The HATCH Network: Grimanesa Amoros on Channeling Creativity
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The HATCH Network: Grimanesa Amoros on Channeling Creativity


“I love sharing creativity with others through my work, and I am lucky to encounter things in my surroundings that inspire me, such as nature.” – Grimanesa Amoros, HATCH Experience 2015.

Creating a strong sense of place and fostering connections to nature is a huge part of the HATCH Experience.  For a dozen years, the vast horizon and soaring peaks of southwest Montana have been simultaneously grounding and inspiring for HATCH participants.  This year, the snow-covered flanks of Lone Peak’s 11,000 + ft summit at Moonlight Basin  served as the perfect backdrop for interdisciplinary artist Grimanesa Amoros’ talk on how deeply her connection to the natural world informs her sense of self and her work.

During her talk, Grimanesa shared that she was first inspired to work with light while watching the Aurora Borealis dance across the sky over Iceland years ago, recalling her feeling that “if I could share this ‘wow’ feeling with others…wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t it be amazing to share this experience?”  Her most recent installation, Pink Lotus at The Peninsula New York again harnesses nature’s ability to bring us to complete presence:

“The first time I saw a pink lotus… I was immediately mesmerized by its beauty, shape and movement. The idea of balance is the spiritual principle anchored in my work and a determining factor for my perspective and perception of nature and landscape – being present and active.”

Nature will always strive for balance; will always offer equal opportunities for wildness and solace; it finds a way to remind us that we are all inherently connected. Nature will always be our reminder that we can be vulnerable and powerful all at once; that we can’t disconnect ourselves and still expect to grow or thrive.

“One of the strongest memories I have from HATCH 2015 was watching the sun set over the Spanish Peaks – I stood in awe while the alpenglow slowly transformed the snowfield from stark white to deep rose, casting long shadows across the ridge.  All there was surrounding me was the beauty of silence…words are not required to connect to nature.”