HATCH Superhero Series: Cady Coleman
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HATCH Superhero Series: Cady Coleman

“Our planet is a giant spaceship and we are the crew.”

– Cady Coleman at HATCH Big Sky 2017


 As one of few female astronauts to travel to space, Cady’s HATCH talk focused on the importance of giving our next generation a level playing field to achieve their dreams.  She also stressed the need to recognize the full spectrum of diverse backgrounds and perspectives that make up any successful endeavor.  Sharing tight quarters in high pressure situations with  astronauts from other countries taught her that not all cultures approach things the same way – but that there’s strength to be found in that difference.

Cady summed up her desire to bring more people to the table in finding solutions for our challenges in this piece of advice for her younger self:

“Whether you are at work, at home or at school: Look to your right and to your left, and realize that as much as you may know about the folks you see there, you still have more to learn. Let them surprise you.”

Cady surprised the 170 HATCHers at Moonlight Basin the first night of HATCH by breaking out her flute paying skills onstage with Prince Charles Alexander.

See how Stephen brought superhero Cady to life in this capture of his illustration process:

HATCH Illustrator Stephen Downer brought Cady’s superpowers of curiosity, connection, and flight to life in this depiction of her on a space shuttle mission.

Cady Coleman is an explorer, scientist, storyteller, musician, convener, and astronaut –  just retired after 24 years at NASA.  She’s a former Chief of Robotics, Astronaut Office with 2 Space Shuttle missions, 100 million miles traveled, and 180 days in space under her belt. Having had the privilege of seeing our Earth from space, Cady feels compelled to bring others along for the journey. She is convinced that the key to solving hard problems is recognizing the greatness in the other members of our crew: the crew of Spaceship Earth.

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