Global Living Room: Holding Chevron Accountable with Steven Donziger & Jody Williams
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Global Living Room: Holding Chevron Accountable with Steven Donziger & Jody Williams

Our Challenge: Help Steven Donziger, Jody Williams & Nobel Laureates Hold Chevron Accountable for the Amazon Chernobyl.

“For more than two decades Steven Donziger has taken on one of the largest and most important fights for corporate accountability in history on behalf of indigenous and rainforest communities. His ability to stare down one of the most vicious corporate attacks in history is nothing short of astounding and serves as an inspiration to untold numbers of people around the world.” — PAUL PAZ Y MIÑO, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, AMAZON WATCH

Take Action Make Chevron Clean Up:

Visit and hold Chevron accountable for deliberately dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste onto Indigenous ancestral lands, simply for the purpose of keeping operating costs down.

Additionally, for those wishing to contribute to Steven’s defense fund, please visit:

What Steven & Jody Can Teach Us:

“All you need is the commitment to work on the issue that most gets to you.” Jody Williams, Nobel Laureate, Inspirational Activist.

“Community is better than any Pharmaceutical” Steven Donziger, Environmental Lawyer, Political Prisoner, Inspirational Activist

Think About It…All you need is a commitment to the work, nothing more. With ZERO barriers to entry, anyone is able to take action for a cause they care about. This means someone is already working on something you care about.

Start there. Find your community. It will make all the difference.

Heed Their Words:

  1. Identify a cause you care about.
  2. Research groups or individuals are doing something about your cause. It’s as simple as searching “[Cause] initiatives near [City]”
  3. Go Meet Your Community.

Your people are waiting. Don’t do it alone. Remember to listen.

Get Caught Up / Rewatch their Global Living Room Chat to hear their story in their words.

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Post Written by Bryant Sterczala, Story Teller