#HATCHope is a series dedicated to those who inspire us. Even in the darkest of times, these people are stepping up, making a difference, and instilling hope in humanity along the way.

Brandon Marshall

Professional Athlete

As a professional athlete, Brandon knows that recovery is an essential part of performance. Our healthcare heroes deserve to refuel and recover like the pros. Brandon’s non-profit, Project 375, is launched Fuel the Front Lines to help preserve the physical and mental health of our selfless healthcare providers by giving them much-needed support, wellness supplies, and nourishment. Healthcare workers are on their feet for shifts of 12+ hours. These professionals are experiencing severe levels of stress, fatigue and emotional strain. It is crucial we care for our healthcare providers so they can continue caring for our family, friends, and neighbors.

Brandon Marshall and Fuel the Front Lines raised over $220,000 to support this mission.

Esther & Sherline

Frontline Nurses

Esther and Sherline are sisters, and they are both nurses working on the frontline, caring for patients with COVID-19. Esther is in the ICU at a public hospital in Washington, DC. Sherline is in the pediatric ICU at a large hospital center in Maryland where they are now admitting patients up to the age of 30 due to overflow from other hospitals in the area running at full capacity. The experience has been terrifying. For one thing, their hospitals have not had sufficient PPE for nurses and other medical professionals. Additionally, they’re just not used to seeing this severity of disease and death – even as ICU nurses. They see themselves in many of their patients who are otherwise young and healthy individuals. The disease is overwhelming and it doesn’t discriminate. Meanwhile, Esther and Sherline continue to report to work every day, leaving their own babies at home to care for strangers. Recognizing the risk they present to their own families, too. Sherline has 3 boys under the age of 6. Esther has a 5-month old baby and a 10-year old son. Their family came to the US seeking asylum from Haiti when Esther and Sherline were in high school, and my god-daughter Grace was born in the US 2 weeks after their case was approved. Grace is now 14. The whole family depends on these brave women for emotional and financial support. That is a LOT on the shoulders of these 2 young women.

Falguni Patel

Emergency Room Nurse

Falguni Patel is a nurse’s nurse. Delivering care above and beyond by putting others first beyond self. As an ER Nurse in Houston, TX, she is on the front lines of the Covid pandemic serving as the first line of triage as patients enter in droves. Not only is she putting her health at risk every day, as a mother, wife and caring daughter, she also cares for her elderly mother who suffered a debilitating stroke few years back and requires 24/7 care. How does one manage all of that and still put smiles on people’s faces? By secretly being wonder woman, that’s how! Oh, and I’m proud that she’s my sister-in-law! Falguni, I salute you! [Words and nomination by Gautam Gulati]

Lori Shaffer 

Senior Director, Research & Development || Kimberly-Clark 

Kimberly Clark is known for their absorbent products, however, they also are producers of the the filter material for N95 masks. At the outset of the Covid pandemic Lori and her team proactively secured raw material and reached out to  a historically competitive company and their supply chain to get millions of masks for healthcare workers battling on the front lines. Additionally, KC has committed over $8 million to assist with COVID-19 response and relief.


John McKee 

Founder & CTO || Headframe Spirits

John is the founder of Headframe Spirits, a distillery in Butte, Montana that has rapidly shifted to making FDA approved, pharmaceutical-grade hand sanitizer. They are collaborating with other local businesses to source ethanol and distribute the hand sanitizer to Hospitals, Clinics, First Responders, Nursing Homes, Hospice, Grocery Stores and others of those who need it most.  We’re inspired by John’s resourcefulness and willingness to put his community first in this time of crisis.


Kim Dabbs

Global Director of Social Innovation || Steelcase

HATCH is grateful to have Kim and Steelcase as active HATCH supporters. Steelcase is using its plants, model shop and innovation center to rapidly develop solutions that will be built to scale and distributed to medical facilities. The company is working in partnership with healthcare professionals to approve designs for prompt turnarounds. Steelcase is set to produce 6,000 isolation masks and 12,500 face shields per week, just in its Grand Rapids, Mich. facilities. They are collaborating with other manufacturers to share best practices and accelerate the production of healthcare equipment that supports physicians, nurses and hospitals treat patients.

Erica Mackey

Co-Founder & CEO || MyVillage 

We couldn’t be more inspired by Erica Mackey, HATCH Board member and co-Founder & CEO of MyVillage, a company that helps people open and operate high-quality, home-based early education programs. They have raised emergency grant funding to ensure that its childcare providers can continue to educate young children into April. Erica says the goal of the funding is to minimize disruptions to educator income and help parents manage costs incurred during a COVID-19-related exposure or absence.

David Scales

Doctor & Medical Sociologist || Lower Manhattan Hospital

David Scales is a medical sociologist at Cornell leveraging mobile/web technology, social innovation and community engagement to address structural factors affecting refugee health locally and in the Middle East. Recently he’s been pulled to work on the front lines.



Beno Oppenheimer 

Pulmonary & Critical Care ER Doctor || NYU Langone Hospital

Beno Oppenheimer is an ER Doctor, and App Innovator. He specializes in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. He currently runs the Surgical Intensive Care Unit NYU Langone. Beno started an App company which focuses on improving the resuscitation efforts delivered during cardiac arrest scenarios. Recently he’s been pulled to the frontline of Covid-19. Beno’s story from the front line broke us and made us want to cry.