2018 HATCH Big Sky Attendees

Lauren Adams

Music & Theater Director

SOL Development, Roses in Concrete Community School, The Way



Lauren Adams is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and educator from San Francisco, California. A self taught musician from the age of 9, Lauren began to perfect her craft years later while attending and graduating from Hampton University with her B.S. in Music Engineering and Technology. She was a known keyboardist in Virginia’s 7 Cities and was the Music Director for bands including Brothers Keeper, The Myra Smith Experience, and The Tidewater Drive Band. These experiences earned her the privilege of opening up concerts for artists like, Chrisette Michele, Fantasia, Keyshia Cole, and Lauren's personal favorite, Brandy in whom she recently opened for as a solo act. Lauren is currently a proud member of SOL Development and one of the founders of Roses in Concrete Community School as the director of Music and Theater for grades K-7.

Gianna Allentuck

Adjustment Counselor; President & Founder

Elias Brookings Elementary School; Sonelia, Inc.



Gianna (Pedace) Allentuck lives in Longmeadow, Massachusetts with her husband Lee Allentuck and their two teenage children Sontino and Cecelia. Gianna serves as the Adjustment Counselor for Elias Brookings Elementary School in Springfield, Massachusetts; and also is a volunteer member of several committees such as the City of Springfield Mayor’s Citywide Violence Prevention Task Force, the Hampden County Sheriff Department Community Accountability Board (CAB) program, Honorary Deputy Sheriff program, and the Springfield Parent Villages initiative; and is founder of the nonprofit Sonelia Inc.

Zach Anderson




Oregon (OR)

My professional career has been at the intersection of business, sustainability, and culture, with a focus on collaboration and making "we" work.

I partner with Fortune 10 companies and scrappy 4 person non-profits and everyone in between and currently work in Europe, Asia, and North/Central America.

I am all in on creating the thriving global civilization we all sense is possible (despite some daunting data points).

Sara Andrews


Bumbleroot Foods



Sara founded Bumbleroot Foods to create delicious, unique, and nutrient dense food products and beverages that support better food systems and regenerative agriculture. Bumbleroot provides an avenue to rethink the food system—sourcing from farmers and ranchers who are working with nature, instead of against it, and creating products that nourish our health and the health of the planet. In previous lives, she served as a strategy consultant and as an advisor on agriculture and international trade issues in the U.S. Senate.

Maria Bailey

Integral Coach and Facilitator

Maria Bailey



Maria Bailey is a certified, trained and gifted Integral Coach and Integral Facilitator for individuals, groups and teams. She uniquely challenges clients to clarify integrity, discover larger purposes and generate creative actions to effectively move forward in both personal and professional contexts. She is a devoted self-directed learner, a student of leading thinkers in adult development and group dynamics and passionate about facilitating learning circles for women leaders. She is a fully ordained Zen priest, loves to paint and is learning the art of distance running.

Karega Bailey

Dean of Culture

SOL Development/Roses In Concrete



Karega Bailey is at Peace. For Karega, peace manifests through service to others and service to himself. He is a founding member and Dean of Culture at Roses in Concrete Community School in "Karega Bailey is at Peace. For Karega, peace manifests through service to others and service to himself. He is a founding member and Dean of Culture at Roses in Concrete Community School in Oakland, California, and a member of SOL Development, a Black American Music enseble that use music as unifyer to created connected communities. As an artist and as an educator Karega Bailey's work seeks to investigate practices that increase the heart's capacity to love and experince empthy. Karega is also member of BE-IMAGINATIVE Collective, whose work emphasizes on healing Black and Brown communities through multidimensional story telling.

Daniel Barcay


Thiel Macro

San Francsico


Daniel Barcay is a technologist, investor, and advisor. His various interests fundamentally revolve around perceiving, naming, and harnessing nearly-invisible forces around us. In his last role as CTO of Thiel Macro, he focused on modeling global-scale market phenomena. A computer scientist and software engineer at heart, he spent many years at Google on projects including Google Earth, Latitude, and ML Research. Fascinated by team dynamics and psychology, Daniel teaches Leadership Development, primarily focused on helping leaders hold nuanced positions amidst complex, uncertain environments.

Philippe Beaudoin

SVP Research

Element AI

Ville Mont-Royal


Philippe is one of the co-founders at Element AI and SVP Research. Element AI turns the world’s most important AI research into transformative business applications, leading organizations towards an AI-First World. Prior to co-founding Element AI, Philippe was a senior developer at Google and co-founder of two startups.

Philippe has a PhD from the U. Montréal and a post-doc from UBC, where he taught virtual robots to walk. He now uses his passion for AI to solve fundamental problems with the ambitious goal of creating a better world for all.

Tony Bond

Executive Vice President: Chief Innovation Officer

Great Place To Work



Tony Bond is Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Great Place to Work®, where he serves a key role in shaping the organization’s culture transformation work. A strategic thinker and innovator, Tony has served as a trusted advisor for executives at some of the world's most successful companies. He leverages his successful experience in leadership roles for a Fortune 100 Company, to help organizations maximize human potential and drive business performance. Tony was a the founder of a B Corporation focusing on creating more sustainable ways of working.

George Bradt





Writer. Consultant. HATCH Contributor.

George has led the revolution in how people start new jobs. He and his colleagues at PrimeGenesis accelerate transitions so that leaders and their teams fulfill their potential and deliver better results faster. He is the author of six books on onboarding, 500+ columns for Forbes, twelve musical plays (book, lyrics & music) and a passionate supporter of Yarrow, HATCH and HATCHers.

Mark Brand


Mark Brand Inc - A Better Life - USC - A.R.C.


New York

Passion X Purpose X Profanity: One of North America's foremost social entrepreneurs. Along with managing the 5 companies under the MB Inc umbrella, Brand is a graduate of THNK, a Stanford fellow, a Professor of Innovation at USC, Executive Chef for Pope Francis’s Laudato Si Challenge, and an advisor to corporations and agencies working to make real change. It’s through his cooking, philanthropic efforts, systems design, and love for the community that he’s found a unique balance in business and purpose. Executive Chef for Pope Francis’s Laudato Si Challenge in 2017, and now Executive Chef of ARC & Laudato Si.
Instagram @mark.brand - Twitter is too hostile

Adam Broidy

Chief Information Officer

San Francisco Opera

San Francisco


Adam works at the intersection of arts, tech, and business. He currently serves as the CIO of the San Francisco Opera, as VP of Post:Ballet’s Advisory Board, and as an American for the Arts Diversity in the Arts Leadership Mentor. In past lives, Adam was the CTO of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), President of CIOarts, and co-founder of art e-commerce startup Markk. His favorite non-office jobs have been karate sensei and kibbutz petting zookeeper. He has a profoundly mindful, authentic, and intentional way of being that connects people and sparks change and self- transformation.

Janay Brower


Public Thread

Grand Rapids


Founder/CEO of Public Thread, a socially conscious, sustainable textile upcycling company. We take scrap textiles from the manufacturing process and upcycle them into high quality products that support living wage jobs in our community. P

Prior to starting Public Thread, Janay lead large-scale systems change work in the public and nonprofit sectors for over 12 years. She has worked in the areas of public education, youth development, housing and homelessness, community development, economic development, public policy and small business development.

Angela Brunnemann

2nd Assistant Director


Big Sky


After I graduated in Economics from a German University, I worked as a product manager in the Marketing Dep. of a stationer. Real Estate was my next station in life: I was a property manager, before I started my own business as a real estate broker. My thirst for knowledge pointed me to University again and I continued studying - with a focus on history of arts and history.
2002 I got my first child - two more should follow -and I decided to stay at home; what a gift!
As they grew older my passion for filming took over and I worked for several film productions as 2nd AD and editor/lector

Elaine Buckholtz

Light Installation Artist . Professor




Elaine Buckholtz is a Light Installation Artist and Art Professor at The Massachusettts College of Art and Design, (The Studio For Interrelated Media) in Boston, Massachusetts. Her most recent work utilizes video and light in relation to sculptural forms, digital prints, and preexisting sites in architecture and nature often under the cover of darkness. Buckholtz has a background in visual and lighting design for the stage, and a significant aspect of her visual art has involved direct experiences and immersive environments for the viewer to engage in.

Megan Buecking

Artist and Educator

Big Sky School District

Gallatin gateway


Megan is an artist and educator from Gallatin Gateway, Montana. Megan or Mrs. B, as she's known at school due to the trickiness of her non-phonetic last name, teaches 7th-12th grade art in the Big Sky School District. In the classroom she focuses on a spectrum of mediums, ranging from painting and drawing to photography and ceramics. Outside of the classroom, Megan is a surrealist painter whose work communicates important concepts with visual references to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. She finds inspiration for her work and life in nature while trail running, skiing, and fly fishing.

Heather Cahoon

State-Tribal Policy Analyst

Montana Budget and Policy Center



Heather Cahoon is an award-winning poet, painter and policy scholar. She holds an MFA in Poetry and an interdisciplinary PhD in history, anthropology and Native American Studies. Heather works with tribal leaders, educators, youth and policymakers to find solutions to issues facing American Indians in the state of Montana. She is from the Flathead Reservation in western Montana and is a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

Lucy Caldwell


Life Revealed

Los Altos


Known for her unique ability to connect people to their deepest held feelings and beliefs, Lucy has devoted herself to the science and practice of how people change. Lucy is a social psychologist, venture philanthropist and creator of the Life Revealed Podcast, featuring inspiring conversations with the trail blazers of the world. She is passionate about helping people tune in to what matters most and inspiring them to live with greater authenticity, purpose and fulfillment.

Susan Carstensen


Yellowstone Growth Partners, LLC



Business advisor (Yellowstone Growth Partners (YGP), Frontier Angels, etc), political activist (OpenSourceMT.org), patron of heroic endeavors (Interchange, Bumbleroot Foods, PowerhouseMT, H360). I am a 5th generation Montanan with 30 plus years of business experience - seriously have experienced three of the best jobs in Montana - due to the people I have been able to work with. I believe if we help people and communities become more economically successful, that they will vote for people and policies that will make all our lives better (I know, it's a long game).

Amber Case


MIT Media Lab



Amber Case studies the interaction between humans and computers and how our relationship with information is changing the way cultures think, act, and understand their worlds. Case just finished fellowships at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and the MIT Center for Civic Media.

Case is the author of Calm Technology, Design for the Next Generation of Devices. She was the co-founder and former CEO of Geoloqi, a location-based software company acquired by Esri in 2012. Her TED talk, “We are all cyborgs now,” has been viewed over a million times.

Kenneth Chabert

Choice Architect

Gentlemen's Retreat


New York

Kenneth Chabert is the founder of the Gentlemen’s Retreat. This program teaches inner-city youth from the Bronx, NY the art of being Gentlemen through the use of emotional and conversational intelligence.

In less than two years, the program has received endorsements from Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google, Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, and has helped gentlemen get into schools like Cornell, Fordham, and Binghamton University.

Kenneth creates opportunities for inner-city youth through blending choice architecture, novelty, and what he calls “the power of the first experience."

Tim Christensen

Founder / Cofounder

HX / H360



Founder of HX where we design and build ideas and dreams. Co-founder of the H360 network collaboration platform. A creative technology pioneer with a passion for human experience and technology with over 25 years of experience in designing, architecting and engineering scaleable software based solutions. More recently he has turned his attention to how machine learning and advances in AI will augment human experience. Tim and his team currently deliver world class design and technology to numerous startup and emerging companies as well as the Fortune 50 in a variety of industries. He is proud

Micah Christian


Sons Of Serendip



Micah Christian is a singer/songwriter and arranger from Boston, MA. While music has always been a central part of his life, he completed his Bachelor of Arts at Stonehill College in Communication and Sociology, and his Master of Divinity at Boston University School of Theology. Micah served as a volunteer in Latin America for two years, and he also volunteered for a month in Calcutta, India with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. He is the lead singer for America's Got Talent Finalist, Sons of Serendip, through which he hopes to spread love and build a better world.

Steve Connell Connell

Creative Force and Chief Badass

Steve Connell Creates

Valley Village

United States

A transformative writer & entertainer with live performances as dynamic as his words. Private performances include President Obama, Oprah, Maya Angelou, & Norman Lear; His work has been seen on ABC, HBO, MTV & performed live at Sundance, TEDMED, Kennedy Center, & The White House. Corporate giants Cox, Pioneer, ADP & Gap Inc. are among the many companies amazed by Steve’s ability to entertain & inform with immersive multimedia speeches & performances. His celebrated piece “We Are The Lions” has 9+ million views & was performed at the UN & his band KillThePoets is hard at work on their new album

Kim Dabbs

Global Director, Social Innovation




Kim Dabbs is a social entrepreneur, advocate and innovator who is leading Global Social Innovation for Steelcase. She has a passion for building a culture of opportunity and is leveraging that mindset as she partners with organizations leading transformational change projects around the world. She has scaled innovation and designed programs that showcase social impact over multiple sectors and continues to look for Changemakers to accelerate and amplify globally.

Romke de Haan

Business Development Officer




Romke de Haan is a creative strategist and technologist with over 20 years of experience. Romke has helped scale, create, and stabilize businesses of various sizes or industries, specifically focused on IT modernization. Currently, Romke is helping a national non-profit i.c.stars, a workforce, and leadership training program, scale across the country.

Romke is also a graduate of the Homeboyz program, which took kids away from gangs in IT training.

Romke is a father of four amazing children. He also enjoys, DJing, dancing, and painting.

David Delgado

Visual Strategist

JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)/ NASA

Los Angeles


Visual Strategist, NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab
Whether it be standing inside the growing tail of a comet or vacationing on planets many light years away, David creates experiences that elicit wonder and remind us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. A central theme to his work is the relationship between imagination and the desire to explore. David previously worked for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, where he led a bootcamp for the imagination focused on designing solutions for living on the planet Mars. Outside of JPL, David works as an independent creative director.

Steve Downer

Lead Creative

theDifference Studios



Steve Downer is a native Montanan who's passionate about making art and telling stories. In his 10-year career as an illustrator he has worked with clients including DC Entertainment, Gamewright, Warner Bros., Condé Nast and many others.

Liz Dozier

Founder & CEO

Chicago Beyond



From education to activism, Liz Dozier has spent her career working to disrupt a culture of inequity. In 2016, Dozier launched Chicago Beyond, a youth equity platform that fuels ideas, organizations, people and ventures fighting for all youth to achieve their fullest human potential. Chicago Beyond has invested more than $30 million in local organizations that work to create access and opportunity for young people. Her ambition is born from her experiences as an educator in Chicago Public Schools turning around one of its most violent and underperforming high schools.

Susan Duffy

Executive Director Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership

Babson College



Dr. Susan Duffy is the Executive Director of the Babson College Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL), a co-founder of the Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab venture accelerator, and an inspired educator and advocate for gender equity as a driver of social and economic growth. Susan earned her Ph.D. from The George Washington University, co-owned a commercial construction company, and owned and operated Ho-Lee-Chow, a Chinese fast-food franchise. Susan is an investor and advisor to several early stage companies and serves on the boards of the Tory Burch Foundation and the Walmart Foundation International Advisory Council.

Theresa Duncan

Director of Philanthropic Engagement

Burning Man

San Francisco


Theresa Duncan thrives at the intersection of social change, creativity, and philosophy. As Director of Philanthropic Engagement at Burning Man, Theresa support the global mission, inspires philanthropy, and fervently shares Burning Man’s culture of gifting. Previously, Theresa served as the VP of Development at the Aquarium of the Pacific and taught fundraising to grassroots environmental organizations across the country. A pragmatic optimist and lifelong advocate for social justice, the environment, and the arts, she is also author of a book of poetry "tell me more, but don't use any words."

Steven Duong

Assistant Vice President

RBC Capital Markets



Steven is an equity research Associate Vice President at RBC Capital with fifteen years of experience in equity research and investment banking. Steven has also spent time in Panama involved in real estate brokerage and investment and the Kalu Yala organization. He is focused on financial modeling and business planning, analysis, and development.

Rochelle Fairfield

Executive Director

Human Data Commons Foundation

roberts creek


Rochelle Fairfield works as Executive Director for the Human Data Commons Foundation (HDC) in Vancouver. Her work integrates academia, industry governance and ethical praxis in Big data and AI through designing and facilitating related projects and events, as well as presenting to industry. She has an MA in Integral Theory, ran a private commercial fishing operation and co-managed the BC Spot Prawn Fishery in partnership with the Canadian and First Nations Governments. Rochelle recently ordained as a lay Zen monk and is co-author of the HDC’s annual Quantified Self Report Card.

Elysa Fenenbock



San Francisco


Elysa is a healer of creativity, designer of products, champion of learning, and maker of covetable things. As Google’s first designer-in-residence, she ignites innovation, spearheads social impact projects, and builds immersive art experiences. She is the co-founder of Design Mystics which empowers changemakers to design transformative change and innovation for self, organization, and community. Closer to home, Elysa teaches at the Stanford d.school and plays with fiber and fire — though not at the same time — in her studio. Previously, Elysa worked at IDEO where she developed the Design Thinking for Educators platform.

David Ford

Founder and CEO




Dave spent the last 15 years as a business leader in media, advertising, and technology, working with some of the largest companies in the world. Inspired by two years of travel that included an expedition to Antarctica and an intensive journey deep into the Bolivian Amazon, Dave founded SoulBuffalo in an effort to synchronize his work with his passion for conservation and a deeper sense of purpose. Under Dave's leadership, SoulBuffalo has grown into an effective and influential catalyst for meaningful global change.

Laura Gabbert


Laura Gabbert Films

Los Angeles


Director Laura Gabbert’s critically acclaimed films use humor and drama to unflinchingly put a human face on social and cultural issues. Gabbert directed the documentary CITY OF GOLD (Sundance) about Pulitzer Prize winning food writer Jonathan Gold. About it, the NY Times wrote, “the film does as much to demystify and yet romanticize LA as any Chandler novel.” Other credits: SUNSET STORY (PBS), NO IMPACT MAN (Sundance). In 2017, Gabbert directed MONUMENT | MONUMENTO about the US-Mexico border. She is currently directing a documentary about Yotam Ottolenghi and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Felicia Gangloff-Bailey

Visual and Performing Arts Program Coordinator and Manger

Roses in Concrete Community School



Felicia Gangloff-Bailey, a native of Sacramento, California, is currently an educational psychology doctoral student in the School of Education at Howard University and a member of SOL Development, a Hip-Hop/Jazz/Soul ensemble of music teachers. Her dissertation explores the relationships between racial socialization messages received from hip-hop and racial identity on the motivational beliefs of African American college students. Implications of her work will provide added understanding of the intersections of motivation processes and racial and cultural variables to further understand African American student achievement. Felicia has over 15 years of piano training and currently assists with the Kinder Choir at Roses in Concrete Community School in East Oakland. Felicia has received the education and outreach award (Howard University) for her research and is a 2015 cohort member of the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society (Yale University).

Gary Gannon

Co-Founder and Principal




Mr. Gannon, co-founder of sciGaia, is focused on initiatives designed to improve policy and decision making through the use of Wealth Metrics that value social, environmental, economic, and human assets. His team is building powerful and intuitive decision-making platforms designed to improve human health, community prosperity, environmental resilience, and sustainable water supply. Gary played a key role in helping create XBRL and is an International Advisory Board member of UN Global Compact Cities Programme.

Tatiana Gant

Executive Director

Montana Arts Council



Tatiana Gant is the Executive Director of the Montana Arts Council. Tatiana has held positions as Executive Director of the Illinois Arts Council Agency and Project Director for the National Endowment for the Arts Education Leaders Institute, a national think-tank to address pressing education issues. Early in her career, she worked as a teaching artist, founded a community clay studio, and supported the management of a not-for-profit multi-arts community-based organization. Tatiana holds visual arts degrees from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Adams State University.

Tom Garnsey

Music consultant/event manager

Vootie Productions



Tom has been one of the top music programmers in the North West for 25 years. While playing in his own band – The Hooligans, Tom has continued to create events, promote, and bring amazing music to the mountains, with bands including Tom has worked with Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Taj Mahal, Dave Matthews, Alison Krauss Branford Marsalis, REM, Widespread Panic, and many more.

Richard Geer

Artistic Director

Story Bridge



Richard Owen Geer, Ph.D. People Magazine says "Geer heals troubled communities with the magic of theatre--and the gift of new hope." American Theatre Magazine calls Geer's work a "gem of cultural democracy." Geer's Story Bridge Method empowers organizations, generations, and races to play and co-create. With artist and urban planner, Dr. Qinghong Wei, Geer is shifting consciousness in individuals and groups. Geer is the co-author of two books: Story Bridge: From Alienation to Community Action, and Open Circle: Story Arts and the Reinvention of Community.

Roshi Givechi

Design Consultant

Creative Sabbatical TM

New York


Roshi Givechi is a design consultant on a self-prescribed creative sabbatical, prioritizing narrative/film to spotlight resilience and beauty in humanity. After 19 years with IDEO as Partner and Exec Design Director, she taps her global exposure to spark creative solutions for individuals, emerging teams and established organizations. When designing better cities, services, or shaping stories, she channels choreography, dissecting many parts that combine to make a greater whole. Roshi recognizes the power design has to address any challenge in elegant and impactful ways, and loves being ITF.

Mark Goerner



Santa Barbara


Mark Goerner has had a diverse and dynamic career as a concept designer, futurist providing services, for the feature film industry, contributing to “Minority Report”, “Constantine”,“X-men 2”, “Superman”, “Iron Man 2", “Thor”, "Fantastic Voyage", and "Avitar". As an industrial design he contributed advanced concepts for BMW/Designworks, Intel, Toyota, Honda, the High Roller wheel in Las Vegas. He is taking these influences and knowledge as well as a background in manufacturing to found eqogo, a robust platform to evaluate products for their long term value and environmental impacts.

Elke Govertsen

CEO Mamalode




Elke Govertsen launched and led Mamalode ("America's Best Parenting Magazine" for a decade. Elke is the founder and CEO of Mamalode Media Company which has been called “America’s best parenting magazine” by Lisa Stone, Founder of BlogHer. Named one of Origin magazine’s Top 100 Creatives, featured in Forbes.com, Real Simple, Ad Tech, Huffington Post, and Godaddy Garage, Elke has made a large national footprint from Montana. She has spoken at events like AdWeek, The Girls Lounge, and C2 Montreal, and TEDx. Elke is on the HATCH Board of Directors.

Rhia Gowen

Ocean Advocate & Choreographer

Mission Blue

santa cruz


Ocean Advocate & Choreographer

Rhia Gowen is a professional dancer / choreographer and transformational coach. She co-founded United Multimedia Artists, a dance theatre performance company in Kyoto, and trained with Natalie Rogers in Person Centered Expressive Art Therapy.

She is currently working with Sylvia Earle at Mission Blue, creating interactive art events to celebrate the beauty of the ocean and invite innovative ways to engage people in protecting our water planet.

Joseph Graves


GroundSwell SPC



Joe is a cofounder and the Chief eXperience Officer at GroundSwell SPC, a social purpose fintech dedicated to sustainably funding organizations making the world a better place. He's a reformed investment advisor and dabbled in a range of industries with roles in marketing, manufacturing, e-commerce, transportation, and construction.

Joe has no degrees, but he does read a lot.

Thomas Gruber

AI Product Designer


Santa Cruz


Tom Gruber is a product designer and entrepreneur who uses technology to augment human intelligence. He was cofounder and head of design for Siri, the intelligent personal assistant on Apple’s latest devices. Previously, he led design and technology for pioneering companies in Collective Knowledge Systems and Collaborative Knowledge Management, which harvest the collective contributions of people working together on line. His research in Artificial Intelligence helped lay the foundation for the Semantic Web. He is passionate about contact improvisation and underwater photography.

Meredith Haberfeld





As CEO of ThinkHuman, Meredith supports businesses, and the people in them, to be the best version of themselves. ThinkHuman works with companies like SoulCycle, Betterment, Spotify and Flatiron Health doing leadership and personal development. Meredith’s professional journey began with a degree in molecular biochemistry from Reed College, studying the effect of stress hormones on immune cells. Later, as senior vice president at Paradigm Direct, Meredith helped grow the firm into a $200 million company. The “on-the-court MBA” shaped her work to hav companies can be agents of positive change.

John Hagel


Center for the Edge



I'm drawn to the edge because that is where I can learn faster and achieve greater impact. Dedicated to helping people overcome their fear and finding a path to their own edge. I've spent almost 40 years in Silicon Valley. Founder of two tech start-ups, senior exec at Atari, helped open McKinsey & Co.'s Silicon Valley office and started their e-commerce practice in 1993. Since 2007, founder and leader of the Center for the Edge, a Silicon Valley based research center sponsored by Deloitte. Written 7 books and finishing my 8tt.. Active on social media and my blog site is Edge Perspectives

Chris Harris

Senior Program Officer

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation



Chris Harris is a senior program officer in Entrepreneurship for the Kauffman Foundation, where he leads investments in programs which seek to remove barriers for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and all places. Harris gained experience in communities across Kansas where he designed and led programs to support nonprofit capital campaigns, early-stage equity funding for startups, and address rural issues. He also built coalitions and passed multiple bipartisan legislative bills to support community development and entrepreneurship efforts across the state.

David Hersey


Leap Forward



Technologist, software developer and evolving human being working on helping us all tap into our innate yet elusive potential to love, serve and understand each other so we may thrive together on this planet.
Co-founder of Leap Forward a non-profit focused on combining technology, neuroscience and psychology to intentionally direct our next step of evolution, rewiring our natural ME-centered survival mechanisms and create interdependent communities of WE that can tap into our collective creative genius and achieve a thriving future for all peoples on this planet.

Ronit Herzfeld


Leap Forward



Integral psychotherapist and social activist devoted to guiding people to connect with their higher purpose and live from an open heart. Fusing psychology, neurology, technology and spirituality to create innovative tools and practices to help humanity become more aware of and learn to manage our feelings, deepening our relationships with our selves and each other, and freeing us to Leap toward a new level of cooperation. Founded World Artists for Tibet- worked with European Parliament and His Holiness the Dalai Lama; co-founded the Integral Institute with Ken Wilber.

Jason Hirschton


Full Cirlce Fund



Jay is the Executive Director & CEO at Full Circle Fund. Throughout his career Jay has been able to work for dynamic and forward thinking organizations across the country, and has always committed his time to mission driven organizations dedicated to making positive change. His specialties include Non-profit management, corporate partnership/business development, program development, evaluation and feedback, database administration and organizational optimization.

Amy Hyfield

Executive Director

O.P. and W.E Edwards Foundation

Red Lodge


Amy is the ED of a foundation committed to the non-profit sector, early childhood issues and Indian country. Her educational background is in physical chemistry with a dabbling in philosophy. She is an organizer and a planner by nature and is an overcommitted volunteer working as a firefighter, EMT and member of Search and Rescue with Red Lodge Fire Rescue, a youth cross country ski coach and wherever her kids’ hearts lead them. She enjoys trail running, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, rafting, Nordic skiing, snowboarding and spending time with her amazing children, pets and friends.

Cary James

STEM Director

Bangor High School



Cary teaches at Bangor High School in Bangor Maine. His students have excelled in national and international science competitions including the 2010 National Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP), the 2011 Bjorn von Euler Innovation in Water Scholarship, and the 2016 first place INTEL Science Talent Search “Global Good” award. He has a passion for improving the quality of water for people around the world. He has focused student research on water sanitation, conservation, and remediation. He directs the NSF SMART program helping students solve issues related to climate change and stormwater.

Jacqueline Jenkins

Chief Impact & Strategy Officer

United Way of New York City



Jackie is a philanthropy executive and change leader who spends her time igniting people to support the most vulnerable populations in our country. She has helped to transform the hearts, minds, and habits of purposeful people in progressive places like the Coalition of Essential Schools, The New School University and now at United Way of New York City. A teacher at her core, her gift is inspiring people to act with boldness and humility on their journeys to change themselves, their teams, their organizations and their communities in a complex and inequitable world.

Mai-Tsaro Johnson

Drum Instructor

The Drum Coaches LLC



Mai-Tsaro Johnson is the co-founder of www.TheDrumCoaches.com and co-founder of Mino Yanci. His work as a drummer has inspired and helped thousands of young drummers across the world. With hs band, he has performed at SF Jazz, San Jose Summer Jazz Festival and has been selected to the YBCA 100 List along with the likes of Janet Mock, Janelle Monae and Tarana Burke (Me Too Movement)

Clare Jones





what3words is the world's first addressing system designed for voice - every 3m x 3m square in the world has been assigned an address made of just three words from the dictionary.

Clare is the CCO of what3words; prior to this, her background was in the development and growth of social enterprises, including in impact investing. She studied for an undergraduate degree in English, with her graduate degree in the Geography Department at the University of Cambridge, and she volunteers with the Streetlink project, doing health outreach work with sex workers in South London.

Dana Jozefczyk


Merchant & Gould



Dana is an intellectual property attorney with the law firm Merchant & Gould. Dana assists Hatchers with their intellectual property concerns and questions, helping them protect their ideas, dreams, and initiatives. In return, the Hatch community has provided unwavering inspiration, support, and kindness. Dana is excited for another Hatch and the opportunity to meet and help more incredible Hatchers!

De Kai

Professor / Musician

HKUST & ICSI Berkeley / ReOrientate



DE KAI - AI, language, music, social, cognition work to raise cultural empathy and understanding. Named Founding ACL Fellow for foundational contributions to Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/etc translators; named Debrett's 100 most influential figures of Hong Kong. Founding AI Professor at HKUST; Distinguished Research Scientist at Berkeley’s ICSI. Machine learning for natural language processing, machine translation, computational creativity, empathetic AI, music tech, AI ethics. Kellogg-HKUST EMBA, UC Berkeley CS PhD. A multi-instrumentalist songwriter classically trained at Northwestern University's School of Music, De Kai started piano and composing at age 4 while simultaneously immersed in the improvisational, rhythmic, conversational forms of Chicago's blues, soul and funk. At Berkeley he studied West African polyrhythms prior to years of intensive training on flamenco cajón with a wide range of top Spanish percussionists and dancers. www.dekai.org

Tia kansara


Replenish Earth Ltd


Please Select One

Tia is an award-winning entrepreneur. She is the founder and director of Kansara Hackney Ltd. This is a partnership with Dr Rod Hackney, which fosters sustainable design and implementation for the future generation of private and commercial clients. In 2010, she wrote the brief and appointed the architects Foster + Partners for Saudi American Bank‘s multi-million dollar headquarters as the first female to judge a LEED platinum building in Riyadh. Her Ph.D. at University College London, Energy Institute is on designing future cities. She is the founder of the Replenish Earth Ltd.

Aryeh-Or Katz



Los Angeles


Aryeh-Or is a multidisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, CA. His primary focuses lie in theatrical/cinematic arts, music and literature. Aryeh received a in degree in theatrical arts from AADA and has worked in Film & TV with industry greats such as Clint Eastwood, Antoine Fuqua & Leonardo DiCaprio. Aryeh has played music all his life and is currently working on his first studio album with his band Warrior Medicine. He is also an avid traveler, combining adventure and service from building a primary school in Malawi to joining the front lines at Standing Rock.

Hannah Keck


In the Round

San Francisco


Hannah A. Keck strives to unite art, technology, and community to impact greater social change and authentic human connections. Informed by her early research in Material Culture and Exhibition Design at the Louvre in Paris, Hannah approaches Experiential Marketing and Event Strategy in a human-centered way. Her work continuously seeks to shape a powerful new language for global authenticity and empathy. Most recently, she's been contributing to exciting projects with Kapor Center, IDEO, Women in Product, and Reimagine End of Life--a festival breaking down taboos around death and dying.

Ezra Klein

Editor-at-large, Co-Founder




Ezra is the editor in chief at Vox Media, which he co-founded in 2014 to create a new politics site. He began his career in 2003, as an intern for the Washington Monthly in Washington, D.C. In 2007, he began working for the American political magazine American Prospect. After that, he became the Columnist for The Washington Post and he began writing at the newspaper in 2009. He became a columnist there in addition to his work at The Washington Post and MSNBC in 2011. In 2010, he was named Blogger of the Year by The Week magazine and The Sidney Hillman Foundation. He was named one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington, D.C., by GQ in 2011. His blog was also named one of the 25 best financial blogs by Time magazine that year. Klein left the Washington Post in January 2014. He also provided political commentary on MSNBC‘s The Rachel Maddow Show, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. In 2015, he launched The Weeds, a Vox podcast of detailed discussions on public policy.

Shane Koyczan


Not really. I'm tidy, but I like a little chaos to the way I organize.



I sit before flowers
hoping they will train me
in the art of opening up

I stand before mountain tops
believing avalanches will teach me to let go

I know

but I am here
to learn.

Yarrow Kraner

HATCH Founder, CEO




Yarrow is the Founder of HATCH, Aspen Institute Fellow, named 2015 top 100 creatives in the U.S. by Origins, and featured in the book Talent for Humanity. As a Filmmaker, he's directed projects for Richard Branson, The Rock, P Diddy, and International brands. Yarrow has built global networks since 1999, when he founded one of the pioneer social media properties based on connecting real life heroes and rewarding youth for community volunteerism, growing to 1.5 Million subscribers in 2003, acquired by Fox. Yarrow is also founder of H360.ai, a platform to accelerate impactful collaborations.

Terry Kvasnik

Movement Mentor & Performance Artist

Mindful Movement Medicine



Terry's lifetime in the movement arts spans three decades. From gymnastics, martial arts, break dancing, circus arts, yoga, dance, Qi Gong and his pioneering work in Parkour, he's enjoyed a twenty-year career working with Cirque du Soleil, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, and many other high-caliber projects. An inspiring and dynamic performer, stunt man, choreographer, show designer, and filmmaker, Terry is now focused on developing unique programs for educational systems so that, through the movement arts, children may flourish in every area of their lives.

Kenneth Lacovara

Author/Paleontologist/Museum Director

Edelman Fossil Park of Rowan University



Kenneth Lacovara has unearthed some of the largest dinosaurs ever to walk the earth, including the massive Dreadnoughtus, which weighs more than seven T. rex. He is a TED speaker and author of Why Dinosaurs Matter. His discoveries have landed three times in Discover magazine’s 100 Top Science Stories of the Year. Currently, he is researching the extinction of the dinosaurs. He is a fellow of The Explorers Club, and Director of the Edelman Fossil Park, where he is building a museum designed to connect people to deep time, the contingencies of natural history, and the fragility of our planet.

Christine Lai





Christine Lai is a cross-sector collaboration catalyst, connecting capital, ideas, opportunities, and people for positive social change. She currently serves as a Connector with several communities and organizations. Previously, Christine served as Chief of Staff with Delivering Happiness, a coachsultancy [hybrid coaching + consulting] creating more successful, sustainable cultures within organization. She has prior experience in education, hospitality, and sports. Christine is geo-flexible and loves bringing people together to strengthen communities of belonging.

Charlotte Langley

Chef and Culinary Curator

Scout Canning, Restaurants Canada, MSC, STACKT



Charlotte Langley hails from PEI where she cultivated a deep love for the oceans and her ‘Maritime Chic’ style of cooking. She aims to nurture and inspire through food with consciously selected ingredients that celebrate season, terroir and the delicate ecosystems that sustain us. Constantly challenging herself and what it means to be a chef, Charlotte founded Scout Canning, Canada’s first fresh canned seafood company, and through her role as ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) she champions the importance of choosing seafood that is both sustainable and traceable.

Esther Lee

Global Chief Marketing Officer


New York


Esther Lee’s career is grounded in defining brands and developing marketing that creates maximum value for the company and its customers. This principle has guided her work, in her roles as Global CCO at Coca-Cola; SVP for Brand, Marketing, Advertising and Sponsorships at AT&T; and now, Global CMO at MetLife. She has worked to drive business growth by defining engagement strategies based on what customers want and need. In her early career, she held leadership positions at advertising agencies, including global networks and entrepreneurial shops like DiNoto Lee, the agency she co-founded.

Génifère Legrand

Chief Creative Officer




As the Chief Creative Officer of C2, Génifère holds the reins on the company’s creative process. The driving force behind the magic of C2, she weaves artistry, showmanship and attention to detail together to delAs the Chief Creative Officer of C2, Génifère holds the reins on the company’s creative process. The driving force behind the magic of C2, she weaves artistry, showmanship and attention to detail together to deliver truly unique experiences. Génifère oversees the content and event programming for C2’s flagship conferences as well as the design and execution of its international events.

Chris Lehmann

CEO / Founding Principal

Science Leadership Academy Schools



Chris is the founding principal and CEO of Science Leadership Academy Schools, a network of progressive public schools in Philadelphia, PA considered to be pioneers of the School 2.0 movement. Chris is the co-founder of Inquiry Schools which is dedicated to helping schools become more empowering, modern learning spaces.

Chris has won the McGraw Prize in Education and has been named Outstanding Leader of the Year by the International Society of Technology in Education. Chris is co-author of Building School 2.0: How to Create the Schools We Need with Zac Chase and father to Jakob and Theo.

Matt Leighty

President and Founder

Leighty & Associates



Matt is a grant writing professional with experience working for non-profits, municipalities, and school districts. At ease with large federal applications and corporate and foundation funding sources, he has raised more than $4 million for his clients since launching Leighty & Associates in 2014. This translates to additional academic resources for thousands of students, mentoring opportunities for thousands of at-risk youth, dozens of scholarships, and hundreds of homeless individuals seeing a doctor to have their basic healthcare needs met, among many other wonderful projects.

Jeff Leitner

Just Jeff

Just Leitner



I have built a career by solving problems nobody was particularly worried about. I authored See Think Solve: A Simple Way to Tackle Tough Problems to help people alter norms to effect social change. I partnered with the OECD to develop the first sequence for tackling all of the world’s problems. I founded Insight Labs and UX for Good to enlist senior strategists and designers in solving problems for governments, institutions and NGOs. And I designed the first doctorate in social innovation, hoping to produce hundreds more people solving problems nobody was particularly worried about.

Nadine Lipson

Owner, Founder

The Resort at Paws Up



Nadine is an owner and one of the founders of the Resort at Paws Up located in Greenough, Montana which consists of 37,000 acres and 10 miles of the Blackfoot River. Her focus is the design and details that her guests experience at the resort. Nadine uses this as a platform for her passions of animals, history and the land.

Keisha Mabry

Creator + Founder


St Louis


Keisha Mabry is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur on a mission to change the world one connection at a time. She has been featured on NPR, TED, the Nine Network, Facebook, Fox 2 News, Next Step U, The Business Journal, Blavity and The United State of Women for her work in culture and community building. In addition, Keisha is a lecturer at Washington University, an Aspen Ideas Scholar, a contributor for HuffPost and her book "Hey Friend: 100 Ways to Connect with 100 People in 100 Days" is a movement to make the world friendlier than it’s ever been. Learn more at keishamabry.com.

Mike MacCombie

Director of Platform

ff Venture Capital

New York


Mike MacCombie is a community builder who studies how the most highly engaged and supportive communities thrive. He believes that no person should be unable to solve a problem worthy of their life simply because they don't know the right people. He helps entrepreneurs across the country grow their companies as Director of Platform at ff Venture Capital, an early stage firm in New York City, and is working on a project to build the most generous community in the world.

Erica Mackey

CEO and Co-Founder




Erica Mackey is the co-founder and CEO of MyVyllage, a movement built to reimagine childcare and early childhood education system. Erica was the COO & co-founder Off-Grid Electric, the world’s first scalable off-grid electric company, connecting over 1 million Africans to affordable solar energy. She has been recognized as a fellow at the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship, named to Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs, selected as a delegate for the Academy of Achievement. Her ventures have raised more than $150 million from investors like Elon Musk and Paul Allen.

Alan Macy

R&D Director

BIOPAC Systems, Inc.

Santa Barbara


Alan Macy is the Research and Development Director, past President and a founder of BIOPAC Systems. He designs data processing systems that help identify meaningful interpretations from signals produced by life processes. He focuses on psychophysiology, emotional and motivational state measurements, magnetic resonance imaging and AR/VR implementations. His recent research explores ideas of human nervous system extension and the associated impacts upon perception. As an applied science artist, he specializes in the creation of cybernated art, interactive sculpture and environments.

Anne Mahlum

CEO, Founder




Anne M. Mahlum is a female entrepreneur who knows how to create and build with purpose…and she knows how to do it quickly. She is currently the Founder, Owner and CEO of a fast-growing boutique fitness company she founded in DC in 2013 called [solidcore]. In just over 4 years, Anne has grown her company to 35 locations (entirely corporately owned) with more than 100,000 clients, including Michelle Obama. [solidcore] has studios in DC, Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, Long Island, Texas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, North Dakota, Chicago, Michigan, and Indianapolis.

Mirela Marku





Born in Albania educated in Boston Mirela has more than 20 years experience in Mobile and Wireless industry. She is fascinated by the fast paste of change, the beauty and the power of technology to impact our lives.
A “Le Cordon Bleu” graduate, Mirela loves everything food, growing, cooking, teaching and mostly enjoying it.

Benjamin McBride

Head of Partnerships

Zoo Labs, BE-IMAGINATIVE and SOL Development



"Benjamin “BJ” McBride is the Co-Founder of BE-IMAGINATIVE, manager for SOL Development + Mino Yanci, and Head of Strategic Partnerships for Zoo Labs. Prior to taking on these positions, BJ was Special Assistant to Mayor Kevin Johnson for the City of Sacramento where he was a founding member of a political action committee called IndiviZible and instrumental in the retention of the Sacramento Kings. He also worked with Sony Music Entertainment Columbia Records in the A&R (Artist and Repertoire Dept.) and Universal Music Group (Contracting and Licensing Dept.). He is currently on the advisory committee for San Francisco Museum of African Diaspora and Blackout for Human Rights. He obtained his Bachelors of Arts Degree in African- American Studies with a concentration in History and a Minor in Urban Education from the University of California in Los Angeles.

Ashley McCullough





Founder/CEO of MOBLHOM. Former professional athlete. Brand strategist for major women's and outdoor lifestyle brands.

Luke McKay

Assistant Research Professor

Montana State University



Raised in the dense woods of central Alabama, Luke is no stranger to rich biological diversity and humidity beyond belief. Nowadays, Luke is an astrobiologist who searches the piping hot ecosystems of Yellowstone for clues into the origin of life. He can currently be seen on Netflix in The Most Unknown, an epic documentary film that explores the scientific curiosity behind some of humanity’s deepest unanswered questions. Luke’s recent TEDx talk, “Life, Electrons, and Aliens” examines what actually makes life tick, and delves into the incredible likelihood of life elsewhere in the universe.

Tom McMakin





Tom is the CEO of PIE, a leading business development platform used by professional services firms. He spent a decade in private equity and was also the COO of Great Harvest Bread Co. He is the author of How Clients Buy (Wiley, 2018) and Bread and Butter (St. Martin's Press, 2001). He is currently the Vice-Chair of MoFi, a non-profit bank serving the upper Rockies. He started his career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon and helped start the first Peace Corps program in the Baltics. He is a Goldman Sachs scholar and a graduate of Oberlin College.

Chris Megrue

Senior Growth Manager

Farmers Business Network

East Palo Alto


Chris is a Senior Growth Manager at an agriculture tech start up working to transform how data and information is used in agriculture. With extensive experience traveling throughout rural places in the world, he likes to focus on how stakeholders from varying backgrounds and with varying interests come together to determine how a landscape is managed and ultimately used.

David Mikkelson

Founder and CEO




David Mikkelson is the founder and CEO of Snopes.com, the oldest and most respected fact-checking site online. Mikkelson founded the site in 1994 and today the site receives over 20 million unique monthly visitors. David speaks worldwide about combating “fake news” and the rise of the digital age and its impact on investigative journalism. Managing everything from researching and writing articles about urban legends to overseeing the site’s technical infrastructure, David made Snopes.com the go-to place for Internet users to query the veracity of anything questionable they encounter online.

Mason Morton


Sons Of Serendip



Mason Morton is a harpist from Atlanta, Georgia. His love of music was instilled early on, and quickly became a passion for him. Mason began to see his own potential as a musician with the help of his harp mentors: principal harpist of the Atlanta Ballet, Nella Rigell, and former principal harpist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Ann Hobson Pilot. He completed his undergraduate work at Rice University and his graduate studies at Boston University. In 2014, he began his journey with Sons of Serendip. As a member of the quartet, he hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Jenna Myrland


J. Myrland Workshop

Eden Prairie


For 10 years, Jenna has designed and launched human-centered experiences that connect humanitarians and refugees worldwide. From an idea competition for front line responders to a refugee-led computer lab to a catalytic event gathering dignitaries, designers and changemakers from around the world… her focus is in shared values and reframing narratives. Currently she is channeling insights from her experiences across disciplines. Her goal is to explore how wonder can become a lens through which we invent futures that foster narratives of inclusion and belonging through play.

Catherine Nomura

Director of Global Strategy

Strategic Coach

Mill Valley


Creator of entrepreneurial change-makers at scale, building tools, communities & mindsets to unleash entrepreneurial capability globally.

Harold O'Neal


Piano Cinema


New York

Harold O'Neal is a pianist, composer, and speaker. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri via Arusha, Tanzania. He has traveled the world sharing his sound in music, having worked with U2, Disney, Jay-Z, and as an actor in HBO's "Boardwalk Empire". His voice has been featured in many of the world's leading platforms such as Fortune Magazine, Google Cubed, and the 92Y's 7 Days Of Genius series. The New York Times has compared his musical works to Maurice Ravel and Duke Ellington. He is regarded by many to be one of this generation's greatest pianists.

Hakeem Oluseyi


Florida Institute of Technology



Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi is an astrophysicist, cosmologist, inventor, educator, mentor, science communicator, author, humanitarian, and TV personality. He is also the Astrophysicist and Space Science Education Lead for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters. Hakeem is passionate about improving lives through advancing knowledge, innovating science education, empowering underserved populations, and promoting broad understanding of science, the universe, and between peoples. He is a professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, and a frequent contributor to the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. He has given multiple TED talks and is regularly invited to speak at science forums all around the world. In 2002, through an organization called Cosmos Education, Hakeem began visiting sub-Saharan African schools to inspire young students, and for his science outreach work he was selected as a 2012 TED Global Fellow.

Erin Patton





Erin Patton is regarded as one of the nation’s foremost experts on branding, sports marketing and Hip-Hop culture, creating pivotal partnerships for an exclusive roster of Fortune 500 brands and pop culture icons. Erin was the original brand architect for the Jordan brand within Nike, engineering its successful launch in 1997. He later spearheaded NBA star Stephon Marbury’s award-winning Starbury brand launch that revolutionized the sneaker industry. Patton has been recognized with numerous awards including the coveted Edison Award, United Nations Honorable Mention, The Network Journal’s “Forty Under Forty Award” and the Innovator Award from the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). Patton has appeared as an expert on ESPN, CNN, VH1, and BET and been quoted in USA Today, Time, Inc., Wall Street Journal and Fortune. As a staunch advocate for higher education, Patton serves an Adjunct Professor of Sports Marketing in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. As a civic leader, Patton supports various national non-profits and causes, including KaBOOM!, which builds playgrounds in underserved areas, and Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), which uses sports to teach life lessons and character development.

Zoë Pawlak

Artist and Designer

Zoë Pawlak Studios Inc.



Zoë Pawlak is a contemporary, Canadian, artist and designer, working with private clients and interior designers. She is an active participant in the Canadian creative community and has made a significant contribution toward supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship. Known primarily for her decade long career as a painter, Zoë’s rug collections, and furniture collaborations earned her a reputation as a notable, emerging designer. Zoë possesses a dynamic personality with a unique capacity to maintain a strong personal aesthetic and a deep love of people.

Chris Petrikin

Executive Vice President, Global Communications and Corporate Branding

Paramount Pictures



Chris Petrikin is Executive Vice President, Global Communications & Corporate Branding for Paramount Pictures, responsible for development of the studio’s corporate brand and global communications strategies, working across the company's film and television divisions as well as with parent company Viacom. Prior to Paramount, Petrikin served as Chief Communications Officer for 20th Century Fox, which followed the William Morris Agency, where he was Head of Corporate Communications. Earlier, Petrikin worked as a reporter for such publications as Variety, Inside.com, GQ, Esquire, Salon, LA Times.

Dale Pfeifer

Founder and CEO

Goodworld Inc



Dale Pfeifer is the founder and CEO of Goodworld -- a social media payments company on a mission to save the world. Goodworld provides social media and charitable giving payments technology to non-profits and financial institutions. Dale is from Southland New Zealand and before founding Goodworld ran the Centre for the Study of Leadership at Victoria University of Wellington.

Kendall Ramseur


Sons Of Serendip



Kendall Ramseur is an award-winning singer/songwriter, composer, and cellist from Charlotte, North Carolina. He began studying cello at age 10, and eventually went on to complete his Bachelors degree at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and his Masters in Cello Performance at Boston University. In 2014, after winning a Boston Music Award as a solo artist, Kendall became a member of Sons of Serendip. His hope is that, through their music, this quartet will inspire others and create unforgettable moments for audiences.

Damani Rhodes

Band Leader/Keyboard

Mino Yanci



Damani Rhodes is the founder of DrumTraxx App co founder of Drumcoaches and band leader for Mino Yanci a jazz fusion band based out of Sacramento, California. His work as a musician, producer and engineer has made him a go to collaborator in the region. His band has performed at SF Jazz, San Jose Summer Jazz Festival and has been selected to the YBCA 100 List along with the likes of Janet Mock, Janelle Monae and Tarana Burke (Me Too Movement)

Kristian Ribberström

Chief Experience Officer

The Medici

New York

New York

Kristian Ribberström is the Chief Experience Officer at The Medici Group where he designs exceptional experiences and programs for clients in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, media, publishing, and consumer goods and services. He has been instrumental in propelling over 2,000 teams worldwide to innovate at high velocity developing game changing solutions. Prior to joining Medici, Kristian taught philosophy and languages in Sweden. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in Education and Language Arts from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mary Anne Richman


MARS Productions, Inc



Mary Anne Richman
CEO, Creator, Experiential Architect, Designer, Entrepreneur
South African industrial theater designer, Mary Anne founded MARS Productions, Inc., producing meetings, events, & digital media. A featured jewelry designer, Mary Anne’s high karat one-of-a-kind pieces are shown in over 80 galleries. In 2009 Mary Anne founded ‘Creative Minds' a collaborative of creatives with the goal to brainstorm, mentor & support one another. In 2013 Mary Anne Co-Founded Black Lace Skin Jewelry, to be worn on the bare skin... featured as THE accessory in Malan Breton’s Show at Fashion Week NYC

Quentin Robinson

Movement Artist/Performer

I Am SpecialFX LLC



USMC Vet Quentin started dancing 20 years ago and went from crafting his passion for dance in a basement to performing in front of millions. He has since devoted his time to humanitar-ian causes and has traveled internationally to kicking off a documentary, and being involved with many other organizations such as Camp Make A Dream. Quentin believes that everyone, in their own way, can enjoy Movement. He aims to make that possible through educating and uplifting everyone with the power of movement. He has captivated audiences at TEDx, BIF, VIDCON 2015-17, Placing 1st in VIBE 2016 dance.

Cordaro Rodriguez


Sons Of Serendip



Cordaro Rodriguez is a composer, songwriter, and arranger from Charlotte, North Carolina. He has produced music for several well-known international artists such as Verbal, Kylie Minogue, CREAM, and Def Tech. After graduating from Princeton University in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, he spent a year volunteering in Ecuador. He then attended Boston University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctor degree. At Boston University he serendipitously reconnected with his childhood friend, Kendall Ramseur, and met his future bandmates -- Mason Morton and Micah Christian. Cordaro is the pianist and lead arranger for Sons of Serendip; he is very grateful to have the opportunity to pursue his love for music.

Jose Rosario

Coordinator of Disability Services

Rhode Island College



Speaker, writer and advocate Jose Rosario is a mental health professional with hopes to facilitate change and make an impact across communities. With his message of empowerment and acceptance, he hopes to reach individuals during some of the most tumultuous points of their lives and encourage healing. His initiative, The Phoenix Empowered, strives to assert that it is permissible to rise up and find your voice.

Marilu Salvador

Director of Sustainability

Conservatorio, S.A.



Marilu is an Education Specialist with 25 years of experience. She has spent her career defending the rights of children and of all humans to receive quality education. After spending the last 4 years working in the Ministry of Education leading National Program for the improvement of educational quality with equity; she decided on a big shift in her career and recently got hired to become Director of Sustainability at Conservatorio, SA in Panama. This new endeavor will allow her to tackle community challenges with a holistic approach and push for social change from within the private sector.

Zoe Schlag

Managing Director




Zoe is an entrepreneur, investor and activist, and serves as the Managing Director of Techstars Impact investing in for-profit, mission-driven entrepreneurs building tech to solve social and environmental problems. Prior to Techstars, Zoe served as founder and CEO of UnLtd USA, and has worked with entrepreneurs from idea through acquisition, in the United States, emerging markets and post-conflict zones.

Casey Schwartz

Founding Exective Director

Yellowstone Club Community



Casey's life and career are devoted to building the capacity of others to improve the world around them. As the founding Executive Director of the Yellowstone Club Community Foundation, Casey partnered with local nonprofits to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing region, supporting emerging entrepreneurs, expanding public school and arts programming, and helping serve human needs. Previously, as a nurse focusing on infant development she mentored new parents in their understanding of their infant while supporting them as they started their journey into parenthood. Committed to continuing support for families on a larger scale by producing Lifetime Network’s, Emmy Award winning TV series What Every Baby Knows. As parents and pregnant moms went online looking for immediate answers, Casey worked to co-create the groundbreaking online resource, BabyCenter.com. Consulting with Proctor and Gamble’s Pampers brand, Casey created the Pamper Parenting Institute, a consortium of leading childcare experts providing resources for hospitals, health departments, and families. Now splitting her time between Big Sky and Boston Casey is working with high school students focusing on social activism to create political change.

Jeff Scult


One Golden Thread



In 2016, Jeff walked from his successful profit-first venture to become a purpose-driven entrepreneur committed to a more sustainable world beginning within each of us. Jeff founded One Golden Thread as for benefit reminding through nature-sourced crazy-cozy clothing that we are already golden inside.

Jeff also supports conscious leaders to distill and amplify their brand language for deepened connection with their stakeholders via his brand soul consultancy - ConSculting.

Jeff writes, ignites and invites all he encounters to share the gift of their golden selves.

Aithan Shapira

Founder + CEO

Making to Think



Artist, Dad, and Founder @ Making to Think. Creative partner developing organizations into incubators of talent @ GE, Google. Pioneering curricula for building cultures of innovation @ MIT Sloan, Harvard iLab, Royal College of Art&Design. Aithan’s painting mentor was a student of Picasso. He exhibited internationally for 15 years while completing PhD research on the creative process, living for 3 years with Aboriginal Australians studying innovation in cultures of survival, directing world-class creative teams in fine art and music, and critic at RISD, RCA, and Berklee College of Music.

Sanjay Sharma

Founder & CEO




Dr. Sharma, a professor of ophthalmology at Queen’s University, has authored over 200 research articles and three books including the American Medical Association’s Evidence-based to Value Based Medicine. His medical research has been cited in the scientific literature over 10,000 times. Dr. Sharma is also the founder of MEDSKL, an EdTech platform which now teaches medical students from over 150 Universities from around the world. Dr. Sharma, who holds advanced degrees in epidemiology and business, completed his education at Harvard University.

Christopher Sheldrick





Chris was organising live music events around the world when he experienced how bands and equipment constantly get lost trying to find venues and festival locations. Frustrated with the pitfalls of addresses, he tried sharing GPS coordinates instead, but they too failed him on several occasions.

He realised addressing just wasn’t good enough and the problem was universal. Determined to find a better way, Chris shared the problem with a mathematician friend to find a solution that was more concise, memorable and easy to communicate. Before long, what3words was born.

Thomas Silverman

Chief Development Officer

Junior State of America

San Francisco


Tom Silverman is radically amazed by the universe. He is an international explorer and truths seeker interested in social entrepreneurship, philosophy, politics and movement building. Tom serves as Chief Development Officer at Junior State of America, a nonprofit with the mission is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. He also serves on HATCH's board of directors.

R Sterling Snead

Chief Financial Officer

S&S Global Family Office

Broken Arrow


Sterling is a passionate investor, data scientist, and serial entrepreneur. With a particular focus on quantified-self, children, special needs, education, technology, fintech, and innovation. His current focus is the first smart-life app utilizing blockchain, machine learning, gamification, and quantified-self. He is also the CFO of a single family office focusing on innovation and impact investing. A polymath by nature and hard work, he desires to leave the world a better place for his own children and the children of the world.

Erick Soderstrom

VP, Global Marketing




Marketer, brand strategy guy, investor, writer (in my own mind) and father to a very opinionated 7 year old.

I've been blessed to have worked on some amazing brands, including my time helping rebuild Converse to its pop culture icon status (and making it interesting enough for Nike to buy.)

Born and raised in Seattle but have been lucky enough to enjoy Boston, Venice Beach, Chicago and now the Silicon Slopes of UT in my current role as VP, Global Marketing at Demo.

Leah Song

front woman, founder, full time touring and teaching artist

Rising Appalachia



Leah Song is a southern born traveler, storyteller, song-catcher, folk musician, avid justice advocate, and deep believer in ‘art that impacts’. She is the co-founder of Rising Appalachia (a 13 year roots music ensemble), the global Movement and Sound workshop series, the Slow Music Movement, and is on the board of the Prison Yoga Project. She has spent a lifetime using her art, her voice, and her vision as a means to create catharsis and community around the world.

Kene Sperry


Eye in the Sky Photography



Photographer, Connecter and Entrepreneur
What I have learned by taking millions of photographs of people all over the world is that we are all connected.
What I have discovered is we all desire to by seen, heard, respected and loved.
The best give you can give anyone is your complete presence, truly it is the best gift you can give yourself.
Photography allows me to gain this insight more often, it helps me connect to all of life and fills my soul with love.

Photography to me is living in the pleasant presence of the present tense.

Bill Stoddart


HomeStake Venture Partners



Bill is a financial activist. He connects people and ideas to create opportunities for transforming the capital markets. Through his independent advisory firm, NorthFork Financial, and as a co-founder of HomeStake Venture Partners, an innovative platform to help mid-market businesses access growth capital from locally-minded investors, he is deeply committed to distributing opportunity, ownership and power.

Summer Stoffel

CSO - Chief Strategy Officer

Snead & Stoffel Global Family Office

Broken Arrow


Summer is the Founder and CEO of EQUICORE, an international IT company specializing in AgTech and data science. These solutions support education, sustainability, biosecurity, welfare, and genomic research. She also serves as a consultant and public speaker for many international non-profit organizations such as the American Horse Council, the National Institute of Animal Agriculture, United States Equestrian Federation, etc. As CSO of SSGFO, she also is passionate about developing a strong network of investments in other industries that create positive impact across multiple sectors.

Eamonn Store


FairShare Inc.



From failed British naval helicopter pilot, to disillusioned WPP ad-exec, to the CEO of the Guardian, it took me a nearly 30 years to build my passion and test it out in the entrepreneurial space. Our company, FairShare helps well-intentioned corporate leaders better execute their good intentions by building more authentic and enduring marketing partnerships with social impact entrepreneurs and activists. We also help entrepreneurs and activists better package their work to attract commercial interest. You can find us at www.fairshareeverywhere.com

Pete Strom

Experience & Culture design

Making To Think | Ten Directions | HATCH



Pete is an people process designer and implementer, a certified Integral Facilitator, licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, entrepreneur, mentor and the developer of numerous restaurants. He is a core member of HATCH Summit, as well as Making To Think and Ten Directions training and consulting teams, specializing in elevating companies and events for higher impact. He is a practitioner of culture design, deliberately developmental org design (DDO), meditation, psychotherapy, and hockey.

Brittany Tanner

Vocal Coach

The People’s Conservatory



Brittany Tanner of Bakersfield California is an accomplished vocalist and member of SOL Development. She complete her debut album "Journey to Be You", with bassist Tarus Mateen, co-produced by Eric "Boots" Greene. While in DC she has performed at the Kennedy Center alongside it's artistic director Jason Moran, and became a household name through the ranks of DC's vibrant open mic scene. She transitioned to Oakland to help start Roses in Concrete Community School with the rest of the SOL Development team and has made her presence know in Oakland as a vocalist which has earned her the respect of notables like Mali Music Monica, Bilal, Robert Glasper and India Arie.

Will Travis


Elevation Barn



Will is a long-term Hatcher and an earlier member of the board. He is the CEO of executive retreat company Elevation Barn, operating in Asia from Bali Indonesia and in the USA outside of New York City. Will believes by uniting diverse industry leaders, he helps them gain guided clarity on their future ambitions, in the safety and confidence of these truly unique retreat locations around the world. Over 200 “Elevators” have now joined the Barn, where they re-engage to take on Grand Challenges to impact global issues through their diverse perspect. This collective is known at the Table.

holly truitt

Lead Designer for Social Innovation and Impact

The University of Montana and City of Missoula



Holly is a co-creatrix by nature. Ask her about her early attempt to build a neighborhood dragon when she was five. The lead designer for social innovation and impact for the University of Montana and the City of Missoula, she regularly speaks, publishes, and directs federally funded research projects to further cross-sector, community-based change. She has been known to cast spells that are rich with creativity, transformation, and joy.

Anitha Vadavatha


d.cent Labs (Misu Labs)



Exponential technologies advisor, Singularity University (SU) alumna & Founder of d.Cent Labs, a Core-Edge ecosystem to drive application of decentralized & AI technologies. Been named ‘Top Ten Frontier Women’ in Blockchain & Digital Assets by UN-Fifth element group in partnership with Thomson Reuters & Morning Star. An advisor/mentor to Crypto/Blockchain, AI, Bio-Healthcare companies at SU Ventures, SU Smart City accelerator, CLSI & GSV Labs. A global speaker, often invited to contribute at UNGA, MIT Media Labs Emerging Worlds, REDX & HOPE Global Forum, besides award winning doc producer.

Natalie Van Dusen


Treeline Coffee Roasters



Natalie’s circuitous career path from summer camp director, to ski bum, to technical recruiter in Silicon Valley brought her to the stunning mountains of Bozeman where she founded Treeline Coffee Roasters. As a dedicated, celebrated, and certified coffee pro, Natalie has built a world-wide network of farmers, importers and friends. Using the backdrop of beautiful Montana, she has woven the outdoors into the world of specialty coffee. She strives to roast an unforgettable cup of coffee that fuels conversations among today’s innovators, outdoor enthusiasts and coffee lovers.

Gabriel Wilson

Leadership Coach | Conflict Mediator | Author | Professor

Developmental Design

Salt Lake City


Gabriel (BA & MA, Stanford) is a leadership coach, conflict mediator, diversity and inclusion specialist, and an ordained zen monk. His work brings together social justice and purpose driven enterprises, design thinking, human psychology and group dynamics.  As a lecturer at Stanford University he taught the innovative class, Designing Your Life.

He is devoted to healing our racial divides. In collaboration with others, his goal is to scale his work into local and national ‘truth and reconciliation’ processes to address our legacy of slavery and prepare us for the global challenges ahead.

Sheryl Winarick

Immigraton Lawyer

Blue Dot Advocates



Sheryl’s 20-year career as an immigration lawyer is consistent with her greater life purpose: to build bridges, foster community & spark joy. She is a TED Resident, Aspen Institute Scholar & HIAS Public Policy Committee member. Her project The Art of Migration is aimed at raising awareness about migration and exploring culture and identity through public art, conversation, and story-telling. Her law firm, Blue Dot Advocates, provides legal solutions for social enterprises & impact investors. Sheryl’s clients include TED, Oxfam, Voyaj and others.

Chris Wink

Artist, Creative Director, Entrepreneur

Self Employed

New York


Chris Wink is the Co-Founder of Blue Man Group (and one of the three original Blue Men) and Co-Founder of the Blue School. He is currently developing a dramedy for TV. He's also an impromptu drum jammer, a health and longevity enthusiast and a "cliteracy" advocate.

Rob Wolcott

Professor of Innovation/ Managing Partner

Kellogg School of Management/ Clareo



Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Wolcott won Teacher of the Year from Kellogg’s EMBA program in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. Managing partner with Clareo, a foresight and growth strategy consultancy serving global corporations. Regular Contributor for Forbes and other publications worldwide.

Co-Founder & Chairman of TWIN Global (www.twinglobal.org). Advisory board member for German enterprise ZF, Italian digital ecosystem H-Farm, and board member of non-profit CureBlindness. Active angel investor.

Cici Woo


Quintessence Storytelling



Cici Woo is a Scientist/Storyteller/Startup Adviser. She is the Creator of Chew On This Storytelling, the first storytelling series in Virtual Reality. She holds a PhD in Clinical Trials Methodology from Johns Hopkins University, and is currently a Visiting Research Scholar at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. She enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs, and helping people discover their unique path. She is dedicated to keeping people connected to the heart. She believes in the power of sleep, and long walks in nature.

David Yakos

Co-Founder Salient Technologies Inc

Salient Technologies Inc



David Yakos is an inventor, designer, artist and engineer. As Co-Owner of Salient Technologies he is named on dozens of patents and has designed hundreds of products from Prototype-of-the-Year by Popular Science to cryogenic control valves for NASA’s spacecraft; from pediatric wheelchairs for kids to oceanic environmental research drones. As someone who is always creating, he also licences out his toy and game ideas out if his invention house, Streamline Design LLC. Titles including Circuit Maze, Mega Tracks, Dunk Hat, Long Cow, Maker Studio, he was recently named Toy-Innovator-of-the-Year.

Katy Yam

MarCom Director // Element AI

Producer // TEDxMontreal



“I am a natural connector of ideas and people. My life’s desire is to help good people succeed. I love to solve problems, facilitate success, coach, teach and share. I am extremely inquisitive by nature and love to learn and explore; curiosity fuels me.” Katy is a multilingual MarCom Director with a 17-year track record of managing high performing product, brand and business intelligence teams. Element AI opened in 2016 and is the largest AI product company in Canada with 5 offices in 4 countries. Katy also runs TEDxMontreal, a non-profit that puts Montreal-born ideas on the global TEDx stage.

John Zirkle

Executive Director

Warren Miller Performing Arts Center

Big Sky


John is a high school music teacher, theater director and producer, choral singer and founding director of the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center (WMPAC) in Big Sky, Montana. Under John’s leadership, WMPAC has hosted over 160 programs featuring artists from all over the world, embodying a vast array of artistic media. With a strong focus on community-driven arts experiences, John has served on panels for the National Endowment for the Arts, the Montana Arts Council, the Western States Arts Federation, and serves on several regional arts boards, including Arts Northwest.

The 2018 NextGen (14 – 20 yrs old)

Emily Alegria





Hi! My name is Emily Alegria, I am 16 years old and a junior at Bozeman High School. I've lived in Bozeman the majority of my life, however in the future I hope to travel and live around the world. I am a debater on the Speech and Debate team along with helping to run a group named Girls For A Change. I also participate in empowerment and volunteering clubs at the high school. I love to read, write, bake, hike, and embroider. I am incredibly interested in learning about the world, and all of the societal workings inside of it.

Ace Beattie


Lone Peak High, Big Sky


Gallatin Gateway

My name is Ace Beattie, and I am a 14 year old freshman at Lone Peak High School. My passion is computers, computer science, and coding. I also love to sing and act in my free time. I lived in St. Louis, Missouri for the first 11 years of my life, then moved to Big Sky.

Rikki Berg


Lone Peak High, Big Sky


Big Sky

My name is Rikki Berg. I was born in Eugene, Oregon, but have lived in Montana for 15 years of my life. 7 of those years have been spent in Big Sky, Montana. I am 16 years old and love anything to do with music and or theatre. I have been to more concerts than I can count and cannot get enough of them. I also love to ski with friends in the winter.

Olivia Bulis


Bozeman High School



Since the age of eight, the stage has always felt like Olivia's home. Never nervous, she feels her best when performing for others- telling stories, either through dancing, acting, song, or speech. She is often inspired by those she sees on stage and screen, and it is her wish to have the same effect on others. To that end, Olivia continues to hone her passions by taking acting classes, classical ballet, and vocal lessons, and collaborating whenever the opportunity arises. She enjoys making a difference in the world, and feels passionately about many causes.

Philip Chadwell


Lone Peak High School


Big Sky

Philip Chadwell is a junior at Lone Peak High School in Big Sky, Montana. Last year he was the recipient of awards from the Connecticut Science Fair for his Wave Energy Electricity Generator and is a High Honours Student. Philip has a passion for mechanical engineering as well as a strong interest in alternative energy sources, specifically, hydropower. Philip has been enrolled in all honours science classes throughout High School which have given him a large basis of knowledge in many fields of science as well as the opportunities to demonstrate his leadership and creativity.

Boone Govertsen-Donaldson


Hellgate High School



Boone Govertsen-Donaldson is a sophomore in high school from Missoula, MT. I have always been a builder and creator (costumes, RC airplanes, inventions). I grew up doing acrobatics/circus/performing. Now I am passionate about snowboarding and lacrosse. I spent time in Chile going to school, traveling and being with my family who lives there. He spends summers in Alaska fishing.

Ellie Jenni





My name is Ellie Jenni, I was born in Bozeman, Montana and am growing up in Missoula, Montana. I am a dancer and a hockey player and a passionate traveler. Through dance I have gone to Austria, China, Italy, and Portugal and loved every bit of it. I hope to one day make a difference in this world I continue to discover every day.

Michelle O'Shea





Michelle is a Senior at BHS, where she's involved in Speech and Debate, is an Editor of the school newspaper, and runs a service club. In her free time, Michelle loves photography, writing, reading, and traveling. She can also often be found volunteering at local political campaigns, and organizing creative and unusual projects to improve the world around her.

Jeremiah Pate





Jeremiah Pate is the founder and CEO of LunaSonde, a remote sensing startup that provides subsurface imaging from space. As a new generation of innovator, whose passion is developing sustainable technologies to better humanity, Jeremiah has been a participant the 2018 Forbes Global Summit in Jerusalem. Jeremiah was recognized by Governor Doug Ducey as the 2015 Arizona Future Innovator of the Year. In 2017, Jeremiah was awarded the Dudley R. Herschbach Award and was a guest at the Nobel
Prize ceremony; he has since reversed Parkinson's twice in the university laboratory setting.

Haden Sangree


Nice Guys Moving


boca raton

My name is Haden Sangree. I am from Boca Raton, Florida. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports and working on robots with my robotics team. My favorite part of robotics is to see the way things work, it's fascinating! There are so many parts of the system that have to work together in harmony to complete a task, it's art. I am looking forward to use my passion as fuel in the fire to make the world a better place.

Brandon Santiago

NextGen || Gentleman

Gentlemen's Retreat



I'm currently a senior at St.Raymond's High School in the Bronx, NY (also class president), and I'm in my last year of the Gentlemen's Retreat program. I want to attend Georgetown University with the hopes of majoring in political science. After graduation, I plan on entering the Marine Corps as an Officer, because I have a passion for the Marines, and I enjoy the difficulty involved with preparing for the challenge. Ultimately, I want my career to be in politics.

Evan Sharma

NextGen || Artist, Founder




Evan Sharma is a neo-expressionist artist who first received national acclaim when, at 12 years old, his work was shown at Toronto’s Artist Project. His paintings have drawn comparisons to those of Basquiat, Matisse and Picasso, and are now being acquired by collectors in New York, L.A. and Dubai. Evan is working on launching RBLB (Right Brain/Left Brain) streetwear to help drive home the idea that to maximize your potential, you have to use both your artistic and logical brain. Evan, who was named one of C2’s “6 Under 16,” has raised over $35,000 for charities including the United Way.

Kenneth Shinozuka

NextGen || CEO



Newport Coast

Kenneth Shinozuka is the inventor of SafeWander, the world's first wearable sensor that sends an alert to a caregiver's smartphone as soon as a patient leaves the bed. His sensor is useful for preventing falls and detecting bed-wandering, a common problem among Alzheimer's patients. The technology was inspired by Kenneth's relationship with his grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer's for over 12 years. Kenneth is currently a junior at Harvard College, where he is studying computational neuroscience and researching the pathology of Alzheimer's.

Anna Sofianek


Bozeman Sr High



Hi my name is Anna Sofinaek and I am a junior in high school. I am a varsity debater, and I also play tennis. I am involved in a few clubs at my school that support equality, leadership, and community. I love my family (including pets) and my friends. I love to hike, ski, travel, and experience new things. I am passionate about leadership and learning about the world and I cannot wait to see what HATCH has to offer me!

Kylie Spence

NextGen || Singer, songwriter, musician

Kylie Spence


Big Sky

An old soul, but young at heart, Kylie Spence writes songs with a universal appeal that listeners of any age will relate to. At only 17 years old, many wonder how Kylie can write songs that seem outside the realm of what an ordinary teenager might experience. Kylie uses this gift to pen powerful lyrics and incorporate them into the production of her original songs. She is a true storyteller at heart, and uses her unique voice to tell a story with every song. Her first EP, “Boomerang,” will be released in the fall of 2018.

Amélie Toler


Bozeman High



I'm a Junior at Bozeman High, a feminist, a musician, an artist, and a competitive gymnast. I love food, the ocean, and equality. I have a pet chicken named Rita and a lion's mane for hair. I also enjoy photography, modeling, and listening to music. I have very strong opinions, especially when it comes to political issues.

Carly Wilson


Lone Peak High School


Gallatin Gateway

Hello my name is Carly Wilson and I am a Freshman at Lone Peak High School. I was born and raised in Big Sky, and love everything Big Sky has to offer! I enjoy doing many physical activities including, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I participate in the few theater opportunities that the community has to offer. I also enjoy playing trombone in the high school band, and I am also a member of student council.

HATCH Team Members

Raymond Ansotegui

Reclamation Scientist/Evolving Mover/Shaker

Currently creating the next step

United States

Raymond has a MS degree in Land Reclamation, and recently retired from a hobby of Rodeo Cowboy Protection. Both have allowed him to continue his love and interaction with people, animals, and Mother Earth. He is driven by the necessity created by both to take quick and decisive actions and the willingness of the sacrifices and rewards that may be present. His love for food and desire to be part of the movement that helps to ensure that healthy meals are available to all has created a new fire in him.

Chris Bruha



United States

Chris Bruha retired Firefighter/EMT, Owner of Bruha Electric in Livingston MT, March 5, 2016 struck a building at a very high rate of speed while flying a Paraglider in Honolulu leaving him with two prothetic feet and some nerve damage 2 years later. The decisions that he alone had to make to move forward with Osseointegration or suffer would change the direction of life but also create some new opportunities to help inspire others.
He is learning that life may plant you in a place where you feel like you are fighting from the bottom but try and fight with grace.

Julia Bryant

Head Marketer

NeoVox Communications

United States

Julia is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for social impact and economic development. She is the founder of NeoVox Communications, a boutique consulting firm focusing on revitalizing digital strategy and PR to optimize engagement. Julia is empowered by being a part of any team and learning as much as she can from teachers that present themselves. Travel, family, and spontaneous adventures with her three-year-old spitfire keep her inspired.

Josie Caton

Facilitator, Ski Guide

United States

Home grown in Indiana, Josie followed a lifelong calling to the mountains of Montana. Along the way she logged over 1000 days as a guide of backcountry expeditions and studied community based conservation and ecotourism around the world. Josie is passionate about people, awed by nature, and has come to believe in the powers of inquiry and adventure to empower the human spirit. Josie currently creates transformative experiences through her work as a ski instructor, guide, facilitator, and director, and is thankful for the opportunity to be part of the inspirational energy of HATCH.

Eleni Comstock


Montana State University

United States

Enthusiastic learner who loves building with her hands and also loves working toward building communities within various spaces. Catch her in machine shops, cultural geography seminars, kickstarting the Bounty of the Bridgers community, and exercising to her heart's content. Challenges have helped to form her while experiences have helped define her identity.

Alexa d'Atri

Graphic Designer

The Blackstone LaunchPad

United States

Alexa is an adventurous graphic designer born in Germany. She came to the states to learn her passion and as she grew into the Bozeman community, she began getting recognized for her beautifully clean design and keen eye for design trends. Her favorite things are her boyfriend, pet fish, and microbrews. She is a natural explorer, enjoying the outdoors. Her curious adventure mindset also influences her design, pushing limits and finding perfect styles for any brand or task.

Dani Daley

Senior Associate

MSU Leadership Institute

United States

Dani Daley considers herself a cultivator, leader, & woman of the wild. Studying Economics and Political Science at Montana State University, she is intensely grateful to have been raised in Bozeman, Montana. Outside of school, Dani serves as the Senior Associate of the MSU Leadership Institute (LI), where she's ridden in elevators with Sir Ken Robinson and ice climbed with Conrad Anker. Gender equality, entrepreneurship, and mountain biking center her. When she settles down can find her practing photography from the back of her partner's truck and buying expensive toys for her dog.

grant davis



United States

Grant is an award-winning VJ ranked among the top visual performers worldwide. He gave up his collegiate ideals of working with deaf children when he first experienced a live VJ environment in Black Rock City in the late 90's. As a Communications Disorder Specialist, he found visuals to be a unique way to interpret music for the deaf. Since then, under the name VJ Culture, Grant has provided sight and sound for audiences around the world.
As VJ Culture Grant has worked or toured with Tiesto, Beck, Mary J Blige, P-Diddy, Dash Berlin, Common, Eryka Badu, Jazzy Jeff, Paul Oakenfold and many more.

Robert Edwards

Managing Partner

Vision Growth Capital Group

United States

Robert is the founder of several companies focused on community revitalization and redevelopment. "People are more creative and innovative when they have a clean, safe and inspiring places to live. Provide these and peace and happiness will follow, I want to be part of making that happen."
Investor and real estate developer focused on historic preservation and revitalization of blighted communities.
Capital manager specializing in tax advantaged Opportunity Zone projects and businesses.
Inventor creating better ways to bring locally grown food into every community.

Dee Fretwell

Executive Director

Modern Roots Foundation / West Coast Country Music Festival

United States

A self-described serial participator and organizer, Dee Fretwell can't stop, won't stop. Driven by the desire to leave a powerfully positive change on the world, Dee works with organizations empowering shift through the awesome eyes and efforts of our upcoming generations.

Jason Griggs


Veterans Community Garden Project

United States

Jason is a musician, an entrepreneur, an amatuer Philosopher, and as a former Army Paratrooper, a general force multiplier. Thriving in the serenity of chaos, Jason is currently working on a project utilizing Veterans to cultivate and distribute organic food staples to areas with food insecurities.

Justin Harmon


JJH Creative

United States

Justin is a freelance architectural designer currently residing in Santa Barbara. He focuses on design, documentation and fabrication of the projects he works on. Originally from Lavina, Montana, Justin has worked on notable projects such as the SkyPark at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the United States Institute of Peace in Washington D.C. Currently he is developing the design for a variety of residential projects with a focus on contemporary minimalist design.

Rachel Hicks

Creative Director | Strategist | Designer

Rachel Hicks Design

United States

Rachel Hicks is a lover of color, visual storyteller & creator of experiences. She has an eye for detail & innovative design paired with a passion for strategy, fundraising & supporting the arts. Throughout her career, she has consulted with many nonprofits & businesses such as HATCH, Mountain Time Arts & the Bozeman Film Celebration to integrate powerful design into their experience planning. For over a decade she was the Director of Comm. at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, MT, playing an integral role in fostering an artistic community around the globe.

Nick Hill

Graduate Student

Montana State University

United States

An MFA graduate student at Montana State University, Nick has an extensive background in broadcast television, starting in various positions with Klamath Community Television before moving to Montana, and as a Technical Director with TEDxBozeman since 2014. Additionally, Nick works as a freelance video producer and as the assistant coordinator for his graduate program.

Shannon Hughes


Spur Studio Creative Marketing Agency and TrybThrive

United States

Shannon is the CEO of Spur Studio, a strategic marketing agency proudly based in Bozeman, Montana, and the Founder of TrybThrive, an online community to better connect single parents with each other and supportive resources. Because we all need a tribe to thrive in this world.

Kaito Irizarry

Promotions and Operations Coordinator

Philip Sheppard

United States

Kaito Irizarry is a music management coordinator. Raised in Bozeman, MT Kaito grew up with a passion for the music industry. He was a featured performer at TEDx Bozeman in 2015 and served a term as the Vice President of Public Relations for Montana DECA from 2015-2016. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where he is the Promotions and Operations Coordinator for Grammy-nominated film composer and cellist Philip Sheppard #Becauseof HATCH and is actively learning, discovering, and experiencing new things while pursuing to become a talent/tour manager in the music industry.

Josh Iverson

Associate Director


United States

Josh enjoys balancing a high caliber profession with a fun and active lifestyle. He works for a Bozeman based firm that specializes in business development strategy for leading professional services companies. Outside of work, Josh has completed a handful of 100-mile mountain bike races, stumbled his way up some rock in South America, and has generally been known to possess a fierce loyalty to Bridger Bowl, regardless of conditions. Josh knows the greatest asset along his journey has been the innumerable talented individuals that he's been able to call his friends and colleagues.

Erin Jackson

Education Director

Gallatin Valley Farm to School

United States

Erin is a passionate educator and advocate for community-based, sustainable food systems. She has been working to propel the Farm to School movement for almost a decade, including as a FoodCorps Service Member and in her current position as Education Director for Bozeman-based nonprofit Gallatin Valley Farm to School. She develops experiential garden/food-based curriculum for pre-K through college students and teachers and cultivates resilient edible garden landscapes to promote environmental, community and human health. Erin holds an M.Ed and science teacher certification from Montana State.

Amber Jean


Amber Jean Studio

United States

Amber lives a storied life at the end of a road near the top of a mountain in Montana where she carves trees in a “luminous gesture of love toward nature and humankind.” TEDx speaker, writer and adventurer, she is currently keen to create healing sculptural sanctuaries for hospitals. Declared by WOOD magazine as one of “America’s Woodworking Greats,” Amber recently became the first woman to carve in the country of Bhutan when the Prime Minister asked her to create an artwork in a palace for their king. Ice climbing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, river trips and travel fuel her spirit

Myles Kramer


Myles Kramer Productions, LLC

United States

Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Myles Kramer is a bicoastal filmmaker with a diverse creative background. At 11 years old, Myles was making Lego stop-motion movies on the weekends. In middle school, Myles started a band and released an album a few years later. After graduating from Emerson College with a bachelor's degree in Film Production, Myles moved to Los Angeles in 2015. Currently, Myles is a freelance filmmaker who specializes in directing for documentary. In his spare time, Myles enjoys traveling, attending concerts, and learning to become a jazz drummer.

Claire Lewinski


Montana State University

United States

Claire is a Directed Interdisciplinary Studies degree candidate combining chemical engineering, economics, and microbiology at Montana State University. As part of her thesis, Claire is leading a research project tackling the carbon footprint of refrigerants within her university. Additionally, she is an Advocate at HAVEN, empowering survivors of domestic violence. In her free time, you can find Claire among the mountains, enjoying quality chocolate.

Sean Mackinson

Guide (skiing, river)

Yellowstone Club/Pro Outfitters

United States

Sean grew up just outside of Boston, MA and was active in sports, music, art, faith, and his community from a young age. Weeks each summer spent off-the-grid along the remote coast of Maine established his passions for the natural world and alternative sustainable living. Sean graduated from SeattleU in 2015 with degrees in Environmental Studies and Ecosystem Biology and credits his study and work with old growth forests, whales, glaciers, young people, and indigenous peoples to be most formative and life-giving. Sean will soon begin his 4th winter ski instructing at the Yellowstone Club.

Jachiike Madubuko

IT Developer Intern

WealthVest Marketing

United States

Jachiike Madubuko is a programmer with interests in AI and UX Design who is working on HATCH team for the first time.

Jachiike knows the power that exists between two people united through a common goal is immeasurable and strives to connect people together to create pools of positive energy wherever he goes.

He has been honored as a Keynote Speaker for a University Event where he led a workshop on Emotional Intelligence.

Jachiike is working towards a Computer Science Degree in Bozeman, MT.

Anson Millsap

Engineering Student


United States

Anson is a builder and a tinkerer. He applies that inherent problem-solving and stripped-down ingenuity to his musical endeavors, banding together with other Bozeman musicians to expand his own songs and to dwell within the lengthy jam-pieces of The Allman Brothers Band and The Grateful Dead, among others. He spent his summer on a Ranch near Mahattan, Montana, tending horses, fixing equipment and fences, and running his dog ragged. In this season he can be found in the classroom at MSU, continuing his engineering studies.

Karin Mittelstaedt

Clothing Designer


United States

There is no story or title I hold that would impress your attention so I will tell you that I was first a daughter and sister, a creative being, a student, a singer and dancer, an athlete, friend, lover, wife, mother, clothing designer, spiritual seeker, outdoor enthusiast, costume designer, wardrobe consultant, artist and cowgirl. But of all the expressions I share with the world the most desired for me is when I am doing whatever I am doing from my most authentic place.

Lou Morris

Sales Manager

QBS Safeguard

United States

Actor and voice talent, King of Westech, Lord of fashion, and an essential part of the HATCH family since its inception in 2004.

Izzac Nixon


Montana State University

United States

Izzac grew up in the mountains of Southwest Colorado doing various extreme outdoor activities. He developed a passion for filming all of the fun things he was doing which drove him to study film at Montana State University. He recently interned at Matchstick Productions who specializes in filming skiing across the world. Izzac is a fun loving guy who wants to spread happiness throughout the world.

Hailey Sinoff



United States

Above all things I am curious. Whether the topic is books, spices, or auto mechanics, I strive to understand, because that is the best way I have found to connect with the world around me. My curiosity has led me to found two youth empowerment programs for high schoolers, teach English in a rural Nepali village, seek out internships with local conservation organizations, and most importantly become a part of HATCH.

Brendan Smith

Team Member


United States

Brendan grew up loving the mountains around Chattanooga, Tennessee. In high school, he interned at Lamp Post Group, a local venture capital incubator. This inspired him to co-found a pressure washing company. Brendan then decided to follow his dream of living out west by attending Montana State University. He worked at the Blackstone Launchpad and was the President of LaunchCats, an entrepreneurial club at MSU. This past summer he worked at a fly fishing shop in Ennis, MT. He is currently a junior, majoring in computer science with hopes of studying aboard in New Zealand next semester.

Bryant Sterczala

Event Manager


United States

I am a storyteller new to Bozeman via New York City. Using the written word and the live experience as my mediums of choice, I find fun in the creative challenge. Besides building the “event infrastructure” or production process for the Bozeman Film Festival, I produce events for multiple companies across the US. After turning 30 in NYC, I decided the next chapter of my life would be back in nature. Hence, Bozeman. Now, between spending a winter gathering & cutting wood, and the fact that I managed two Professional Bull Riding events, I can confidently say I’m becoming a Montanan.

Becca Stevens


Bozeman Public School District

United States

Becca Stevens is passionate about kids and education. She believes all kids have something to say and something to share with the world. Becca has been teaching for 20 years in subject areas such as English, social studies, reading, art and drama.

Nicholas Tenney

Founder / Manager

The Artery Collective

United States

Nicholas is a co-founder of The Artery Collective, a creative community center and artistic workspace in Bozeman, Montana. As a class of 2018 Montana State University graduate from the School of Film & Photography, Nicholas is now cultivating a focused community of creative individuals who aim to bring their artistic perspective to all aspects of life. His photographic work taps into topics such as mythology, psychology, and human consciousness.

Sara Mo Vanacht

Executive Coordinator


United States

HATCH Executive Coordinator. Founder SMV Management.
Avid adventurer, outdoor enthusiast.

Sofia Whitefields



United States

I am an MSU student who is so excited to be on the HATCH team! I study Nutrition Science in hope of pursuing holistic and alternative medicine. I love good food and I am a strong believer that a happy healthy lifestyle can manifest better relationships with oneself, others and the planet.