HATCH Continues Six Year Relationship with C2 Montreal
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HATCH Continues Six Year Relationship with C2 Montreal

This year marked the sixth year of collaboration and relationship-building between the HATCH network and C2, a Montreal-based summit focused on the intersection of creativity and commerce. 

A dinner hosted by HATCH the night before the official event start introduced 20 HATCHers from different cohorts to C2 organizers, guests and partners like Elevation Barn.  The casual social atmosphere allowed the like-minded groups to meet each other, find common ground, and build a connective tribe going into the conference. Original HATCH Board member San Rahi spoke on a personal level about the importance and relationships between HATCH, C2 and Elevation and their roots in strong friendships. Following dinner Harold O’Neal played piano and led a storytelling exercise. The evening ended with a surprise birthday celebration for HATCH’s Founder, Yarrow Kraner, who had just arrived from the Oceans Plastic Leadership Summit off the coast of Bermuda.

HATCHer DK provided a comprehensive recap on this year’s C2 Montreal in his article “C2 Montreal 2019 | Unpacking an Experience” 

C2 Montréal is a superb experience for those looking to explore a cacophony of offerings in one event. Visually it’s stunning and was definitely highly crafted.

The trip also created an opportunity to connect the Kiwi delegation into the HATCH community at an evening dinner. Lots of conversations and impressive connections followed. A perfect illustration of what the overall trip was all about: creating the space and trusting good humans to add value to each other.”

HATCHers also had a significant speaking and presentation role at this year’s C2.

Génifère Legrand  gave an opening talk for C2. 

Dr. Luke McKay spoke about his research in some of the world’s most extreme environments, and how his findings point to the existence of  life on other planets.

Musician Harold O’Neal presented a workshop to discover how music opens  up an enhanced ability to reframe our own stories.  He presented tools to adopt a new framework for approaching team building and collaboration, and understanding how connecting to our authentic improvisational self opens up new ways of seeing the world and leading others.

Aithan Shapira presented a Masterclass titled Leadership for the innovations culture that let participants rollup their sleeves and dive hands-first into collaborative decision-making, sense-making, and creativity through the artist’s lens. The takeaway was a set of frameworks you won’t find in any business book on developing a culture on innovation – your competitive advantage at the speed of change

Beth Altringer  presented a workshop titled Who’s your data? And focused on harnessing tech to better understand ourselves.