals and students in such a short period of time. I walked away from this event with new knowledge, tons of inspiration and a tight new network of friends. This event packs all of the magic of a full HATCH Experience into just one and a half days, but with a structure tailored more specifically toward students and young professionals.

– Evan Twyford, Industrial Engineer (NASA, IDEO)

I went into HATCH a skeptic. I’ve spent the past few years tempering my optimism with realism, and grounding my idealism with pragmatism. I’m a dreamer, but I’ve scaled back my ambitions, and I’ve held back on getting too excited about anything claiming to be “making a difference.” I’ve become cynical, even jaded.  Saying that and meaning it makes what I’m about to say seem like blasphemy, but I can’t help it: this past weekend at HATCH made a difference.  Being surrounded by truly gifted and inspired people and working with them to achieve something absurdly ambitious made one thing exceedingly clear to me, and that is that cynicism, for all its allure, is absolutely and positively unproductive. After HATCH, it’s clear to me that if anything in the world is going to change for the better, if anything is going to “make a difference,” it’s hope.  Not some Disney Channel hope fluff, but real hope. Hope that can recognize all the deep, dark parts of the real world, and still stand up to face them. A week before HATCH, I would have read this testimonial and laughed it off. Almost a week after, and I’m still laughing about how little I really understood before HATCH.

– Joe Schadt, Student

Design the School of the future: Re-think everything!

  • What type of space is it?   Is it even a space?
  • What types of curriculum, topics
  • How were they taught
  • When and how long
  • Who will be the teachers?

In this time of rebuilding and re-inventing, what topics and priorities come into play?

  • Training for jobs that don’t exist yet
  • Morals
  • Human connection
  • Pollution
  • Human rights
  • Renewable energy
  • What else…?

The world is watching… what will you do?




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