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Profile  //  With Richard Whitney’s guidance, the cellular Electron disrupts M2M tech and raises $500k

On February 25th of this year HATCHer Richard Whitney, as part of the Spark team, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a ground-breaking invention, The Electron, “a tiny development kit for creating cellular-connected electronics projects and products.. Imagine a cellular-connected Arduino, but with a more powerful processor and a SIM card. It also comes with Spark’s development tools and cloud platform for managing and interacting with your new connected hardware.”

Apparently The Electron was something the world has been waiting for.  In 24 hours the Kickstarter had raised over $142K.  By the time the campaign ended on April 1, 2015 it had raised an astonishing $578,478.

The Electron is poised to disrupt the old boy’s network of how machine-to-machine communication happened in the past – giving innovative startups all over the globe the opportunity to thrive.

We’re looking forward to seeing how The Electron changes the world in years to come.