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HATCH is a network of world-shapers that mentor and mutually invest in one another. As positive things happen #becauseOfHATCH, the tag is used to help track the many projects and initiatives that grow from HATCH to create a global movement for good.

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Jaquy Yngvason
Jaquy is a half Icelandic, half Ecuadorian spiritual guide & descendant of a long line of Shamans & Holy Men. She was born with clairvoyant gifts, healing touch, & the ability to channel beings in other dimensions and assist spirits who have not passed over from the physical realm. She uses her gifts to facilitate & guide her clients along their own healing journey, making heavy emotional work feel light & approachable. She works with traditionally successful woman that are unfulfilled & want to unlock their life’s true work & soul purpose as well as women in maximum security jails.
Free from Within

Free From Within empowers incarcerated women to build a life of self-worth – both inside and outside prison. This platform and in-person facilitation for women in maximum security prison and jails provides the space and tools to activate, elevate and support internal transformation to end violence from the inside.

More than 200,000 women in the United States reside in prison. Since 1980, incarcerated women have increased by 700% - and outpaced men. 77% are arrested again within 9 years - 35% in first year alone. What does compassion, empathy and forgiveness in the brains of incarcerated individuals who are considered some of the most hardened criminals look like? Free from Within wants to eventually answer this question. How can we remember the goodness in ourselves so we can see and acknowledge that in others. It starts in the prisons, considered one of the darkest corners of society. This is where we can find the greatest potential for light. Free from Within is an in person facilitated program within jails and prisons to ignite healing from within. People on on the outside will come in and experience alongside incarcerated individuals the same transformational training. Often the prisons within our minds and hearts are the same as the concrete prisons. Together both civilians and incarcerated people will leave the trainings with the tools to break free from self limitation. Since its inception, the support of the program has spread through not only the prisoners but also garnered the support of staff, warden and jail psychologists. Long term inmates are now requesting groups daily. "We have had 100% retention and a 1000% growth," states the sheriff who is advocating for in-person trainings so that a new paradigm of leadership and empowerment can come not only from the outside but through the inmates themselves.
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