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HATCH 2015 Bios

Kevin Abrams

Content Executor

Kevin Abrams, prior to founding Alpine Labs in 2011 with Patrick Weir, Kevin founded the multi-media production company Fairtrade Films in 2006. Fairtrade wrote best-selling video games, "Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction" and "Dirt 3", acclaimed graphic novel "Vendor" and produced the Independent Spirit Award winning feature, "The Dynamiter."

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a recipient of an MFA in directing from AFI, Kevin has worked in film and television for the past 15 years.

Beth Altringer

Leads Desirability Lab Lead @ Harvard

Dr. Altringer is based at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Graduate School of Design, and also a Faculty Associate of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. She runs the Desirability Lab and uses design and psychological research to help innovators focus on what makes some designs more desirable than others in terms of multi-sensory balance, emotional experience and cognitive experience. She has worked with hundreds of teams across a range of multinational companies and educational institutions.

Anna Alvin

High school student

I've always loved making art ever since I was young, and in third grade I discovered a passion for writing too. Both are things I feel I can go to as a sort of refuge when the rest of the world is too much for me, but I can also use them to reach out into the world and show others a different perspective on life or everyday things. I'm interested in exploring how writing and art can change the way an individual perceives things, as well as how they live life and exist in the world.

Grimanesa Amorós

Multi-media artist

Grimanesa Amorós was born in Lima, Peru and lives and works in New York City. She is a multidisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the fields of social history, scientific research and critical theory.
Amorós researches the locations, histories and communities of the installation sites. The intuitive relationship to technology is a distinctive feature of Amorós’ practice. Her works incorporates elements from lighting sculpture, video, and technology to create site-specific installations to engage architecture and create community. Her works are presented from Tel Aviv to Time Square.

Nicholas Bantock

Author / Writer / Artist

Author, writer, artist, Nick is best known for his internationally acclaimed 'Griffin and Sabine' series that topped the NYT bestseller list for three years. His art hangs in collections through out the world and his books to date number 28. He is also known as a teacher and keynote speaker. When asked he describes himself as a surrealist Zen sceptic.

Zach Bell

Production, Events and Health Care Tech

Founder, convener, collaborator and producer with a passion for intellectual & physical challenges. I organize private gatherings & retreats in the Western Hemisphere and enjoy the ocean in every way one can interact with it while being completely obsessed with good food. I’m interested in storytelling that creates new pathways for people to live in the world.

Carol Bishop

Human Resources Analyst / HATCH Volunteer

I've been attending Hatch Events for the past 11 years. I enjoy watching the spark of new ideas catch fire and people mentoring each other.

Daniel Blue

Singer / Songwriter / Founder

Daniel Blue was born in the valley of witches running down a long ravine in the Foothills of Pikes Peak in a little town called, Manitou Springs Colorado. He was home-schooled until he was twelve when he moved to the PNW and lived in the lake filled pine hills of Mt. Rainier. He has lived in a constellation of Washington and Oregon cities and towns and pioneered multiple bands, cults, venues, clubs and associations in pursuit of creation (Motopony, Loyalty Clothing Co, Moth Church, The Warehouse, Ballard Sanctuary, Seattle Wizard School) . His favorite word is "manifestation".

Rebecca Blue

Business Development Lead

Rebecca loves a good plot twist, and as such, recently turned from writing restoration plans and facilitating change as a river ecologist in the desert southwest to leading business development at a digital product studio in the soggy northwest. Ultimately driven by connection to self, others, and place, Rebecca facilitates women's empowerment groups, is co-director of a writing retreat, teaches, and serves on a local board. She sees community as the ideal mechanism for strengthening the impact of organizations. She lives in Seattle with her husband, her most meaningful creative collaborator.

Dasha Bough

**Lone Peak High School (in the winter)** **Working on a wheat farm** **Working on commissioned artwork in studio**

I am Dasha Bough. My character--since the very beginning--has been sculpted by two main forces in my life: Russia and Montana. A fourth generation Montanan, some of my biggest pride comes from my '72 Chevy, prairie sunsets, and growing up in a Mountain town. However, I have an ever-burning love for (my first home) "Mother Russia"--the aggressive language, the "old babas", the delicious chocolates. These days my life is shaped by passions such as basketball, visual art (of almost any medium), novel-writing, theater, music, and "livin' the High School dream".

Brendan Boyle

Partner + Toy Inventor @ IDEO

Brendan Boyle is a toy inventor, consulting associate professor at Stanford University’s d.School, and Partner at IDEO. He believes that play is the key to innovation and has spoken to creative leaders, entrepreneurs, and students about the importance of playful exploration and risk-taking.  
He founded the Toy Lab to uncover kid-centered solutions to the challenge of boredom. As Brendan says, "The opposite of play is boredom." Under his leadership, the Toy Lab has invented and licensed hundreds of toys and apps, including the best-selling Jumperoo and Elmo Calls, respectively.
Brendan also consults with companies about redesigning their organizational behavior to include space for play, wrote (and still teaches) the course From Play to Innovation at Stanford’s d.School, and co-authored the award-winning encyclopedia of never-before-seen inventions, The Klutz Book of Inventions.
Brendan holds an M.S. from the Joint Program for Design at Stanford University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University. 

Peter Bradt


Pete is a stand-up comic who has worked copywriting gigs for digital artists, personal planning jobs for daredevils, production assistant work for under-budgeted indie films, and bar back positions on boats. He is obviously a great comic because no one will debase the integrity of his jokes by paying for them.

George Bradt

Executive Onboarding Consultant / Writer

I think about my life in terms of contributing to individuals, knowledge and joy.

The individuals I contribute to tend to be my family, friends and the individuals we help through our executive onboarding consulting work at PrimeGenesis.

I contribute to knowledge with my articles for Forbes (five/month) and books on onboarding (generally published by Wiley).

I contribute to joy by writing musical plays (book, lyrics and music).

Mark Brand

Social Entrepreneur

Mark Brand is one of Vancouver’s most recognized social entrepreneurs. Successfully

operating eight businesses in the downtown area, he has become a prominent example

of a new generation of leadership. Among these businesses includes Vancouver’s most

recognizable social enterprise Save On Meats. A fighter for Vancouver’s Downtown East

Side, this enigmatic social entrepreneur is determined to breathe new life into the

struggling and disjointed community. He’s doing this by finding a balance between sound

business practices and social justice.

Matthew Brimer


Matthew O. Brimer is the Co-Founder of General Assembly (http://ga.co), where he leads global partnerships and business development. He is also Co-Founder of Daybreaker (http://daybreaker.com), a global movement and lifestyle brand creating healthy morning dance party experiences around the world. His passion for online + offline education, community-building, and experience design has enabled thousands of individuals to pursue their passions in technology and design (GA), as well as start of their day in the best way possible (Daybreaker). Brimer holds a BA from Yale and lives in Brooklyn.

Ryan Brown

City Curator / Business Advisor

Ryan Brown has devoted his professional career to creating global communities that propel the social entrepreneurship movement forward. He is fueled by his belief in human potential, motivating him to strategically connect people that are positively disrupting the status quo.

Brown ignited his professional path as the co-creator of an internationally recognized web-series profiling Gen Y Innovators across multiple industries throughout the Americas. Most recently, Brown has played key roles in forward-thinking organizations like Kalu Yala, Global Poverty Project, & Millennial Trains Project.

Kimberly Bryant

Social Entrepreneur / Non-profit Founder

Before founding Black Girls CODE, Kimberly enjoyed a successful 25+ year professional
 career in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as an 
Engineering Manager in a series of technical leadership roles
 several Fortune 100 companies such as Genentech, Merck,
 and Pfizer. In 2013 Kimberly was recognized as a White House Champion of Change for her work in tech inclusion and for her focus on bridging the digital divide for girls of color. In 2014 Kimberly received a Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award in Social Progress and was given the inaugural Women Who Rule Award in Technology.

Ethan Butson

Student (But also a scientific innovator)

At just 19, Ethan is a prolific inventor who undertakes his research, not for awards and acknowledgement, but to help others. Ethan created the SMART (Stroke Management with Augmented Reality Technology) system, a tech solution to help people overcome stroke and vision impairment. Ethan is also developing a new device to reduce the side effects of radiotherapy. Named National Australian BHPBSEA Young Scientist a record 3 times, Australian representative at the International Science and Engineering Fair numerous times, he was awarded the “best medical invention to aid humanity” award in 2014.

Josh Carter

Student / Researcher / HATCH Volunteer

Student at Montana State University studying Mechanical Engineering and Microbiology. Researching bacterial adaptive immune systems known as CRISPRs. Love to make things, play music and get outside. Enjoy solving problems and thinking about issues from outside my area of expertise and interacting with people of diverse mindsets and backgrounds.

Emily Chong

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Emily lives and breathes social innovation. Currently the VP, Strategic Partnerships at Nationswell and formerly at The Feast, she has built cross sector partnerships between hundreds of nonprofits, foundations, and corporations towards a better world. Her expertise is in working with progressive brands to design innovative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Emily is a partner at Catchafire, and a former founding team member . Emily loves facilitating meaningful collaborations that lead to lasting social change.

Tim Christensen

Software & Design Engineer / Technologist / HATCH Advisory Board

Creative technology pioneer with a passion for human experience and technology. Over 20 years experience in software engineering, design, scaleable server technologies and business development. More recently he has turned his attention to multi-platform mobile, wearables, IoT and software. Tim and his team currently deliver world class design and technology to numerous startup and emerging companies as well as the Fortune 50 in a variety of industries.

Butterscotch Clinton

Singer / Beatboxer / Musician

Butterscotch began her career in hip hop's underground beatbox battle scene. She was crowned the world's first female beatbox champion and won numerous other titles competing in a male dominated scene. The world got their first taste of Butterscotch after a breakthrough performance on America's Got Talent. She captured the audience with her jazz-inspired vocals, while simultaneously beatboxing and playing the piano with a touch of elegance and impressive chops. She continues to perform at various prestigious festivals around the world and finishing her debut album to be released in 2015.

Joe Coleman

Emmy-Winning Executive Producer

Currently serving as Executive Producer at the L.A. based, 5x5 Media, Joe Coleman has produced over 250 hours of primetime TV. Specializing in big budget-cutting edge productions (CBS-The Amazing Race; TNT-The Hero w/ Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; NBC/Imagine-Treasure Hunters; MTV-The Phone). Joe has also produced both seasons of the socially recognized series (ABC-Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution), for which he won a 2010 Emmy Award and the prestgious TV Honors Award for making "TV with a conscience". I have a deep passion for my wife Sarah, my son Bodee, and pushing boundaries whenever possible!!

Rebecca Colwell


Rebecca is a leadership innovator. She is the Founder and CEO of Ten Directions®, and the co-creator of Integral Facilitator®, a program pathway for culture change agents around the world. Together with her talented team she designs a growing ecosystem of premiere developmental training opportunities for leaders and experienced professionals. Rebecca consults with some of today’s most influential thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and movement makers, helping them engage stakeholders, grow capacity, and magnify their impact. She is also an excellent traveler with an unflappable sense of humor.

Nicholas Cooper

Founder / Vocal Coach / Creative Director

Nick Cooper is considered one of the top vocal coaches in the industry. His company, DCT Entertainment, is the first American company to have a joint venture with China’s top Entertainment network, Hunan TV. Cooper is the first African-American to creative direct a television show for Hunan TV and suhu.com. Not only was Cooper a judge on the show, but was also featured as a leader of the American team, which garnered the highest viewership of the season. As a star on E! Network’s Opening Act, Nicholas worked alongside mega producer Nigel Lythgoe, as their lead vocal coach.

Les Craig

Entrepreneur / Director

Les is an entrepreneur and US Army Veteran. Since January of 2015 he has served as the Director of the Blackstone Launchpad at Montana State University, where he passionately encourages students and alumni to pursue entrepreneurial careers. In 2012, Les co-founded RedOwl Analytics and served as the VP of Product and Analytics before starting a data science services company in 2014 called The Twenty. He also serves as the Director of Operations for the COMMIT Foundation, an innovative non-profit that helps the highest caliber Veterans transition from active duty to the private sector.

Jamie Denenberg

Film / TV Producer

Jamie Denenberg is a Partner and the Chief Operating Officer at Los Angeles based multi-media production company Alpine Labs which produces for the network, cable, digital and theatrical platforms. Prior to joining Alpine Labs, she launched and ran SA Entertainment, a full service entertainment marketing company that was a collaboration with renowned LA-based street artist Mister Cartoon where she crafted campaigns that capitalized on authentic relationships across music, sports, culture and art to break through the noise.

Denenberg has also worked closely in the political field with President Obama and guided the West Coast fundraising operation for Secretary of State John Kerry's presidential campaign where she helped to set a political fundraising record at the time.

Fred Dent

Financial Planner and Investment Manager / HATCH Volunteer

Fred Dent CFA is celebrating his 29th year in the financial planning and investment business. He started Dent Asset Management in 1997. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on financial topics that inspire and educate. For eight years he was the resident financial analyst on CBS affiliate WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge with his popular and informative segment, “Dollars and Dent”. For the first three years of his career, he worked for a major Wall Street firm in New York City.

Yehuda Duenyas

Experience Designer

Yehuda Duenyas (also known as xxxy) is an experience designer, and the CCO of Mindride LLC, an artist-driven company specializing in next-gen experiential entertainment. Bridging the gap between the physical and the virtual, Duenyas is a visionary artist whose techniques emerge from his passion and experience working in the arenas of immersive theater, interactive technology, ride design, reality television, large-scale events, gaming, and physical computing.

Paul Durham

Songwriter and Music Producer

Paul Durham is a musician/singer/songwriter, music business innovator, and human development explorer. After two major label record deals, radio singles, MTV play, and international tours, as well as dozens of tracks in films, trailers, TV shows, and commercials, he built an indie label for his band, Black Lab. Along the way he also picked up a number of professional and psychological facilitation processes, working with executives and small businesses in the U.S. and Europe.

Serena Dykman


Serena Dykman is a NY-based filmmaker, and a recent graduate from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Her work, ranging from comedy to drama and documentary, has won her numerous awards, including at the Cannes Film Festival, and has been selected to show in countless festivals around the world. Serena is a 'third-culture kid' born in Paris, and raised between London, Brussels, and New York. Her passion for travel has informed much of her work, and her interest in elephants has led to travels all across Asia. Her latest project is a feature documentary about her grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor.

Jacqueline Evans-Shaw

High school student

As a junior at Bozeman High School, Jackie has had the privilege of exploring a variety of academic experiences. Her freshman year provided her the opportunity to become involved in extracurricular activities such as the Winter Color Guard, which performed in Hawks Night Lives, and the Bozeman Art Club, a group she’s remained with for three years. During the same year, she was voted by classmates as one of many influential leader figures in her grade, and was invited to join the school’s Leadership Workshop to help improve the student body climate.

John Farquhar-Smith

Event Producer

Specialises in producing large, complex, multiple-stake-holder events in challenging environments. He has produced events all over the world including the ‘Big Red Bus’ London 2008 Handover in Beijing , The Royal launch of London’s St Pancras station with Queen Elizabeth II, The Sultan of Oman's 40th National Day, an 84 mile long 'line of light' along Hadrian’s Wall, Eddie Izzard’s “Sexie” Arena Tour, “Battleship Potemkin” for Pet Shop Boys in Trafalgar Square The 'Grande Depart' for the 2014 Tour de France, and the London 2012 Torch Relay.
He’s fallen in love with Montana.

Elysa Fenenbock

Designer-in-Residence, Google (formerly @ IDEO) / HATCH Advisory Board

Elysa spends her time working at the intersection of design thinking, education, and art. She is currently designer-in-residence at Google where she focuses on design and innovation. Prior to Google, she worked at IDEO as a toy inventor, senior designer, and project leader. At IDEO, Elysa specialized in design for learning where she developed the Design Thinking for Educators platform (www.designthinkingforeducators.com).  Elysa teaches courses at the Stanford d.school and works with Catapult Ideas bringing design and innovation to high schoolers. She is a creative ninja by day, artist by night. Check out her current projects @ goodguild.com and thecreativenomadproject.com.

Justin Ferrell

Creator / Fellowships Director

Justin Ferrell joined the Stanford d.school in 2012 to create and direct its fellowship program, a cohort for restless experts who want to transform their industries. A career journalist specializing in organizational behavior and design, Justin worked for many years at The Washington Post, most recently as the director of digital, mobile & new product design. Also a visual storyteller, Justin designed the investigative series “Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency,” winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. He teaches Stanford graduate courses in creativity and org design.

Patrick Finnegan

Media Entrepreneur

A young media entrepreneur who owns a generation z focused publication and a design agency for high end personal brands and corporations. He lives between NYC and the Berkshires. He is actively involved in conversations surrounding philanthropy, impact creation, and animal rights.

Charlotte Fixler

Director of Communications, Curriculum Associates

Passionate about making learning fun, Charlotte’s work focuses on finding tools to challenge and equip the problem solvers of tomorrow. A former teacher, she spent 7 years in the toy industry and now works as Director of Communications for Curriculum Associates, a K-12 edtech publisher. With a Masters in education and an MBA, her work blends a kids-first conviction with a business mindset to find meaningful ways to improve learning. She is an avid yogi, eater of all things, travel junkie, TEDx speaker and organizer.

Adam Foley

Artist Manager / Music Supervisor

Adam has worked in the music industry for nearly 20 years as an artist manager at Red Light Management and as a music supervisor for adventure sports. He has managed Grammy nominated Pretty Lights along with ODESZA, Bonobo and Ki:Theory. Adam is a music supervisor for Camp4 Collective, Anthill Films and many other filmmakers and athletes. His most recent film, MERU, won the Audience Award for Best U.S. Documentary at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. When Adam is not traveling the world with one of his acts, he splits his time in the mountains of Jackson Hole and the beaches of Santa Monica.

Chris Forrest

Innovation consultant

Chris Forrest is the co-founder of Doblin’s Toronto, Canada office. He specializes in leading large scale innovation transformation programs, working with clients to define their innovation strategy, build capabilities and conceive their breakthrough innovation concepts.

Chris loves to cook but only if there’s an audience. Otherwise, you’ll find him checking out a new restaurant or listening to live music in a dive bar.

Mary John Frank

Choreographer & Filmmaker

Mary John Frank is a choreographer & filmmaker creating dance for film, the web, and stage. Recent works include content for New York City Ballet, Vogue.com, W Magazine and choreographing for brands including American Apparel, Pull & Bear, and Sony. Mary John has an M.F.A. in Dance from the Tisch School of the Arts and seven years of experience in the film business at studios including Miramax, Paramount, & Warner Bros. Mary John aims to share more dance with more people, and to bring visually exciting and satisfying works to a screen and stage near you.

Dee Fretwell

EcoTeas Tair Trade Organic Teas

In October, 2013, Dee Fretwell founded the Modern Roots Foundation. Steeped in a strong love of music, Fretwell noticed a missing connectors between music instructors, instruments, and the children of Jackson county. With over 49% of the 51,000 children in Jackson County living below the poverty level, Fretwell realized a void that needed to be filled. These kids deserved the chance to find expression and development through music! And this is the mission of the Modern Roots Foundation, creating a musical synergy between financially challenged families and music instruction!

Stephen Gass

Founder / Designer / Advisor

Stephen is a kid’s media innovator with 20+ years experience creating traditional and digital products including apps, toys, games, and video. Gass began his career as a science teacher and later held leadership roles at Scholastic, CBS, and Viacom. Gass served as President, Online at Sesame Workshop, and CEO of Every Baby Company.

Now, Gass leads The Gass Company, a kid’s media development and strategy service (www.gasscompany.com). Gass serves on WNET’s Ed Committee, the Toy Industry Foundation board, is an advisor to NY Int’l Children’s Film Festival and a mentor for Tech Stars and EDge.

Andy George

Freelance Filmmaker / HATCH Volunteer

Story-teller. Technology fanatic. Award-winning editor. Filmmaker. With over 15 years of experience in post-production, I’m well seasoned in dozens of software platforms. I’ve long had a fascination for moving images, and started my first production company at the age of 16. The stories that have a tangible effect on a community are those that I'm most proud of. Traveling to new places, meeting new and interesting people continues to keep me inspired.

Dori Gilels

Co-founder and COO, Mamalode

Dori is the co-founder and COO of Mamalode, which has been called "America's best parenting magazine" by Lisa Stone, Founder of BlogHer. Prior to Mamalode, she spent the bulk of her career leading organizations and campaigns designed to create healthy communities. Dori is a strategic thinker and a doer. She loves to stretch - literally and figuratively - and when she's not trying to build the business or improve her hockey game, she's planning the next family adventure. She's proud to call Montana home and believes life is long, but we shouldn't wait.

Darrien Michele Gipson

Executive of Educational Resource

Formerly the Vice President of Development for Def Pictures, Darrien Michele Gipson is the National Director of SAGindie. SAGindie is an educational program that teaches independent filmmakers with limited budgets how to hire professional actors for their films. Darrien is responsible for negotiating all sponsorship agreements, developing ad campaigns and acts as a liaison between filmmakers and SAG-AFTRA, the actors union.

Jonathan Glencross

Impact Investor and Morning Rave Organizer

Jonathan leads the Montreal office of Purpose Capital, an impact investment firm that mobilizes all forms of capital to accelerate social progress. Jonathan's work revolves around driving investment and entrepreneurship to address once in a generation opportunities. He lead a global business coalition to determine how technology can unlock access to education for all on behalf of former UK Prime minister Gordon Brown, and is designing an initiative for 1 million millennials to build high-impact companies over the next decade. He also founded a $8M fund for sustainability at McGill University.

Elke Govertsen

Founder of Mamalode (America's #1 Parenting magazine) / HATCH Advisory Board

Elke Govertsen is the founder of Mamalode (magazine-- print, online, events.) An origin Magazine Top 100 Creative, Elke loves to ideate. Her superpower is naming things.

Rhia Gowen

Choreographer / Life Coach / Educator

Rhia is a choreographer, expressive arts educator and life coach. She founded United Multimedia Artists at age 22 in Kyoto, Japan. Integrating Butoh, Balinese dance, Commedia dell-arte, and Jiuta Mai, her avant-garde choreography debuted weekly on KTV’s Endless Night.
Recognizing the power of art in interpersonal and global transformation, Rhia started the Bay area chapter of the International Person-centered Expressive Arts Symposium.
Rhia currently teaches Contact Improvisation and other art forms with an innovative approach to interpersonal communication as a model for global collaboratio

Dougal Grimes

Inventor Relations and Product Acquisition @ Hasbro

Dougal studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. After spending the majority of his design career at university turning mundane briefs to be toy and game related, he decided to pursue the big toy dream and joined Hasbro in 2008. After 4 years in the EU HQ, Dougal consulted for the Hasbro Germany team and accepted his current role of Product Acquisition and Inventor relations for Hasbro Gaming. Dougal recently made the leap across the big pond and relocated to Rhode Island from Germany.

Tom Gruber

Product Designer and Entrepreneur

Tom Gruber is a product designer and entrepreneur who uses technology to augment human intelligence. He was cofounder and head of design for Siri, the intelligent personal assistant on Apple’s latest devices. Previously, he led design and technology for pioneering companies in Collective Knowledge Systems and Collaborative Knowledge Management, which harvest the collective contributions of people working together on line. His research in Artificial Intelligence helped lay the foundation for the Semantic Web. He is passionate about contact improvisation and underwater photography.

Stephan Gueguen

Sound Engineer

Stephan is the sound engineer and technical director at the Ellen Theatre, in Bozeman, Montana. After graduating from MSU in 2012, with a bachelors degree of art in music technology and a minors study in French, Stephan spent a year working in the french alps, at a family owned ski shop. While learning the subtleties of his fathers familial heritage, He spent his time composing electronic music and mastering his trade as a sound engineer. Now, with the Ellen theatre, Stephans greatest pleasure is bringing smiles and laughter to the wonderful community of Bozeman.

Audrey Hall

Photographer / Filmmaker / Gypsy

Audrey Hall’s images about culture, style, music, social justice and travel are diversely featured from comprehensive social media campaigns to album covers and television.

Last year she was on the road in Africa and beyond with Pulitzer-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof for the PBS series, A Path Appears. This November as part of the multi-platform social justice project, the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles will be combining her photographs with video segments from the series into a traveling exhibition and "Action Lab," the first of its kind in the country.

John Hardy


After selling my jewelry business, which founded and grew into an international company, I decided to dedicate my time to advocating and building a more sustainable world through education and design.
In 2007 I co-founded the Green School with my wife Cynthia with the goal of inspiring students to live a life of purpose through action-based learning in a truly unique environment. I spoke at TED Global about Green School and the USGBC awarded the school with the 2012 Greenest School on Earth award. Other projects I follow include Ibuku, a bamboo design company, and Bambu Indah, a bamboo resor

Olivia Hart

Director / Founder of ReWell

Olivia Hart is the Director of Global Events for the people-based adtech company, LiveIntent, in NYC. Originally from Tuscaloosa, AL, Olivia spent eight years in Nashville, TN, working in the music business and for lifestyle brands as Director of Ecommerce, as a Event Producer and Director of Partnerships. Olivia is passionate about merging her professional experience with where it intersects with social impact. Her recent initiative, ReWell, is a care-tech platform that allows individuals and charities to create wish lists, much like a wedding registries, but for charitable causes.

Jim Hart


JAMES V. HART (J.V.) was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and grew up in Ft. Worth Texas on Drive-In Movies and Saturday Matinees. His writing/producing credits include; HOOK, directed by Steven Spielberg based on an idea by Hart’s then 6 year old Son, Jake, BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, MUPPET TREASURE ISLAND, directed by Brian Henson, and CONTACT, directed by Robert Zemeckis. Other writing/producing credits include: MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENTSEIN, TUCK EVERLASTING, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, SAHARA, TOMBRAIDER – THE CRADLE OF LIFE, AUGUST RUSH, CROSSBONES [NBC], EPIC.

Heracio Harts

Founder of Healthy Hearts Institute

After spending 8 ½ years inside California’s State Prison system, graduate of The Last Mile (TLM) Heracio Harts reentered society on a mission to give back to his community. Since his release from prison Heracio has founded Healthy Hearts Institute (HHI) a nonprofit designed to transform underserved communities through health and wellness and has also worked at two Silicon Valley tech startups.

While in prison Heracio earned an Associate of Arts degree from Patten University, and read a number of Business books and magazines.

Anna Hatcher

High school student

Anna Hatcher is a born and raised Montanan and a current senior at Bozeman High School. She is an active musician and plays alongside the Bozeman Symphony and several of the offered music groups at BHS. Anna tries to stay involved within her community by regularly volunteering at the local food bank and local family planning center as a peer educator to fellow students in the Gallatin Valley. She spent her junior year of high school studying abroad and living on a rural Swiss farm and beginning in the fall of 2016, Anna plans to attend the University of Montana as a premedical student.

Sonja Heinen

Creative Developer

Some say Sonja is like a young dog who runs into walls, and that she changed her middle name to Bruce. All she knows is, that she strongly believes in serendipity and smiles a lot.
She earned a Master‘s in Sustainable Design from Kingston University in London, then relocated to Berlin. Being a semi-nomadic creative developer with an affinity for critical as well as empathetic design she aspires to produce work that benefits humans, their habitat – or both.

Cas Holman

Designer for Play

Cas Holman splits her time between Brooklyn, NY and Providence, RI where she is a Professor of Industrial Design at RISD. She works alongside children's museums, schools, and early education specialists to explore the intersection of play, learning, and creativity. Her designs are used in K-12 classrooms, playgrounds, and public parks around the world including the High Line High Line Park and the 14th St Y in NYC. Her award winning design Rigamajig, is a set of oversized wooden planks, nuts, and bolts that inspire constructive play, abstract imaginative forms, and cooperative fun.

Chris Hughes

Hacker / Mathematician

I'm a hacker and lover of life, blessed to be able to do the great work of change on this planet. Professionally, I've done all sorts of stuff, from poker to banking, telecom to telescopes, and hacking neurons to hacking phones. I believe Math is my Genius and Art is my Muse. I am in love, the big kind, with the amazingly talented artist Alexa Meade. We live in LA in a house that is best described as an art installation. We call it our pyramid, because we'll be working on it our entire lifetime. For work, I am doing math at a game-changing company and I hope this to be my last gig.

Shannon Hughes

Principal and Lead Strategist / Writer / HATCH Volunteer

Shannon answered Montanaʼs siren song of steep peaks and endless adventure after graduating from the University of Vermont in 2002. Combining a love of storytelling (and proper grammar geekery) with a passion for unlocking the patterns and puzzles of data led to a career in marketing; most recently as Principal & Lead Strategist of Spur Studio Creative Marketing Group.
Shannon can still be found pushing her boundaries backcountry skiing and downhill mountain biking, but her greatest (and most challenging) adventure is growing alongside her almost 2 yr old daughter, Ava.

Rob Irizarry

Director, Customer Experience

I've spent three decades working with hardware and software technology in organizations from 10 people to the Fortune 10.

I've been involved in multiple startups in a variety of roles and spent time investing in and coaching startups.

My current passion is working to improve STEAM education at all levels to help prepare America's youth for the exponential challenges and opportunities that will shape their (and our country's) future.  

Miller Jacob

Design and Media Arts Student

I am Design and Media Arts student at UCLA aspiring towards game development and storytelling. I experiment with these two practices on projects through mediums such as video, graphic novels, card games, and kinetic sculptures. Most of my projects start with a philosophy, or story, and I try to form the experience into which ever medium best represents it.

Holly Janssen

Seventh Grade Teacher

Holly Janssen has been a public educator all of her adult life. Teaching early elementary to middle school, her passion is inspiring students to find their true power and potential. Often called upon to think creatively about change, policy, and pedagogy, Holly dreams of spotlighting the strength, dedication, and artistry that is happening in the world’s classrooms. She is determined to help teachers remember, and draw upon, that spark that drew them into the classroom. In turn, helping bring positive and seismic change to a profession often resists transformation.

Caroline Janssen

Assistant Director / Student

Ever since she was a tyke, Caroline has loved to learn. After falling on her face academically in high school, Caroline learned to ask questions and live life using the phrase, "I'm sorry" less. She became an advocate for alternative learning styles, and is now partnered with Marzano Laboratories through a short film she made in favor of public education. Caroline now attends MSU as a film major, and is Assistant Director of 11th & Grant at Montana PBS. She is fascinated with humanity, connections, and strives to create content in hopes of telling important stories to get the ball rollin'.

Amber Jean

Sculptor / Storyteller / Ice Climber

Amber lives at the end of a road near the top of a mountain in Montana where she carves trees in a “luminous gesture of love toward nature and humankind.” TEDx speaker, writer and adventurer, she creates healing sanctuaries for hospitals. Declared by WOOD magazine as one of “America’s Woodworking Greats,” Amber has been featured on the “Wood Sculpting” TV series produced by DIY, the Oxygen Network “Pure Oxygen” show and a documentary series filmed by Nestbox Collective. Her healing art sculpture installation was voted “Top 25” out of 1500 artists from 53 countries at Art Prize last year.

Ed Johnson

Marketing Professional / HATCH Guest Coordinator

Ed is a young, high-energy, creative marketing professional who comes from the village of Gardiner, Montana, the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Holding organizational and actionable roles in a variety of fields is what gives potency to Ed’s experience and skills. Having previously lead in marketing, sales and design roles for: a Montana outfitting business, a national college campus advertising firm, and an Montana State sponsored tutoring program, Ed brings a lot to the table. A strong passion for both personal learning and importance of place drives his goals forward.

Michael Johnson

Pre-Production Architect, PIXAR

Dr. Johnson is the Architect of the Pre-Production pipeline for Pixar features and shorts.

He's led teams that worked directly w/directors, editors, producers, production designers, art directors, & artists who start the process of bringing Pixar stories to the screen.

He's written tools for all of Pixar's feature films (and many of their short films), including storyboarding, pre-viz, layout, animation, modeling, lighting, rendering, and editorial tools.

Before that, he led an early effort in the Interactive Division to explore possibilities for storytelling & character construction.

Jessica Joyce

Currently I am a student at MSU. I work as the Assistant Music Director at KGLT Radio Station. I also work at the Willson Auditorium.

Jessica Joyce is a singer-songwriter originally from Hardin, Montana. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Music Technology at MSU Bozeman.
In 2015, two of Jessica's films, accompanied with original music, were selected to screen at the Polson International Cinema Festival. In 2014, she provided an original composition in a statewide broadcast for Montana's First Lady, Lisa Bullock. She has performed over KGLT radio, as well as various local venues including: Music Ranch Montana, Live From the Divide, The Filling Station, Wild Joe's, The Haufbrau, Bridger Brewing, and the 406 Brewery.

Dana Jozefczyk

Intellectual Property Attorney, Merchant and Gould

Dana is an attorney in Merchant and Gould’s Denver office. Dana provides practical solutions to a wide array of intellectual property matters. Her practice ranges from advising entrepreneurs in small transactions to counseling Fortune 100 companies in high-stakes litigation.

Dana specializes in developing sound intellectual property portfolio management strategies, with particular focus on leveraging the value and protection of trademarks and copyrights. Her experience also extends to brand management—by working with various small to medium businesses from the ground up, Dana ensures tha

Saul Kaplan

Founder and Chief Catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) / Business Model Designer

Saul Kaplan is the founder and Chief Catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) and author of The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay Relevant when the World Is Changing.

Kaplan started BIF in 2005 with a mission to enable collaborative innovation. BIF helps leaders design, prototype and test new business models and social systems in the real world. Kaplan shares his innovation musings on Twitter (@skap5) and his blog (It’s Saul Connected).

Anne Keith

Middle School Teacher

Anne Keith proudly served as the 2010 Montana Teacher of the Year. She won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math teaching and is Nationally Board Certified. She is currently a middle school teacher at Chief Joseph Middle School. She is a runner, avid reader, wife and proud mother of 2. Her educational interests include ideas to transform schools to promote higher engagement levels and increased relevancy for students.

Sam Kern

Student / Entrepreneur / HATCH Executive Coordinator

Sam is the executive coordinator for this year’s HATCH Experience. He is also the co-founder of ShareLift, a rideshare app for skiers scheduled to launch this winter, and the director of Synapse, an entrepreneurial think tank that use collective brainpower to identify problems, and then conceive and enact viable solutions. In April, Sam catalyzed and organized the very first HATCHedu lab. Sam doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up – just that he will be at the forefront of innovation, collaborating with incredible people to turn big ideas into reality.

Moira Keshishian

Senior Director of Development

After 21 years with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, building it from a 30 to 60 town summer tour with two educational outreach programs, Moira joined the MSU Alumni Foundation in 2010. As a senior director of development cultivating philanthropic relationships with alumni and friends in support of Montana State University, Moira also serves as academic lead for the College of Arts & Architecture, and works closely with the dean and directors of the Schools of Architecture, Art, Film & Photo and Music. Moira loves living and working in Bozeman where the only thing missing is the ocean.

Vassiliki Khonsari

Filmmaker & Story Developer

CoFounder of iNK Stories alongside gaming veteran Navid Khonsari. iNK's content advances innovation in storytelling across platforms. Independent named her “10 Filmmakers to watch in 2015”. "1979 Revolution" is iNK's latest coup called “A truly revolutionary game” by the New Yorker. The high profile and genre defining video game is set in the real events of Iran. With an MA in Visual Anthropology, PGA member, Vassiliki is a fellow of the Sundance Institute, grant recipient of the Doris Duke Foundation and a workshop mentor contributing to the convergence of art, tech and social outreach.

Gita Saedi Kiely

Producer / Director / Editor

Gita Saedi Kiely is a Documentary Film Producer, Director and Editor, and recently took over as Executive Director of The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (BSDFF) and Institute. She has she served on producing teams for Channel 4 in the UK, Miramax, Participant, CBS and PBS in the U.S. and RTE in Ireland. Aside from production, Gita has been an adjunct lecturer at the University of Montana School of Journalism and lead developer of the bourgeoning DOCSHOP Filmmaker's Conference that happens in conjunction with BSDFF every February.

Ava King

High school student

Ava King is a freshman at Lone Peak High School. She enjoys singing, acting, and film making, and recently attended Interlochen Arts Academy for film. Ava has had lead roles in three summer musicals, including Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. She has taken voice lessons for three years, and just recently discovered her passion for film making and directing. One day, Ava hopes to attend film school in New York.

David Kletter

High school student

Having moved more time than I am old, the different places that I've lived have given me a wide angle view of how a variety of people live their lives. Following my family, I've ended up in Bozeman, MT and am entering my senior year at BHS. Functional 3-D Art is my passion, and I am looking towards a life of Nature Connection, Art, and Therapeutics. My free time is spent exploring the outdoors, creating art, and looking for the next wild adventure. In the winter, teaching kids how to shred the slopes of Big Sky fills my weekends. Bozeman, is where I belong.

Dana Klisanin

CEO of Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc.

Dana Klisanin is expanding the meaning of heroism in the 21st century. CEO of Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc., she's currently developing "Cyberhero League," a social gaming adventure with real world consequences. Recipient of the Early Career Award for Scientific Achievement in Media Psychology, her research explores the impact of digital technologies on the mythic and moral dimensions of humanity. Pioneering ideas and memes include: collaborative heroism, cyberhero archetype, & digital altruism. Her work is mentioned in BBC, TIME, Fast Company, Huffington Post, & USA Today.

Dan Klitsner

Game Creator

Dan Klitsner is Founder and creative director of KID Group. (www.kid-group.com )Since 1990 the San Francisco studio has specialized in combining physical play with digital experiences while creating addictive game play that gets kids up and active. KID is most well known for inventing games involving interactive musical play such as Hasbro's "Bop It", and the Perplexus line of interactive labyrinths, the 2013 TOTY Game of the Year.

Dan has been issued over 75 patents, and his personal design expertise is often put to use judging product innovation, including the IDSA international design co

Yarrow Kraner

Creative Alchemist, Founder of HATCH, Director

Yarrow Kraner is Founder of HATCH, a Director at Virgin Produced, an Aspen Institute Fellow, and also named 2015 top 100 creatives in the U.S. by Origins Magazine. He is also featured in the recently released book Talent for Humanity. Yarrow’s ideas and work have been recognized internationally, and he is currently packaging a feature film, Wind in the Fire, based on the remarkable story of Bobbi Gibb. Yarrow was also the Founder of Superdudes / Supernation, one of the pioneer social networking sites, founded in 1999, sold to Fox in 2004.

Yarrow's current focus is in growing the global HATCH network through HATCH Latin America, HATCHedu, & HATCH labs.

Zach Latta

Executive Director

Zach Latta is the founder and executive director of hackEDU, a nonprofit that brings coding clubs to high schools nationwide. Zach started coding when he was 7. Before hackEDU, he built the backend architecture for Yo – an app with more than 3 million users. At Run Games he was a developer of Football Heroes and helped grow it to over 1 million users, reaching #5 in the top free charts, #1 in games, #1 in sports and #1 in the App Store.

Elan Lee

Game Design

Professional technologist and storyteller. Founded several companies including 42 Entertainment, Fourth Wall Studios and was the Chief Design Officer at Xbox Entertainment Studios.

Most recently, I ditched all that digital stuff to put a game on Kickstarter called "Exploding Kittens". It did really well.

I-Cheng Lee

Motion Graphics Designer

I-Cheng Lee is a motion graphics designer from Taiwan that received her MFA in Computer Graphics Design at Rochester Institute of Technology in 2014. She is currently living in New York City. Her thesis project nowhere has been selected to a number of film festivals, got Best Animation in Long Island International Film Expo and Semi-Finalist in Adobe Design Achievement Award. She uses different digital methods to tell her personal story and her ideas. She believes that ideas could be interpreted in various ways by using different material and tools.

Dawn Long

Behavior Specialist / Actress / HATCH Guest Coordinator

Graduated from MSU in Health and Human Development, Family Science and currently works as a Behavior Specialist. HATCH volunteer since 1st year. Worked as a real estate agent, Director of Special Events for American Red Cross chapter, developed and ran a program called Change Your Life. Adventurer (esp outdoors), encourager (seeking the best in people), creating thinker/inventor. An actress and want-to-be world traveler…with purpose to serve and inspire others and make a difference. Encourager, wanting to see people reach their full and desired potential; a connector. Passionately loves.

Scott Lopker

Events & Experiences Manager @ Intel

Scott Lopker was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently works at Intel focused on events, launches and experience design. Formerly, he worked at Red Bull focused on branded experiences and field marketing inside a wide variety of sub-cultures related to music, sport and education, while living in diverse playgrounds that included San Francisco, Montana, New Orleans and Texas. Last year, he also built a field marketing program for Sungevity (solar) out of Oakland. Scott is a 9x Hatch veteran and has supported Hatch since year 1.

Sam Lucas

Student / Filmmaker / HATCH Volunteer


Jeff Lusin

Architect / HATCH Volunteer

With experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare architectural sectors, ranging from San Francisco to Portland, OR, Jeff Lusin finds himself back home in his native Bozeman. Enhancing his own professional journey, Jeff finds time to volunteer in the local community, and tackle the rigors of Cross Fit and marathon running, all of which are perfect training for keeping up with his 10 month old daughter Gray.

Nicholas Manship

High school student

I have spent the last 17 years in my life seeking to find alternate means of education. While, I currently attend Bozeman High School I have attended many different alternate education schools and programs. I have spent my highschool years seeking multicultural experiences and traveling abroad. I feel as if the cumulation of my education background along with traveling have left me with a deep passion for the importance of experiential education. In combination with my deep interest in promoting experiential learning> I love the power of the outdoors and the rich variety what it offers.

Christine Marie

Director / Designer / Toy Maker

Christine Marie is a visual artist, award winning theatrical director, designer and toy maker. She studied Wayang Kulit, traditional shadow puppetry in Bali and has pioneered the use of 3D/stereoscopic visual theater by inventing lights that cast 40’ shadows that move into cubic space. Christine Marie breaks new ground while being intrinsically tied to ancient art forms and the metaphysical exploration of light. Her works have been shown at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, REDCAT, the Geffen Playhouse, South Coast Rep, and upcoming at the Kennedy Center and on Broadway. She is a TED fellow.

Dawn McGee

CEO of Good Works Ventures, LLC

Dawn McGee is the new CEO of Good Works Ventures, LLC a Montana based company that invests in high social impact companies. She is also President of the High Stakes Foundation, which provides support to visionary people and organizations that are leading and implementing changes that create a sustainable future for Montana. She loves to play outside and play music as often as possible.

John McKee

Co-Founder, Headframe Spirits Distillery

Owner Headframe Spirits, father, floater. Running 2 distilleries and doing my best to create a Return on Community for my place in the world; Butte, America

Rob McNamara

Leadership Coach / Author

Rob McNamara is a Leadership Coach, organizational development consultant and author of The Elegant Self. He is a leading expert on adult development and human performance, his coaching and consulting services help individuals and institutions make historically significant impact.

Radha Mehta

Singer / Songwriter / Filmmaker / Engineer

Radha Mehta is an award-winning singer/songwriter with originals featured on TV shows across major networks including USA, MTV, E!, Oxygen, and VH1. Radha's edm/pop duo Renaiszance and has been featured on iHeart Radio as "Artists to Watch" and most recently performed at EXIT Festival in Serbia (voted Best European Music Festival) for over 25,000 people. Radha is also a filmmaker for A Dose of Soul. Although her passions lay in being creative, Radha is a civil/computer engineer by trade and a graduate of Duke University (undergrad) and Kellogg School of Management (MBA).

Rave' Mehta

Professor / Engineer / Composer / Filmmaker / Author

Ravé is an award-winning composer, artist, filmmaker, and bestselling author. His book The Inventor is a bestselling graphic novel based on the true story of Nikola Tesla as he battled Thomas Edison in the AC/DC wars to bring energy to the planet. Ravé received the Tesla Vision Award by the Tesla Science Foundation for "The Inventor" and his short film “I Will Rise” with his comic art animated to music from his edm album RISE. Ravé is most excited about inspiring STEM learning through comics, music, games and film as discussed in his TED talk “Reimagining Education for a Hyper-Visual Culture".

Vincent Mikolay

Entrepreneur / CBO

Mikolay hails from Pittsburgh, PA and is a graduate from Bethany College and holds an M.Ed. from Xavier University and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has worked for Nike Inc. and more recently the Walt Disney Co in Strategy and Business Development. He has served as the head of Business Outreach and International Trade for the Governor of the State of Utah where he helped to improve the economy and make it one of the best states in the nation to do business. He currently serves as a Partner and Chief Business Officer for Zuma Ventures in Santa Monica, California, a Venture Studio that builds and incubates technology products for growth into independent businesses.

Tony Milano

CEO / Producer

Tony Milano is the CEO and creative visionary behind Rad Uncle & RadKids lifestyle brands. Tony empowers people to ignite their highest potential through the three principals of Rad: 1) You are a miracle, 2) Follow your Radness and 3) Rad wasn’t built in a day.
Tony created Every Hat Has A Story, to supports the arts in underserved schools while developing the creativity of his clients through his SaveTheArts campaign.
Tony produced America’s Greatest Fan, a documentary about college football fans and created 30+ events for Red Bull. Tony is an avid surfer and dad to two rad kids.

Giovanna Mingarelli

International Entrepreneur

Giovanna Mingarelli is an international entrepreneur who’s appeared in dozens of publications ranging from Harvard Business Review, the Huffington Post and The Globe and Mail. From Arviat, Nunavut in Northern Canada to the White House in Washington D.C. She is an avid contributor to international activities relating to digital democracy, Millennial leadership, open innovation, crowdsourcing social engagement and the gamification of politics and business. An Entrepreneur-in-residence at 1125@Carleton, Carleton University's Living Labs. As the Principal and Co-Founder of M&C Consulting, she brings critical solutions to how companies, organizations and governments can fuse traditional communications with new media.

Lou Morris

Consultant / HATCH Volunteer

Lou Morris is originally from Northern Minnesota. He studied Broadcasting at Northland College. After a career on the airwaves, he transitioned into the print/publishing industry.
Morris and his family have enjoyed living in Big Sky country for over twenty years, where he continues to provide his clients with business solutions through paper, ink and technology.
Lou has had the privilege of being a part of the "HATCH Family" since its inception in 2004. He has had the opportunity to assist as a Coordinator in many areas of HATCH currently serving as one of the Ground Breaker Coordinators.

Nirvan Mullick

Filmmaker, Caine's Arcade / Founder Imagination Foundation

Filmmaker and speaker. Director of Caine's Arcade and founder of the Imagination Foundation and Global Cardboard Challenge. Love the intersection of story telling and social impact. www.nirvan.com

Vikas Narula

Creator / Cofounder

Vikas is Creator and Co-Founder of Keyhubs, a software and services company specializing in uncovering the hidden human relationship dynamics within organizations.

He is Founder of Neighborhood Forest – a social venture dedicated to giving free trees to school children every Earth Day.

He also teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurship at Minneapolis Community and Technical College – an inner city school devoted to serving the underserved communities of the Twin Cities.

He blogs about the journey at www.keyhubs.com/blog.

Navneet Narula

Innovator and Creative Thinker

Navneet is an award winning innovator, entrepreneur and humanitarian who is driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges. He is an Aspen Institute Fellow, Asia Society Fellow, GMF Fellow & was honored by Consulting Magazine as the "Top 30 Consultants" in America. He is the Founder of nBrilliance where his team focuses on leading global innovation. As a humanitarian, he has raised over $550 million for disaster relief & been honored as “Humanitarian of the Year” by MIB foundation, recognized as “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” & first Sikh honored with Lifetime Service Award by President Obama.

Allison Norman

Digital Sculpting Designer, Hasbro

Born and raised in Brighton, Michigan, Alli grew up chasing after frogs with her two older brothers. After years of stealing her mother's expensive, interior design markers, she ended up pursuing art at Ringling College of Art + Design in the Computer Animation Department. Shortly after graduation in 2015, Alli recieved numerous awards for her first short film, On The Same Page. She now works as a Digital Sculpting Designer for Hasbro Inc, ecstatic to be making toys everyday.

Ryan Orbuch

Cofounder and Designer

Ryan is cofounder of Volley (joinvolley.com), a cutting-edge mobile learning startup in San Francisco. He was formerly founder and designer of the Apple Design Award-winning Finish for iPhone, a bestselling productivity app with over 250,000 users. His work has been featured in the NYT, WSJ, TechCrunch, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, and more. As a champion of education reform, Ryan serves on the Board of Directors at Student Voice (stuvoice.org), the largest stakeholder-driven student advocacy think tank in the U.S., and has prevoiously worked at TechStars, one of the world's top startup accelerators.

Willem Ossorio

Entrepreneur / HATCH Volunteer

Loves traveling, hates 9-5 jobs. Passionately curious and constantly looking to grow while experiencing all life has to offer.

AJ Paron-Wildes

Architecture and Design Team Lead / Mother / Smarty Pants

AJ Paron-Wildes, LEED AP ID+C, Allied ASID, Associate Member IIDA, and Associate Member AIA, has been involved in the interior design industry for over 20 years. She currently leads the Architectural & Design Team for Allsteel in North America. She focuses on design for corporations, higher education, K-12 education, public sector and non-profits. She has spent 17 years being a thought-leader for designing for autism where she has designed countless projects, pioneered research and written three books on the design principles surrounding this special population.

Ellie Quackenbush

High school student

Ellie is a junior in high school, with a strong interest in theater, performing and visual arts. Ellie worked with fellow students and mentors to create a short documentary called The Exchange Project. Ellie also attended the summer digital film making program at Interlochen Center for the Arts. Ellie is currently involved in the theater tech design of the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center and for Lone Peak High School. She hopes to attend Emerson College in Boston.

Erica Rabner

Research Associate and Analyst

Erica is a formative researcher who recently completed a master's in Technology, Innovation, and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Erica aspires to apply her knowledge of child development and research methodology to the educational media industry. Erica currently resides in NYC and works at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center and Out of the Blue Enterprises to conduct academic and formative research related to children’s educational media. When she isn’t testing preschool shows, Erica loves to perform soul, pop/R&B, jazz, and soft rock as the vocalist for Accidental Duet.

San Rahi

Founder, RoarCode

San Rahi is passionate about helping global brands become positive influencers of human behavior. An award-winning Strategist and Creative Director, San has spent 15 years working with some of the world’s largest brands to create business and marketing opportunities where consumers, entertainment and technology intersect. His clients have ranged from consumer products and automotive to sports and entertainment brands.

San is an Emmy winner and member of both the Television Academy and the Director's Guild of America.

Heather Rangel

Tech and Media Consultant, Deloitte

Heather serves as the US technology sector leader at Deloitte. She is focused on inspiring relationships with tech companies, driving eminence and uncovering sector insights. Heather leads the delivery of Deloitte services to multinational tech, media, & entertainment companies, where she helps her clients identify smarter solutions for navigating a complex global business environment. Heather is known as a highly visible leader, passionate about helping high growth companies scale to expand boundaries and explore edges while maintaining company culture.

Aaron Rasmussen

Co-founder, Creative Director and CTO @ MasterClass.com

Aaron Rasmussen is somewhere between an inventor and a mad scientist. While attending Boston University for a BS and a BA, Rasmussen created the world’s first sentry gun, gaining international attention across the Internet, and garnering him a visit from the US Army's experimental weapons research department in his dorm room.

Now he's blending his creative and technical skills making online education with the best in the world at MasterClass.com as Co-Founder, Creative Director, and CTO. Classes feature the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Serena Williams, and James Patterson teaching their crafts.

Matt Reid

Production Director / HATCH Volunteer

Production Director at KBZK TV in Bozeman, MT for 14 years. Born and raised in Montana with a passion for television production and taking a project from conceptualization to final product. Creating long lasting relationships with my clients and their business along with delivering measurable results is what drives my creativity. Whether it’s writing a concept or fine tuning a motion graphics sequence, there are few things more rewarding than delivering a spot to a client that puts a smile and glow on their face.

Stu Robertson

Entrepreneur / Humanitarian Artist

Entrepreneur & humanitarian artist stu.art robertson is creating a global conversation with a ripple effect. His project 'Peace in 10,000 Hands' is inspired by the belief that art is intimately entwined with the human condition and has the power to challenge and create change.

stu.art is also the founder and director of The Orange Group, comprised of ten dynamic creative companies.

A TEDx speaker, he featured as the lead story on '60 Minutes’, has published a book & directed a film.

He has many stories of adventure from around the globe including his time in Iraq and Antarctica.

Mackenzie Roos

High school student

My name is Mackenzie Roos. I am a senior at Bozeman High School and I am super passionate about metalsmithing jewelry and film amd production. I am really outdoorsy and I lovr being active and creative. Lastly, I hope this experience opens me up to new things and introduces me to some really cool people.

Eric Rosenbaum


Eric Rosenbaum wants to amplify your imagination. He recently completed his PhD at MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group, with a dissertation called “Explorations in Musical Tinkering.” He combines his love for music, improvisation, making, and learning to invent new technologies for playful creation. His projects have included the Makey Makey invention kit (co-invented with Jay Silver), the Singing Fingers app for finger painting with sound, Glowdoodle software for painting with light, and the BeetleBlocks visual programming environment for 3D design and fabrication.

Stephen Sanford

Product Designer / Inventor / Mechanical Engineer

Named a top 20 under 40 entrepreneur in Southwest Montana for 2015, Stephen Sanford co-owns a creative product design company, Salient Technologies, Inc., with David Yakos. Salient has designed thousands of products, from award-winning pet toys to NASA-acclaimed space valves. Stephen has a passion for physical user experience design and ergonomics, and his contributions to the invention of active pediatric seating helps young people every day.

Rebecca Schaffer

Theatre Director / Actor / Designer / HATCH Volunteer

Rebecca is a multidisciplinary theatre artist based in Philadelphia, PA, where she directs magic and devises plays. She works frequently in Whitefish, MT, where she launched the wildly popular political satire Comedy Cabaret series at Crush Lounge. She is the co-founder and Director of Viscosity Theatre, a collective of artists dedicated to creating innovative theatrical experiences. She earned her MFA from the University of Montana. She is passionate about liveness in a digital age and cultivating the inner child. Learn more at: www.viscositytheatre.org & www.rebeccaschaffer.com.

Michelle Schlegel

Medical Specialist / HATCH Guest Coordinator

Just your average girl working in the medical field and volunteering for Hatch the since it's beginning

Max Schorr

Cofounder, GOOD

Max Schorr is a co-founder of GOOD and GOODcorps. He lives in Los Angeles.

Jake Schroeder

Business Manager

Jake Schroeder is a recent graduate from the Jake Jabs College of Business from Montana State University. Jake currently works in the Kiewit Energy group developing and implementing energy infrastructure in North America. Being a Montana native, he enjoys his time outdoors in the wilderness, or can be found in a river with a fly on the end of his rod.

Bryony Schwan

Founder & CEO of Kindkudos

Bryony Schwan is founder and CEO of Kindkudos, a mobile app designed to spread kindness and happiness. A serial entrepreneur in the social change space, Bryony has founded and led several successful non-profit organizations, national coalitions and mission-driven businesses including The Biomimicry Institute, Women's Voices for the Earth and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Born in Zimbabwe, she moved to the US in 1981. She is an affiliate faculty member in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana and currently serves on the boards of Greenpeace US and Gross National Happiness USA.

Billy Shaddox

Songwriter / Guitar Player

Billy Shaddox is a Colorado based songwriter. He makes his home in the Rocky Mountains and draws inspiration from family and nature. This year marks the release of his well received album "I Melt, I Howl". The record memorializes the changes Shaddox made in his life, leaving a career as a civil engineer to pursue his passion of making music. He travels the western United States tirelessly to share his craft with audiences.

Jenny Sheets

Writer / HATCH Volunteer

I grew up spending hours at a time making paintings, collages, books of poetry, anything and everything as a kid. I also spent 10 years working with new immigrants and then went on to earn a Masters in Public Administration, both which reinforced my love for other people and all they have to offer the world. I try and combine these two pieces of my life - creation and humanity - by encouraging everyone to find the artist and innovator inside themselves. Today I write, volunteer, cook, run, and relish in the Montana life.

Philip Sheppard

Musician / Composer / Producer / HATCH Advisory Board

Philip Sheppard is a virtuoso cellist, composer, producer and creative thinker. Philip’s talent for bridging musical genres, media and industries has led to rather interesting collaborations. He’s worked with David Bowie, Alexander McQueen, Jeff Buckley, UNKLE, Pretty Lights, The Weeknd and Queens of the Stone Age. He has scored more than 30 films including In the Shadow of the Moon, winner of the Sundance Audience Award. He was a producer on the Beijing & London Olympic Games & his music was recently used by JJ Abrams and Disney to promote Star Wars VII, the Force Awakens.

Grant Smilovic


My name is Grant Smilovic. I am an inventor and an artist. I'm 18 years old and live in Bozeman, MT.

Ellie Smith


I am a Bozeman native with a curious heart and adaptable feet. As a graphic design student entering my senior year at Montana State University I find myself inspired to communicate through the visual language. I have always had a critical eye and love how design allows for a statement of discovery people can identify with. Nothing has provided me with more fulfillment than sinking into the creative process.

Wendy Smolen

Writer / Editor / Ideator

Wendy is an advocate and expert in the kids’ play, learning, and media arena. Her mission is connecting eclectic mixes of innovators who can ignite ideas that lead kids to become critical thinkers rather than accomplished button pushers. After stints as creative director for two cosmetic companies, she found her passion in play, and landed at Viacom to brand and edit Nick Jr. Family Magazine. In 2008, she cofounded Sandbox Summit, an idea forum at MIT, that continually disrupts the conversation about the merits (or not) of digital engagement and learning. Now her work is truly child's play.

Jennifer Sparks

Entrepreneur / Connector / Marketing Expert

Entrepreneur, connector, marketing/CX expert & catalyst for ideas. She’s passionate about why & how people connect and believes in the importance of “people fit” to drive meaningful results. She founded Sparks Ideas, which connects brands like Disney, Oakley & USC to their most passionate customers through social media, digital & more. Through her 20+ years of marketing experience inside “passion brands”, she’s unlocked the need for people to be happy@work and is building, BProsperUs, to improve matching of passion, people & teams. She’s working with HATCH to build out partnerships.

jeffrey sparr

Spreading PeaceLove's mission

PeaceLove Co-founder Jeff Sparr is a man on an audacious mission – a mission to make mental illness cool. Not cool to have, but cool to support.

A family man, mental health advocate, teacher and self-taught artist, Jeff is above all a survivor, battling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) much of his life.

Diagnosed in college, Jeff spent decades waging a daily war against his illness. While launching a textile company, getting married and starting a family, he remained desperate for an outlet to relieve his mental anguish.

On a whim, and with no background or training, Sparr decided to try

Russell Spurlock


Russell Spurlock has toured with live bands, played music festivals, and studio gigs and now composes for film and television and runs the production music library, Whatnot Industries.
Though primarily a guitarist, Russell also plays sax and a bit of flute, banjo, drums, piano... blah blah blah
Russell scored the Emmy Award winning Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (ABC), King of The Nerds (TBS), Duck Dynasty ... yada yada
When it comes down to it, my passion is improvisation and I'm always looking for a chance to put one foot on a banana peel and see what happens. Let's go!

Deny Staggs

Film Commissioner

Deny Staggs serves as the Film Commissioner for the state of Montana and has been inspired and dedicated to represent the state and grow the industry from the "inside, out." Having spent years in New York City, Missouri, Missoula and beyond, he has been lucky enough to have been paid to do creative stuff such as producing Films, commercials, consulting and launching restaurants, and now pitching Montana as a premiere location to create and make media and films. Deny believes the new age of manufacturing is in Media and Montana is a prime environment to grow this under served creative economy.

Rosalind Staley

Senior Executive Assistant / HATCH Volunteer

Rosalind Staley has been with Hatch in some capacity since the beginning. In the last couple of years she has worked as the Ground Breaker/Guest coordinator and this year is working the planning aspect of the event.
Rosalind is also the senior executive assistant for a financial advisor in Bozeman. She has also worked for HeadRoom Corporation as the internet retail store manager. HeadRoom is a local business in Bozeman with an online as well as a brick and mortar store in the downtown selling entry level as well as high end headphones.

James Stice

Town Builder, Founder Kalu Yala

Jimmy is building the world's most sustainable modern town in the jungles of Panama, Kalu Yala. Raised in real estate finance and educated in marketing, Jimmy has since come to spend his time working to change higher ed and incubate startups off-the-grid.

Jordan Stoner

Digital Marketing Strategist and Product Designer / HATCH Volunteer

My experiences whitewater kayaking on a professional level gave me an opportunity to work with young adult cancer survivors on whitewater kayaking, surfing, and climbing trips. The people that I met on these trips helped open my eyes to the value of truly supportive and passionate communities that step up to crazy challenges together regardless of age, race, creed, or experience. Whilst shifting gears and finishing school, HATCH has allowed me to experience another amazing community of people unwilling to accept the status quo, and I like that.

Peter Strom

Entrepreneur / Collaborator / Integrator / Facilitator / HATCH Volunteer

Entrepreneur | Collaborator | Integrator | Facilitator. Pete has co-created seven restaurant concepts, and co-founded energy efficiency and angel investing companies. He is a Certified Integral Facilitator, Adjunct Professor at MSU’s College of Business, TEDx Speaker, and is a Licensed clinical professional counselor with a Masters in human development. Loves playing Hockey & Tennis, Parenting, writing music, Integral Theory & practice, and Meditation.

Ava Swanson

Musician / Student / Sandwich Maker

My name is Ava Swanson and I am a 17-year-old musician, activist, and lover of learning. A HATCH Groundbreaker in 2013, I have spent the past two years cultivating new skills and experiences such as arts leadership, oppression studies, and a semester in Southeast Africa. I'm deeply passionate about connection, equality, and growth. I'm currently applying to Quest University to study humanization and international policy. I view our world as being at a major turning point, and I’d love to seize the opportunity to point us in the right direction.

john sweeney


After graduating with a Film/Photo degree in 2013 John has been working in the film industry non stop. Starting out at NBC as a director of photography/ editor he won two telly awards for best local commercial of the year. He then caught the eye of Chisel Industries and was brought on as a shooter/editor.
John has since started his own aerial video/photography company and has filmed everything from ice climbing competitions and car commercials to HBO documentary's and real estate.

john sweeney


After graduating with a Film/Photo degree in 2013 John has been working in the film industry non stop. Starting out at NBC as a director of photography/ editor he won two telly awards for best local commercial of the year. He then caught the eye of Chisel Industries and was brought on as a shooter/editor.
John has since started his own aerial video/photography company and has filmed everything from ice climbing competitions and car commercials to HBO documentary's and real estate.

Lauren Tenney

Creative Director

Lauren Tenney is the Creative Director for Ten Directions, where she produces transformative learning programs for leaders, change makers, coaches and facilitators. She edits, writes, designs, produces, and strategizes. Basically, she’s a one-woman idea parade. She’s great at taking complex things and makes them lucid, beautiful, and understandable. Her colleagues love collaborating with her because she has a pretty neato brain and a big heart. As a certified Integral Facilitator she helps groups to be more effective, more real, and more joyful.

Michelle Thaller

Assistant Director of Science at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Michelle Thaller is a nationally recognized spokesperson for astronomy and science, and the Assistant Director of Science at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center. Michelle has a Bachelor’s in astrophysics from Harvard, and a Ph.D. from Georgia State University. After a post-doctoral research fellowship at Caltech, Michelle became particularly interested in public outreach and science communication and served as the public outreach lead for the Spitzer Space Telescope at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory before moving to Goddard. She is currently serving a one-year leadership fellowship in th

Parker Thomas

Managing Partner, Mirus Labs

Parker Thomas is the Managing Partner of Mirus Labs, an educational design studio that creates spaces and experiences that encourage creativity, wonder and learning. He is a cofounder of Urban Montessori Charter School and STEAM Factory, an Oakland makerspace currently building a two-person, 30 mph hovercraft. Prior to Mirus, he built and sold 2 companies, built 2 airplanes and co-invented Maker Studio, a building toy currently sold in toy stores across the country. In his spare time, he makes drones, boats, pens, knives, zip lines, treehouses and anything else his kids want to make.

Tanya Thompson

Mastermind Toys

Tanya Thompson is the Head of Global Product Sourcing and Product Development for Mastermind Toys, North America’s largest specialty toy store chain. She believes in changing the world through PLAY!
Ms. Thompson is honored to be on the Advisory Board of HATCH. She is on the Executive Board of both the SNAP Mathematics Foundation and the Chicago Toy and Game Group. She is also thrilled to be a part of the Gathering for Gardner Atlanta and Celebration of Mind, Higher Purpose Project, International Puzzle Party, Catalyst Week and Gathering of Friends conferences.

Ondi Timoner

Filmmaker / Director / Editor / Shooter / Writer

Ondi Timoner has the rare distinction of winning the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival twice - for her 2004 documentary, DIG!, about the collision of art & commerce through the star-crossed rivalry between two bands, and her 2009 top prize-winner, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, about Internet visionary Josh Harris. Both films were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York for their permanent collection. Her other award-winning features include The Nature of the Beast (1994), Join Us (2007), and COOL IT (2010).

Will Travis

CEO / Global Business Development Lead

Will Travis is a leader of infectious passion, drive and tremendous insight. In business he is the USA CEO of International communications agency SidLee, servicing seven of the worlds top 10 most innovative companies. Prior to joining Sid Lee, Will was CEO of Dentsu America and prior the USA founder and global president of international design agency ATTIK. Outside work he loves exploration, traveling through all continents, climbing several of the worlds highest summits, motorbiking with The Paris Dakar and traversing 18,000ft in the Himalayas on a Royal Enfield Bullet.

Lukas Trudeau

Planners / Designers

ANGELA TRUDEAU and LESLIE LUKAS Co-founders of Lukas Trudeau Event Co. Their design mastery of combining traditional elegance with modern sensibilities is what catapults this duo into the running as the most talented event team in the mountain west. A vast knowledge of the mountains, weather behavior, guest patterns, along with extensive experience in fresh floral design, event design & infrastructure, allows this team to create events with memorable outcomes. Based out of Bozeman, Montana, this team is ready for adventure.

Evan Twyford

Freelance Concept Designer

Evan Twyford is an industrial designer with a fascination with design for extreme environments, and a specialization in human centered design as it applies to small vehicles and spacecraft.

Twyford spent 7 years at the NASA Johnson Space Center where he worked on the design of numerous space vehicle and habitation concepts such as the Orion capsule and Small pressurized Rover. He currently works as an independent freelance concept designer where he continues to offer his design services to clients around the world such as Google [x], MPC LA, and TAXA/Cricket Trailer.

Michael Ventura

Entrepeneur / Creative Director / Counselor / Founder, Sub Rosa

Michael is an accomplished entrepreneur, creative director, and counselor who has built a career helping individuals and organizations to solve problems.

He’s founded and presently manages: Sub Rosa – Strategy & Design Studio, Calliope – Interiors Boutique, And&And – Conceptual Art Gallery, & La Petite Mort – Art Publication

In addition, Michael has spent over a decade practitioning a variety of alternative medicine modalities; treating clients across a spectrum of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

He advises: Burning Man, The Cooper Hewitt, The White House, & Princeton

Allison Vicenzi

Director of Education, MakerBot

Allison Vicenzi is a natural-born maker, collaborator and problem solver living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently leading the education division at MakerBot, empowering students across the world to embrace design thinking and creativity with accessible 3D printing. She previously held roles in business development, branding and lifestyle management. She graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Finance and the nickname "Styles." In her spare time, she volunteers to mentor startups and is writing a book on dinner parties.

Richard Whitney

VP of Product

Richard Whitney is a seasoned expert in consumer product development. He earned a Master’s from the MIT Media Lab and a BS from Johns Hopkins while working with tech giants like Samsung, Schlumberger, and NASA. At Idealab he lead the R&D team to create several future technologies in solar, 3D printing, and spaceflight. He then founded a consultancy to perform ultra-rapid “golden prototype” creation, worked on the OK Go Rube Goldberg machine music video, became the Chief Product Officer at Lockitron, and is now VP of Product at Particle. He likes books, cats, and electrons.

Alice Wilder

Chief Content Officer / Dr in Educational Psychology / Founder of Blue Clues

I am Tom Hanks’ character, Josh, from the movie Big. I am an adult body that represents the kid point of view to a room full of adults who can’t remember what it’s like to be a kid anymore. I am also an Educational Psychologist with a Doctorate in Educational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. I bring a background in education and learning theory combined with 20+ years of sitting on the floor talking with kids to capture and bring their point of view to the making of quality, educational media for children (Amazon Kids Originals, Speakaboos, Cartoon Network,Nick Jr., PBS Kids ).