2022 HATCH Mexico Guests

Jon Amiel

President / Quickstep Pictures Santa Monica, CA


Jon Amiel is a director/writer/producer in film and TV. After 10 years in theater he moved to a career with the BBC culminating with the award-winning SINGING DETECTIVE. His feature films include SOMMERSBY with Jodie Foster and Richard Gere, COPYCAT with Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter, ENTRAPMENT with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones, and CREATION with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. Amiel has directed shows as for TV diverse as THE TUDORS, THE BORGIAS, HALT & CATCH FIRE, 7 SECONDS, AQUARIUS, OUTSIDERS, AMERICAN GODS, THE WALKING DEAD and CARNIVAL ROW

Sara Andrews

Founder/CEO / Bumbleroot Foods Livingston, MT


Sara started Bumbleroot Foods to accelerate the pace of regenerative agriculture by contributing to a food system that works with nature instead of against it. Sara has worked in various parts of the food ecosystem —including as an agricultural policy advisor to U.S. Senator Max Baucus and the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and as a consultant with the NGO TechnoServe in Zimbabwe. Sara has also started a regenerative foods marketplace.

Conrad Anker

Climber, Board member / Protect Our Winters Bozeman, Montana


Conrad Anker is an internationally known climber, mountaineer, activist, advocate, and author. He was the team leader of The North Face climbing team for 26 years until 2018. In 1999, he located George Mallory's body on Everest as a member of a search team looking for the remains of the British climber. Over decades in the mountains, he has come to value the rarified air of high elevations. Inspired by the value of immersion in other ecosystems and cultures, he’s become more fully enmeshed in both the physical and communal landscape of humanity.

Dakotah Apostolou

CEO / Cohere Network Malibu, CA


A designer of buildings, communities and businesses, Dakotah's training at The Frank Lloyd Wright School has informed his passion for using built environments to create regenerative systems that restore the health of ecosystems and communities.

Ian Bernstein

Founder / Past: Sphero / Misty Robotics Boulder, CO


Ian Bernstein is a creative and product-focused hardware company founder. He co-founded Sphero in 2010 which has shipped over four million robots around the world including the Sphero Star Wars BB-8. In 2017, he spun Misty Robotics out of Sphero to bring more sophisticated robots into our lives for home and office tasks. Misty was acquired in October 2021. Currently, Ian is exploring new opportunities in several different spaces including robotics, psychedelics, and security.

Printz Board

Entertainment Producer / Beets & Produce Los Angeles, CA


Creativity never rests and neither does Printz Board. Distinguished as not only an award-winning artist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, but an entrepreneur, curator, and film and television creator. Over the past two decades, he has garnered two GRAMMY® and multiple BMI (does this need a copyright symbol?) Songwriter Awards while securing yet another #1 slot with a BTS record in 2020. Beyond working with artists ranging from Selena Gomez to Sheryl Crow, to Justin Timberlake and John Legend, he has collaborated with the Obama Family, Andra Day, and luxury car brand Hyundai Ge

Marco Bollinger

Chief Storyteller / Lokal Stories Venice, CA


I am a Peruvian-American producer, director and photographer fascinated by the contradictions of humanity, by our self-inflicted suffering, our endless search for community, and how we dream. My second documentary, “Safe Zone,” is about Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon overcoming trauma through music and screened at Cannes. I have photographed Beyoncé and Obama, and worked with Ruth Bader Ginsberg and directed 8 short films for the UN Refugee Agency. I am also co-founder of Uprise Institute, a virtual immersive learning platform, and Lokal Travel, a booking platform for conscious travelers.

Mark Brand

CHEF/SOCIAL IMPACT ENTREPRENEUR/Host of BETTER / A Better Life Foundation/Mark Brand Inc. Vancouver, BC


Mark Brand is a pioneering chef and entrepreneur in the field of Social Impact and Community Development. Along with overseeing the 5 organizations under MB Inc, Brand leads his A Better Life Foundation in Canada, the United States, is a Stanford fellow, Professor of Innovation and Design Thinking, has served as executive chef for the American Refugee Committee and Pope Francis's Climate Challenge, been the Entrepreneur in Residence for The City of Sydney Australia, and has received Canada’s Golden Jubilee Medal for service to his country and community from the Queen.

Kimberly Bryant

Founder (company) / BlackGirlsCode Oakland, CA


Kimberly Bryant is the Founder and CEO of Black Girls CODE, a non-profit organization dedicated to “changing the face of technology” by introducing girls of color (ages 7-17) to the field of technology and computer science with a concentration on entrepreneurial concepts.

Ania Bulis

Founder / Broker / The Big Sky Real Estate Company Big Sky, MT


Ania is a Broker, Co-Founder of The Big Sky Real Estate Company, and Founder of The Real Estate Collective, with the mission of giving back to the community. She is a problem-solver with a deep commitment to people and organizations she believes in, serving on multiple boards, with focus on sustainability, education, and mental health. Prior to establishing herself in real estate, she held positions in public relations, marketing, and journalism.

Josh Burtnett

Chief Strategy Officer / Cohere Network Malibu, California


Joshua Burtnett is a systems engineer and polymath focused on developing abundance through sustainable, balanced and highly scalable solutions. His vast professional experience in the aerospace industry, hospitality, construction, broadcast media, and finance — coupled with a personal desire to see humanity thrive in harmony with themselves and the natural world — has informed many of the strategic and economic facets of the business.

Amber Caldwell

Founder / Connect to Impact, LLC Austin, TX


Amber is a non-profit executive with an academic edge. Having focused on global health in developing countries for over 16 years she recently broke out as an independent consultant partnering with private organizations seeking to have a social impact in the health space. Currently partnering on initiatives related to drug abuse and addiction prevention, homelessness and the market failure within the US childcare infrastructure.

Christopher Carfi

Head of Marketing / Unlock Protocol Gilroy, California


By day, I'm a marketer & technologist and bridge creators to web3 as Head of Marketing for Unlock Protocol. Prior, I was at GoDaddy for six years and headed up content and community efforts globally. I've worked in startups and big companies and have developed marketing, customer community and evangelist programs for a number of brands you've heard of. I currently live in the Bay Area with HATCHer Lisa Stone and our family. We spend a lot of time in the Black Rock Desert, and we just got a converted 4x4 ambulance / rolling karaoke rig named ELeanoR that we use for our camping adventures.

Susan Carstensen

Advisor, Activist, Patron of Heroic Endeavors / Yellowstone Growth Partners, LLC Bozeman, MT


Susan is a powerhouse in business, civic engagement, and fighting for equality and access. She chooses to spend her time helping entrepreneurs build businesses (Quiq, Foundant, PFL, Audience Awards, Alosant, Davidson, H360); investing in candidates via OpenSourceMT that believe in funding public education, environment and access, inclusion and diversity, accessible and affordable healthcare and investment in infrastructure; and supporting people and organizations that are engaged in heroic endeavors (ACLU, Interchange, PowerhouseMT, HATCH and many others).

Tate Chamberlin

Social Scientist / Journalist / I Am Interchange Bozeman, MT


Tate Chamberlin is pushing the envelope in social, educational, and media experiences by continually reintegrating an arsenal of new concepts and human connections. This arsenal will serve well as he descends upon the world like a platinum-fisted pterodactyl, dropping artistic carpet bombs carrying the seed of expression and social conglomeration. Crushing underfoot the banality of average media, flying high the mighty banner of unconventional creativity and blasting his mighty war horns across the battlefields of entertainment.

Stacy English

Intel Quality Reputation and Culture / Intel Hillsboro, OR


I have made a career of pioneering new ways to achieve growth for Intel, our customers and partners, with a focus on diverse ideation and dynamic collaboration. I have had a meaningful career (so far) including launching consumer wearable products, developing a brand for Intel's volunteerism and women and girl initiatives, connecting with people through music and art events, and creating global developer communities. I recently built out our global culture transformation office, and recognition programs. I am now leading a team to champion quality culture for Intel, our partners and customers.

Pablo Fernandez

Founder / Secret Table LA JOLLA, CA


Pablo is a community builder passionate about human connection, and founder of Secret Table, a renowned experience design company that connects leaders, innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs. On a mission to share the importance of in-person connection and community, he advises multiple start-ups and serves on the board or leadership team of various nonprofits, including the San Diego Food Systems Alliance. He is also a start-up mentor through the Founder Institute. Pablo has hosted and produced over 300 events, and most recently is advising Experience House, a one-month creative residency.

Waldemar Franco

President / Rodavento Hotels CDMX, CDMX


Waldemar Franco Sol is the founder and Pre of Rodavento Hotels, a Mexican based hospitality company that operates and develops boutique lifestyle hotels. Trained as an architect, Waldemar's companies developed as a natural progression from his beginnings designing and organizing adventure travel trips for his friends and eventual clients. The experiences attained form traveling to unusual destinations, combined with a strong focus on design has placed RODAVENTO HOTELS as serious contenders in the small boutique hotel scene in Mexico. His company has achieved a number of international awards.

Raman Frey

Co-Founder, Camp Earnest | Founder, GP Dinners | Futrue Feasts | Tech for good, host, moderator, interviewer, writer / www.campearnest.com, www.gpdinners.com/founding-principles.html, www.future-feasts.com, www.ramanfrey.com Twain Harte, CA


For over 20 years, I've built companies, non-profits and communities, bringing people together around meaningful conversations about art, technology, religion, politics and philosophy. I've started a variety of businesses and served on non-profit boards.

I founded Good People Dinners, a community that fosters substantive discussions, usually over food and drink. Our events bring together professional chefs and speakers on a wide range of topics.

Karin and I founded Camp Earnest in 2020, a former summer camp now retreat center near Yosemite NP.

More: www.ramanfrey.com

Charles Garcia

Managing Partner / R360 Boulder, Colorado


I’m a polymath who lets my curious mind pursue uncharted territories and what makes my mind bend in new ways. I seek colorful souls with the same intense curiosity to explore ways we can make meaningful impact on our humanity and the health of our planet. My life purpose is to inspire and connect others to achieve extraordinary things. I enjoy going to interesting places, meeting colorful people, and surrounding myself with fearless, passionate, creative ninjas, so we can do great things together. I love to surf, play soccer, travel, write books, be in nature, and BBQ with family and friends.

Nancy Giordano

strategist futurist | speaker | author / Play Big Inc Austin, TX


Described as endlessly optimistic, Nancy is committed to strengthening the organizational capacities, societal structures and individual mindsets needed to leverage significant "Productivity Era” advances and ensure a safe and thriving future for us all. As founder of Play Big Inc, she + her PYNKrs ("people you need to know") guide visionary C-suite leaders through this rapidly transforming society. Summarizing all she has learned so far, she launched her first book in February 2021 titled LeaderING: The Way Visionary Leaders Play Bigger and founded the Femme Futurists Society

Dayramir González

Pianist, composer and Music Educator / The Cuban Jazz Academy La Habra Heights, CA


“Mr. González is a stunningly gifted composer and arranger.” W. Street Journal

Yamaha Artist Dayramir Gonzalez, is a three-time Cubadisco award-winner and the first Cuban national to receive Berklee College of Music’s “Presidential Scholarship” and the 2013 Wayne Shorter Award for most outstanding jazz composer. In 2012, he was a headliner in Carnegie Hall’s “Voices of Latin America Series,” invited by Chucho Valdes to represent the young generation of Cuban jazz pianists. His latest album “The Grand Concourse” was named one of the Top 40 albums of 2018 and received 4.5 stars from Downbeat.

Danielle Gould

Founder & CEO / Food+Tech Connect & Alpha Food Labs West Hollywood, CA


Danielle Gould is the founder of Food+Tech Connect, a community for systems-based food innovation, and co-founder and co-CEO of Alpha Food Labs, a design firm that helps organizations develop products and innovation strategies that are better for people and the planet. Her Food+Tech Bytes newsletter is the industry leading resource for tracking how new business, tech, and investment trends are transforming the global food system. She was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business and one of Fortune and Food & Wine Magazines Most Innovative Women in Food in 2015.

Elke Govertsen

Consultant/ writer / self employed Missoula, 59802


Elke is a writer, consultant, community builder, serial entrepreneur, and is a fantastic neighbor. She consults in the areas of community, content, experience design, team culture, customer engagement, and bringing heart and humanity to your company/story. She lives in Montana and runs a boutique custom charter boat company in Alaska. Mom of two outstanding humans. She has been on the HATCH Executive Board for as long as there has been one.

Kristin Grant

CEO / Westcott Multimedia, Inc. Venice, CA


I am a triathlete, a founder, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I'm passionate about connecting with other fabulous humans and going on sporadic adventures like heading to the jungles of Mexico with my fellow hatchers. If anyone is looking for a workout buddy - HIT ME UP! I love putting together fun workouts in the morning to get everyone geared up for an amazing day.

Gautam Gulati

Founder / THE WELL HOME Great Falls, VA


Gautam Gulati, aka Dr.G, is a polymath who speaks, writes, teaches, produces, advises, invests, and builds cool things (mostly in health). He's currently focused on improving the health & well-being of people's lived experiences through both his interior wellness design clinic (THE WELL HOME) and media production studio (WELL PLAYED). He lives for a good story. Got one?

Alejandro Gutierrez



from Monterrey, Nuevo León 36 years old and graduated in 2007 Industrial Design degree. In addition to my love for design, since I was a child I was a lover of cooking, this led me to find my passion: cooking with fire. Persuing this passion me and my wife Gabriela Garza organized and created the first National Barbecue Championship in Mexico. In 2013 Sociedad Mexicana de Parilleros was founded which goal is to promote, preserve and celebrate Mexican culinary traditions through the enjoyment of the grill.

Reem Haddad

Executive Producer / Experience House Mexico City, Estado de México


Reem is the Exec Producer at Experience House, a gathering for leaders in the realms of human connection, community building & experience design.

In the past decade she has produced Envision Festival in Costa Rica, an event that unites individuals through art, yoga, music and regenerative strategies, Tech Open Air in Berlin - a conference that celebrates a fusion of tech, design, art and music, hallmark events in the Middle East, and has led wellness retreats in LATAM.

Reem is currently working towards challenging & redefining the standards of human connection through experience design.

Sarah Henry

Executive Director / Global Center for Gender Equality at Stanford University Seattle, Washington


Sarah Henry is the Executive Director for the Global Center for Gender Equality at Stanford University. As Executive Director, she is working cross-university to build out a global Center focused on addressing root causes of inequality. Since, 2015 Sarah has served as a Senior Strategy Advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to strategically and intentionally incorporate a gender equality perspective across the foundation. Sarah has more than 15 years of experience focused on the intersection of development, gender equality, global health, organizational strategy and impact.

Shannon Hughes

Strategic Communications Manager / RMI Bozeman, MT


Shannon is focused on telling the stories of how making emissions more visible and reliable throughout supply chains is critical to understanding where we are—and where we want to be—in reaching ambitious decarbonization goals. She focuses on making highly technical information more personally relevant and translating concepts into clear calls for action.

Prior to her role at RMI, Shannon served as a marketing specialist and policy communications associate for the Governor of Montana; owned a branding and marketing agency for seven years; and served as the executive director for an

Karin Johnson

Co-Founder, Camp Earnest - Social Worker - Nonprofits / Camp Earnest Twain Harte, CA


I am passionate about humanitarian causes and building community. I'm a trained social worker and have worked mostly with refugees and asylum seekers seeking safety in the U.S. I've worked across the U.S. and in South Asia.

I now consult and work in events, joining a variety of groups working on public education, summits and conferences. I am seeking opportunities in the psychedelic mental health space.

Raman and I founded Camp Earnest in 2020 and now host groups and guests at our 21 acre former summer camp near Yosemite.

Holly Kania

Web Designer, Certified Nia Technique® Movement Instructor / Freelance Lincoln, MA


Holly's works weave together many creative threads: She writes (copy, poetry, fiction, a blog). She is a Black Belt Nia Technique® movement instructor, and brain health fitness educator, teaching classes in the Boston area. She is a web/graphic designer specializing in helping individual practitioners tell their stories in compelling websites. A caregiver, she supports the well-being of her spouse, grown children, parents, friends. She is inspired by nature, dogs, human kindness, and courage. She strives to recognize beauty in all its forms: mundane, awful, rapturous, humble.

John Kania

Executive Director / Collective Change Lab Lincoln, Massachusetts


Over the last 30 years John has been a practitioner, researcher, writer, teacher, and speaker on how organizations and people can achieve change together. John is currently the Executive Director of the Collective Change Lab, focused on advancing the practice of transformational systems change. For 17 years, he ran FSG, a nonprofit consulting firm and think tank working globally across issues and sectors to support social and environmental changemakers. John holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a BA from Dartmouth College.

Finn Kelly

Co-Founder, CTO / Weve Berkeley, California


Finn Kelly is the co-founder and chief technology officer of The Go Game, the leader in team-building and culture-driving games. Finn and chief executive officer, Ian Fraser, co-founded The Go Game in 2000 to bring fun to work through interactive games, events, and experiences that make employees feel connected and engaged. In 2020, The Go Game launched Weve which creates dynamic digital environments that enable real engagement that goes beyond the market standard video conferencing tool.

Sam Kern

Co-founder + Curator / Experience House Hamilton, MT


Sam Kern is the co-founder and CEO of Experience House – a month-long creative mastermind for experience designers + community builders in extraordinary locations around the world. He's a podcast host, TEDx speaker, experiential designer, and global nomad passionate about leveraging technology and live events to foster deep human connection.

Yarrow Kraner

Founder / CEO / HATCH & H360.ai BOZEMAN, MT


Yarrow is the Founder of HATCH and H360.ai, is an Aspen Institute Fellow, RSA Fellow, and named 2015 top 100 creatives in the U.S. by Origins. He is a pioneer of social networking and has been building communities for twenty years. He’s directed projects with Richard Branson, The Rock, P Diddy, and more. In 1999, Yarrow created an online network – The Hero Project, which grew to 1.5 Million users and was acquired by FOX. In 2004, Yarrow founded HATCH, connecting global influencers to accelerate solutions for the UN’s SDGs. In 2016 Yarrow founded H360.ai, an A.I. driven collaboration platform.

Christopher Krohn

Director / Building... Oakland, CA


Chris is an open innovation portfolio lead with IDEO. His work focuses on circular economy initiatives in partnership with leading Fortune 100s such as Nike, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola.The programs he designs are pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable through open innovation with an emphasis on sourcing, acceleration, and piloting. His work has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Bloomberg, CNN, and Esquire. He holds an MBA from California College of the Arts, and a dual-degree BFA in both sculpture and painting from the GWU Corcoran College of Art.

Joshua Lesser

Rabbi and Founder / Attune Atlanta, GA


Rabbi Josh leads at the intersection of justice and spirituality. After 22 years, he left the congregational world to respond to the challenges that social healers are experiencing by offering spiritual companionship, cultivating resilience, and deepening joy. A Rabbinic Innovation Fellow, he is creating Attune, to address our holistic healing as we contend with powerful disruptions. Josh is an editor of the pioneering LGBTQ Torah commentary, Torah Queeries, and was named one of The 36 Most Inspiring Rabbis by the Forward and one of The 100 Most Influential LGBTQ Clergy by the Huffington Post.

Max Lowe

Director / Max Lowe Media BOZEMAN, MT


Known for his ability to capture stories in the most remote corners of the world, Max Lowe has honed his skill as a director and photographer in his search for adventure and narratives unheard. From his home in the mountains of Montana to now countless countries, landscapes and cultures across the globe, Max has been witness to stories spanning the gap of human experience.

Erica Mackey

co-founder / The Care Collective Livingston, Montana


Erica Mackey is co-founder of The Care Collective, a decentralized organization uniting caregivers to forge collective benefits. Erica was the CEO & co-founder of MyVillage, a caregiver benefits platform in the US and COO and co-founder of Off-Grid Electric, the world’s first massively scalable off-grid electric company, connecting over 1 million Africans to affordable solar energy. Her ventures have raised over $150M from investors including Elon Musk, Paul Allen, Jeff Skoll, and others. She is also on the HATCH Board of Directors.

Alan Macy

R&D / BIOPAC Systems Santa Barbara, CA


Alan Macy is a father of one, applied-science artist, founder of the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology (residency program) and R&D director, past president and a cofounder of BIOPAC Systems (biotechnology company)

Damian Madray

Founder & CEO / Glint Worlds Houston, TX


Damian is a design thinker and experiential creative supporting the integrity and development of the experience economy. He’s cofounded Parousia, a metaverse world that teaches people pro-social skills that help them cultivate more meaningful relationships in their lives.

His work at TheGlint has been featured in the New York Times, Bold Italics, Huffington Post, Slate, WSJ & Financial Times. He also led experience design for EQ’s “PLANET HOME”, an environmental solutions summit bringing together 10,000 attendees alongside thought leaders and artists from around the world.

Tania Matus

Singer / HATCHE Zarco, Ciudad de México


Tania Matus was born in Mexico City. She began her musical training at the DIM music school in singing and composition. Her style comes out from her musical training and her interest in the music of multiple genres. Roadtrips & Playlists magazine named Tania one of the coolest artists in Mexico: "Enamored by genres such as jazz, blues and funk, Tania Matus is soothing our ears with her honey-like vocals one love song at a time."

Zachary Mazi

Chef/Tour Lead / The Fungivore San Pablo Etla, Oaxaca


Trained in the art of French cuisine, with ventures into the wide array of New American & Pacific Northwest cuisine, Chef Zachary Mazi presents an organic, foraged, local, & imaginative experiences in both global cuisine & dining.  He creates lasting inspiration with delicious recipes and informed lectures.  He unexpectedly spent the first half of the pandemic Chiang Mai, Thailand where he lived and foraged with his fiancé Kimberly. He now lives in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he leads Myco-Forays with Kim.  He is the owner of The Fungivore, an aspiring cookbook author, and mycophagy researcher.

Pili Montilla

Entertainer Extraordinaire / Pili Montilla Cave Creek, AZ


Emmy Award-winning TV host and producer Pili Montilla has made a name for herself as the go-to host in the bilingual entertainment world. Always immersed in the world of music, Pili created, produced and hosted the Emmy-winning music show Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla (WAPA and Mega TV). Simultaneously, Pili works as a TV host for several networks in both the Hispanic and general markets, as a live host for different events such as the Latin Billboards red carpet, Latin Grammys events, New York Magazine's Vulture Festival (NY & LA) and many more.

Arturo Morelos



Creative and producer with over 20 years of expirience. My career started with massive concerts and international fairs, producing around the world. Founder parner of Kreatta, Angular and EarthX Mex convinced that the production, whether it´s a film or event is a unique opportunity to impact people and generate change

Tian Mu

Founder/CEO / Self-Mastery Accelerator | Brethren Enterprises || (two different organizations across two different industries) Alhambra, California


I spent the first two decades of my career as a tech entrepreneur (founder/CEO): web development (5yrs), gaming (17yrs), ecommerce (4yrs), crypto investments (2yrs), as well as advising numerous tech startups. In 2009, I had my spiritual awakening and began focusing on self-realization and self-mastery while running my game studio. Through my decade long self-discovery and metamorphoses, I tapped into my soul-spark and many secrets of this Multiverse. My main purpose this lifetime is to assist the awakening of the mass consciousness and help usher Humanity into its next Golden Age.

Lionel Pasamonte

EIR Producer / Director / Institute for Maximum Human Potential - CEDC / DGA Long Beach, California


For 25yrs, Lionel has produced and directed live entertainment (like the Grammys), sports events & music concert DVDs globally. On his downtime, he pursues his passion for creating opportunity for inclusionary housing for all.

David Purkey

Latin America Regional Director / Stockholm Environment Institute Bogota, DC


I have had a wonderful career working as a researcher on the topic of sustainable water resources management, which has included the development of a river basin modeling software package with users located in over 190 countries around the world. I am passionate about water stewardship as a key to a more sustainable future for planet Earth. I am now approaching the end of my professional career and am thinking deeply about organizational development, leadership transitions and coffee farming as a retirement activity.

San Rahi

Executive Vice President, Global Brand Innovation / SID LEE Pacific Palisades, California


I’m a map-maker: a designer and strategist who separates signal from noise, connects ideas, and sets a vision. I believe in business as a force for good, and in the power of creativity. I focus on business growth and innovation, building brands into market leaders at a global scale, across multiple industries. I also have skin in the game, as an investor in sustainable business innovation. I often speak at conferences, including C2 and United Nations Energy, and have been recognised by FastCompany World Changing Ideas, Campaign US Marketer 40/40 and the Emmys. To me, off-grid means off-road.

Natalie Rekstad

Founder & CEO / Black Fox Philanthropy, B Corp Boston, MA


Natalie Rekstad leads a purpose-driven life as the Founder and CEO of Black Fox Philanthropy, a leading fundraising strategy firm serving global NGOs that exists to accelerate the social sector’s effectiveness in solving complex problems on a global scale. As a B Corp social enterprise, Black Fox Philanthropy measures the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Stu.art Robertson

Founder / Peace in 10,000 Hands Santa Monica, California


Founder - Peace in 10,000 Hands, ThePeaceNFT's, Genio Global Entertainment, Muhammad Ali Experience, MAENFT's. Yellowstone Experience, I Want Orange and Collective Hospitality. Moving through the world, here to help HATCHer's where possible, collaborating and focusing on the difference art and stories make.

Meghan Rutigliano

Operations Manager / Ann Arbor Film Festival Detroit, MI


I am currently running operations for America's longest-running film festival based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and performer wrangling and sponsorships for Marche du Nain Rouge, a participatory street festival in Detroit. Both events happen in March 2022 so I'm excited to decompress in Mexico with you all as I catch my breath for a moment. Looking for new friends, to brainstorm about big dreams and am casting a net to catch my next big international production assignment. Fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Heading to Portugal Summer 2022. Can't wait!

Marilu Salvador

Director and Creator / The Creating Center Inc. Rio Hato, Cocle


Marilu’s experience spans 28 years working in the areas of human and social development. She has broad professional experience in the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors. She has been a teacher, mentor, facilitator, and director of educational programs.

Teneia Sanders

Musician / Activist / www.teneia.com Jackson, MS


Folk soul singer / songwriter, Teneia is a International touring musician and activist who spreads a message of love and equality. Her profound take on love and social justice makes her a force of nature. She's a musical ambassador for the United States. She has also shared the stage with Jessi Colter, Sophie B.Hawkins, Ben Taylor, The War & Treaty and many more. Teneia is passionate about female empowerment, equality, love and dance.

Michael Savas

Founder / Superfan Live Inc Clearwater, FL


I work in concert touring and love adventure and community. I consider myself a true global citizen and love making new friends. I believe that purpose driven travel can connect people with each other, themselves, and their environments in more impactful ways by establishing a clearly defined objective. Leading with this approach, Month in the Making will inspire you to explore the diverse range of peoples, cultures, and highly specialized skillsets on planet earth. 12 Countries. 12 Unique Skill Sets. A mid-life 'awakening'.

Thomas Silverman

Strategic Impact Officer / buildOn San Francisco, CA


I’m an innovative, collaborative, and strategic leader with decades of experience in the social impact space. I believe that we are living through a unique moment in human history in which many of our institutions are unraveling and being exposed as unsustainable. Now is the time to reimagine our societal systems and build a future that better reflects our shared values.

Nicholas Tenney

Photographer & Filmmaker / Freelance Bozeman, Montana


Nick is a purpose driven photographer and filmmaker, focusing on the intersection of climate and culture. With a passion for holistic storytelling and visual arts, Nick aims to help humanity cultivate an optimistic and inspired vision for our future as individuals and a collective.

Seema Thakker

Writer / - Los Angeles, CA


My entire life I’ve been enthralled by stories, and enraged by social inequity. From a career in television to for- and non-profit brand and communications work both in America and abroad, I’ve long sought the intersection of story and social change. A producer at heart, I’ve also helped build multiple start-ups alongside this work. Most recently I led Operations and Strategy for Wend Collective, a social impact fund, and Quiet, an arts fund supporting artistic sovereignty. I am currently focused on rejuvenating my soul and writing my first book, the story of my own life’s journey.

Latham Turner

N/A / self Bozeman, MT


Our country’s food system is in trouble. I’m currently working on creating a brand of food based on regenerative agriculture, yielding packaged foods that are more nutrient-dense as they're grown using regenerative practices, 100% carbon neutral as we manage the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain, and supportive of farmers who are utilizing regenerative practices by paying a premium to these farmers. Latham has helped numerous startups scale, been an early-stage investor, worked with wonderful entrepreneurs, and served in various positions with the US Navy.

Tuck Tyrrell

Ecologist / Grounded Restoration Bellingham, WA


Tuck is an ecologist and practitioner working to cultivate resilient living forests, meadows, and rivers in the Cascadian bioregion; listening, planting, and tending. Alongside large scale mitigation and riparian restoration work, he focuses on habitat creation, understory diversification, and cultivating opportunities for generative ecological participation between people and place.

His approach is holistic and Gaian, always acknowledging the aliveness of place and allowing the dreams, the landscape’s natural potential, to express through action.

the earth is alive!

Brooks Tyrrell

Regenerative Real Estate Developer / Hearth Co. Bozeman, MT


Brooks is the founder of Hearth Co. a regenerative housing development company based in Bozeman/Big Sky, Montana. The company designs and constructs housing communities that utilize living building design, ecosystem restoration practices, and community oriented living. Brooks' projects are aiming to provide an example for how newly constructed housing developments can exist in harmony with our Mother Earth. Brooks spends most of his time in close relationship with Nature, drawn inward by the wholeness and space.

Raquel Villarreal

Content Consultant / Content Consulting Co. Ciudad de Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico


A proactive and innovative content strategist, Raquel is consistently successful at developing strategies that create, engage and convert digital audiences. After spending her days envisioning and executing content strategies for online properties attracting international audiences, her work has recently led her to promote academic integrity in Latin America and support financial inclusion for the Hispanic migrant community in the U.S. Through her work she yearns to make the Internet a better place.

Sheryl Winarick

Immigration Lawyer and Explorer / The Art of Migration Austin, TX


Sheryl is an explorer, facilitator & immigration lawyer who helps people navigate their journey to the US. Her legal career is consistent with a greater purpose: building bridges across differences to cultivate curiosity, spark joy & model the possibility of thriving in harmony. In 2018, she drove over 10,000 miles through 20 countries from Germany to Mongolia in a little car painted by graffiti artists along the way, hosting gatherings with immigrants, refugees & generational citizens to explore culture & identity in the context of migration. One day she’ll write a book about her adventures.

Michael Zuckerman

Co-Creator / Alight Palo Alto, CA


I am an activist currently focused on the global human migration crisis. I’ve been to almost 100 refugee camps around the world to bear witness to the current approach governments and NGOs are taking. Spoiler alert, it in desperate need of disruption/reinvention. My role at Alight is as a co-creator meaning that I spend time with refugees and learn from them what their challenges are and how they best think they can be solved. Greece, Uganda, Bangladesh, Turkey and Mexico. Also founded [ freespace ] a network of temporary community spaces in 14 countries.

HATCH Team Members

Elias Cattan

Founder / Taller13 Regenerative Architectures Mexico City, CdMx


Founder and Director of Taller13 Arquitectura Regenerativa [www.taller13.com], dedicated to understanding living systems as ecosystems and cities, designing at different scales; furniture, interiors, buildings and urban planning. With the vision of integrate the patterns of community life and the systems within which they develop, looking to get regenerative processes.
He is an avid reader and explorer of knowledge that has successfully combined his passions: nature, architecture, technology and education, on a way of development and personal growth.

Roshi Givechi

Designer, Strategist, Facilitator | Documentary Filmmaker / Self-employed New York, NY


Roshi Givechi provides design consulting services to large businesses, individual startup entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations looking to make a difference, while also developing her own short doc film. Common core? To enhance mindsets, crystalize experiences and amplify outcomes. After 19 years at global design firm IDEO, lastly as Partner - Executive Design Director, she coined her “creative sabbatical” in 2018 before opting to consult. She loves shaping content, helping founders articulate their offer, and programming workshops with others to unlock individual and collective impact.

Rachel Hicks

Designer | Facilitator | Strategist | Event Producer / HATCH | Rachel Hicks Design Bozeman, MT


Rachel spends her days supporting, inspiring, and working with others to achieve their goals and connect to their ‘WHY’. She helps nonprofits, businesses and individuals build community, create live events/experiences, and produce products that make an impact using creative solutions and thoughtfully driven designs that deliver positive results. She is a certified Integral Facilitator and trained in the skills of shaping group dynamics and collective conversations.

Adriana Rivera

VP Operations and Culture / Rodavento Hotels CDMX, CDMX


Adri is VP of Operations and Culture Mexico for Hotels Rodavento a member of Mosaic Hotel Group. Hotel Rodavento was awarded “Best Boutique Hotel in Mexico 2018 by Travel Awards and Travel & Leisure. Adri's 15 year contribution to the company has been crucial for its growth. Adri strives to continue to discover the magic of life, and is passionate about people, different perspectives and the power of collaboration & co-creation.

Jared Silverman

Director of Development / HATCH Scottsdale, AZ


As the Director of Development for HATCH Jared works to educate, accelerate, and invest in entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to social problems. Jared’s role involves developing and implementing strategies to collaborate with individuals, corporations and foundations to scale the impact of HATCH globally. Also an Instructor at Prescott College, Jared teaches courses in Ecopsychology, The History of Psychiatry, Yogic Philosophy, and Human Development. As a researcher for the Gwydion Fund, Jared works to connect people with the natural world through education, conservation, and research.

Luis Sosa

Creative Director / More Starch Cuahtemoc, CDMX


A Passionate and emphatic creative director with a 10-year track record of leading design projects on everything from branding to social media campaigns for social causes. Fluently bi-cultural having grown up both in Mexico and the United States, having called Mexico City, Houston, Las Vegas, and New York City "Home".
Guided, by an obsessive curiosity about the innate power of creativity a stories, Luis continues to seek out new collaborations that will allow him to put his creative talents in the service of projects and people that are having positive impacts in their spheres of influence.