HATCH Superhero Series: Kimberley Motley
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HATCH Superhero Series: Kimberley Motley

“The rule of law means nothing if there is no role of law… we need to use laws to keep people protected.”

-Kimberley Motley at HATCH Big Sky 2017


Kimberley has been a practicing attorney and litigator since 2003 and has worked in Afghanistan since 2008.  Founder of Motley Legal Services and cofounder of Motley Consulting International, she is licensed and has permission to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court, Dubai International Financial Courts, and the International Criminal Courts.  A TED speaker, her work has been reported heavily in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC, Reuters, the Today Show, and the London Times to name a few.  She has published many articles on juvenile justice and legal issues in Afghanistan.

Kimberley’s talk at HATCH Big Sky 2017 covered her fight for justice in parts of the world where the law is frequently overlooked in favor of cultural norms (often at the expense of women and ethnic minorities).  The trailer for the documentary Motley’s Law portrayed a total badass, out to protect people whose rights are being violated, and whose lives are at stake.  HATCH Illustrator Steven Downer brought those powers to life in this depiction of Superhero Kimberley.

At the end of Kimberley’s talk she urged all of us to “become investors in global human rights”, stressing that laws are the foundation of a just society that protects us all.  Threats to lawfulness anywhere impact us everywhere.
If you agree, contribute to the Motley Cares legal fund today. 
Check out this recent New York Times article for the inspiring story of how Kimberley saved the life of a young Afghani woman escaping a child bride marriage.
Here’s some insight into how Steve brought Superhero Kimberley to life.

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