Founding Partner: Moonlight Basin



Moonlight Basin is the original Founding sponsor of HATCH. Twelve years later, it’s come full circle, as the magic of Moonlight will be host to HATCH 2015.

The Moonlight Basin mission is to nurture a multi-generational, sustainable and authentic community, centered around outdoor activities of continual discovery and adventure within the Montana wilderness.

Moonlight Basin is located on 8000 acres of Montana wilderness in beautiful Big Sky, Montana, just one hour north of Yellowstone National Park and one hour south of Bozeman, MT.  The original 39 square miles of property, a former logging tract, was purchased by a group of local ranchers and landowners in 1993, who immediately launched efforts to protect, preserve, and enhance this portion of the Lee Metcalf wilderness.

With the mantra ‘of “Listen to the Land,” over half of the property was placed in conservation easements, and substantial time and resources were invested into restoring the land to its natural, healthy state, re-connecting the largest wildlife corridor in North America.

With a shared vision of environment, community, and culture, the Moonlight BasinHATCH partnership is a match made to create infinite horizons for those that are gathering together to HATCH a better world.

To learn more about vacationing, membership, or real estate visit Moonlight Basin.