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Category: Environment

Biomimicry & The Genius Design of Nature | Global Living Room

Theme: Biomimicry – The Genius Design of Nature with Guest Speaker Janine Benyus Summary by HATCHer Ben Von Wong – see original version HERE Summary:: [[Yarrow Kraner]] and [[Byrony Schwan]] interviewed [[Janine Benyus]] on the amazing work that she’s been doing with the [[Biomimicry Institute]]. We explored her journey, the lessons that have been learned […]
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HATCH Helps Design and Facilitate Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit

On May 17th over 160 executives from around the world convened on a ship off the coast of Bermuda, headed out to one of the ocean’s largest plastics gyres.  The sole focus over the next four days was identifying and accelerating solutions for the global ocean plastics crisis.  The Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit was a […]
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