The weekly GLOBAL LIVING ROOMS are a medley of diverse insights by astronauts, scientists, technologists, CEOs, artists, poets, and extraordinary humans from multiple countries around the world, working to understand inflection points, reframe challenges, and identify opportunities to create real solutions. At a time when COVID-19 has led to a once-in-a-century pandemic, the window is open to question and re-imagine all of the systems that have been failing humanity. HATCH is converting curated conversations to collaborations and action in the IMPACT LABS.











Kendall Ramseur has blessed us with his music for several sessions of the Global Living Room.  Hear more of his music with his quartet Sons of Serendip.








In response to the tragic murder of George Floyd, several members of the HATCH community came together to share thoughts on race and historical systemic oppression.

Learn more about these extraordinary humans, as well as links and resources to unite and mobilize for racial justice here.