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Oliver Aalami

Vascular Surgeon

Health Care

Dr. Oliver O. Aalami is a practicing vascular & endovascular surgeon at Stanford University and the Palo Alto VA, where he serves as an educator, clinician and surgeon by day. By night, Oliver has a passion for innovating around less invasive means of surgery and bringing the best of infotech and medical devices to medicine and to patients. His latest efforts are BodymapSnap – an app that lets doctors and staff take mobile images in a compliant and patient centered way and VitalMedicals, an operating room collaboration platform utilizing Google Glass and tablets. When he isn't operating or tinkering, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and searching for the elusive work-life balance. Education -UCSF, Northwestern, Boston University, and UCSD.


Radha Agrawal

Super Sprowtz, Daybreaker


2013 Recipient for the Tribeca Film Festival "Disruptive Innovation Awards": http://www.tribecadisruptiveinnovationawards.com/?p=280
Named one of 20 Millenials on a mission by Forbes in 2013 and "One of eight women changing the world" by MTV in March 2014.
Radha is a serial social entrepreneur having founded several socially conscious companies. She is the founder and CEO of Super Sprowtz, a leading children's multi-media nutrition education company whose mission is to engage children to make better food choices impacting over 1 million children and counting. Visit SuperSprowtz.com
She is also the co-Founder of THINX, a women’s empowerment apparel company that provides a sustainable underwear solution for women during their "time of the month" and beyond. Radha along with her co-founders Miki Agrawal (twin sister) and Antonia Dunbar teamed up with an organization in Uganda to fund reusable cloth pads to get 67 million women in Africa back in school. Buy one, fund seven. They were successfully funded on Kickstarter in March 2013. Visit shethinx.com
Her latest undertaking is Daybreaker, an early morning dance party before works starts on a weekday that serves coffee, tea and green juice in lieu of alcohol that will start your day off unlike anything else. She and her co-founder Matt Brimer (co-Founder of General Assembly) launched Daybreaker in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London with plans to open in cities all over the world. They were featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and SNL among many other publications worldwide. Visit Dybrkr.com


Tennille Amor



Tennille Amor is a singer/songwriter, Co-Founder of E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change), and the Creator of the A.M.O.R. Movement (Artists Motivating Optimistic Revolution). Her debut album will be released later this year, mixing commercial pop, with lyrical hip hop, and her soulful reggae roots, but her brand is "More Than Music." Through speaking engagements, performances, and various media platforms, Tennille inspires people to take positive action to improve the world through her work with E.P.I.C., and the A.M.O.R. Movement; uniting creative people around the world to spread light, love and hope through artistic expression, while aligning themselves with charitable causes.


Paul Andersen



Paul Andersen has been a science teacher in Montana for the last twenty years. He spent the first half of his career teaching all the science classes at a small rural school in northern Montana. Paul currently uses a blended learning cycle to differentiate instruction in his AP Biology classes at Bozeman High School. Paul has also uploaded hundreds of science lessons to YouTube that have been viewed millions of times by students around the world. Paul was the 2011 Montana Teacher of the Year and he was a finalist for National Teacher of the Year. When he is not teaching Paul enjoys spending time with his family skiing and hiking in the mountains around Bozeman.


Casey Anderson

TV/ Film production in the middle of nowhere


In the second grade, Casey Anderson was asked to answer a list of basic homework questions. What is your favorite color? Favorite food? And lastly, what do you want to be when you grow up? His answer was simple, he wanted to work for National Geographic.
Growing up in Montana with Yellowstone National Park in his backyard, Casey was well aware of his love for wild animals and wild places at a young age. With the guidance of his "mountain man" father, and his generous and kindhearted mother who dedicated her life to directing a homeless shelter, Casey's fiery passion for the wild world was nurtured and kindled until it burst into untamable flames. Little did his second grade teacher know that his eight year old dream would never die.
Flash forward twenty years. Casey Anderson has followed a path that may be dubbed "unconventional", but is altogether astonishing – beginning with his biggest accomplishment to date, a "father/son" bond that he has developed with an 850 pound twelve year old grizzly bear, Brutus. Casey rescued Brutus from an overpopulated wildlife park where Casey was employed, when Brutus was merely the size of a Twinkie. Narrowly escaping certain death, Casey tucked Brutus into his arms and never looked back, building and co-directing the Montana Grizzly Encounter – a sanctuary built to rescue grizzly bears from inhumane situations.
Author of The Story of Brutus, My life with Brutus the Bear and the Grizzly Bears of North America, Casey "bears all" in his heartwarming story of the greatest gift that he received from his unlikely best friend, a grizzly bear.
Constantly following his dreams to reality, Casey Anderson has always been a tracker, explorer, and naturalist. He is a television personality, producer, and host of "Expedition Wild" and "America the Wild", which air on Nat Geo WILD, ABC, and CW. He is also frequently a guest on television shows such as Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, and the Conan O'Brien show, bringing wild animals into the homes of viewers and teaching them to respect the wild world. As an international speaker, Casey has traveled the world to share his devotion to nature. From Norway, to Borneo, Canada, to Argentina, Casey encourages people of all ages to get outside and embrace the wild.
Casey's accomplishments extend far beyond his fatherly role to Brutus. A lot has happened in the twelve years that have passed since Casey first laid eyes upon his big furry sidekick.
He has been featured in many publications, including the Huffington Post, Outside Magazine, Backpacker's Magazine, Men's Health, and many others.
Casey's educational wildlife based television show, Expedition Wild, recently received the Parent's Choice Award from ABC, which airs on Saturday mornings as an educational alternative to cartoons and fictional programming. To further empower and educate children on the exciting wonders of the natural world, Casey and Nat Geo have teamed up with Microsoft and Xbox to create an interactive video game for the Xbox Kinect system that allows players to follow Casey through segments of his television show, America the Wild. As "TV that you play," Kinect Nat Geo TV: America the Wild gives young players the chance to discover what it means to be a naturalist, learning from Casey and at times, transforming into the various animals of North America right in their own living rooms! Morphing from owls to bears, kids complete challenges to interact with the wild world from the comfort of their own homes.
Casey is an ambassador for the Big Cat Initiative, a National Geographic Society project that not only spreads awareness of the need for conservation of big cats, but also seeks and funds programs to protect and restore their populations and habitats. Casey is also an ambassador of National Geographic's Great Nature Project – and online community where people of all ages are able to photograph their own views on nature, and upload them to share with the rest of the world, creating an online photo album of the earth's biodiversity that anyone and everyone can be a part of. Casey has received two National Geographic explorer grants to date, traveling to Alaska and beyond to track and film grizzly bear/polar bear hybrids. Casey is currently co-producing two one-hour specials on the social and cultural dynamics of grizzly bears in their natural habitats in different areas of the world, which is set to air on the National Geographic channel in 2016.


Andrew Benedict-Nelson

I help grow institutions that accomplish great social good.

Advertising & Marketing

Andrew Benedict-Nelson is a co-founder of GreenHouse, a portfolio of ambitious social impact projects jointly developed by the founders of Insight Labs and institutions, governments and NGOs in the US and Europe.
A writer and editor, his work has appeared in the Times Literary Supplement, the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Common Review, Bookmarks, Another Chicago Magazine, and other venues.
A Midwesterner by upbringing if not by birth, Benedict-Nelson resides in Gardner, Kansas, with his wife and three dogs and a cat. He collects Modern Library books, country/western vinyl, and religious ephemera.


Caroline Benson

University Student

Advertising & Marketing

Caroline Benson is currently a senior in marketing at Montana State University. She has lived all over the world including Tanzania, Hawaii, and South Korea and has recently studied abroad in Turkey and Sweden. One day she hopes to become a creative director and work internationally. This is her third year involved with HATCH and is excited to see what this year will bring!

Carol Bishop

HR Analyst

Business & Information

Volunteer, Michelle Schlegel Sister.

Ben Bloch

Co-Founder, DJYRO LLC.


Ben Bloch is an artist, writer, builder and entrepreneur who lives between Cameron. Montana and Salt Lake City, Utah. As a co-founder of the arts group Goatsilk he ran an experimental art space in Missoula from 2002-2004. Goatsilk Gallery was devoted to contemporary ideas, art, and action and featured such innovative exhibitions as The Ebay Show, Fill:Full, and The LED Sign. Bloch also wrote weekly think pieces for the Missoulian newspaper from 2002 to 2005, before moving to Walla Walla, Washington to teach New Genre Arts at Whitman College from 2005-2010. Goatsilk has launched a number of art projects on the Internet, Including Daily Treasures: Living Off The Land, Killing It with Paul Crik, and Tea Party Artists. Bloch's work has been featured and/or written about in the UK Guardian, Hyperallergic.com, Aspect: The Chronicle of New Media Art, EverythingisTerrible.com, Dangerousminds.net, and has also appeared on G4TV's Attack of the Show.
Having recently completed a 3-year-long dream of building a simple, sustainable studio in Montana near the Madison river, Bloch currently divides his time between making large-scale landscape paintings and developing his newest invention, the DJYRO. Created in partnership with software engineer Glenn Kreisel, the DJYRO is the first smart enabled turntable for handheld devices, a merging of the physical and virtual that allows users to spin video and audio in a totally surprising multi-sensory creative experience.


George Bradt

executive onboarding

Business & Information

George Bradt has led the revolution in how people think about starting up in new jobs.
He progressed through sales, marketing, and general management roles in North America, Europe, and Asia at companies including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and J.D. Power’s Power Information Network spin off as chief executive.
Now he is a Principal of CEO Connection and Managing Director of PrimeGenesis, the executive onboarding and transition acceleration group he founded in 2003. Since then, George and PrimeGenesis have reduced new leader failure rates from 40% to 10% by helping them and their teams deliver Better Results Faster.
George is a graduate of Harvard and Wharton (MBA), author of five books on onboarding including The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan and First-Time Leader, a weekly column on Forbes.com: The New Leader’s Playbook, two Back-To-School Chats books, and five musical plays (book, lyrics and music).


Gina Burns

Working from home and traveling

Advertising & Marketing

Marketing Specialist turned into Senior Closing Specialist, turned yogi, turned Venture Capital Consultant. Gina B. Ventures.

Seth Carlstrom

Student (Begrudgingly)


Industrial designer of sorts interested in responsible production, conservation of natural resources, and simple living. Attending Montana State, I am a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Graphic Design which isn't so simple, but ask me about it and I might be able to clarify. I am a Montana boy born and raised, and I enjoy fishing, skiing, rock climbing, backpacking, hunting, and playing soccer. I'm a maker by hobby as well as profession.

Susan Carstensen

Working with businesses


I am a 5th generation Montanan living in Bozeman and the Flathead with my husband and two kids. After a successful business career (RightNow Technologies, Powerhouse, Lockheed Martin, E&Y) I am spending my time advising and investing in startups and growth businesses (ATTask, Socrata, Foundant, Printing for Less, Kudoso, Mamaload) supporting Code Montana, Startup Bozeman, Bridger Ski Foundation and MSU and various political candidates and causes.


Tate Chamberlin

The clouds.


Tate Chamberlin is pushing the envelope in social, educational and musical events by continually reintegrating an arsenal of new concepts and human connections. Through an experiential remix uniting music, activism and expression, each step and swell brings a new experience by cultivating curiosity, education & empathy. This arsenal will serve well as he descends upon the world like a platinum-fisted pterodactyl, dropping artistic carpet-bombs carrying the seed of expression and social conglomeration. Crushing underfoot the banality of average events, flying high the mighty banner of unconventional creativity and blasting his mighty war horns across the battlefields of entertainment.


Tim Christensen

Human Experience Engineer


Creative technology pioneer with a passion for human experience in user interface design. Over 20 years in e-business related software engineering, scaleable server technologies and business development. More recently he has turned his attention to multi-platform mobile and wearable device technology and software. Tim and his team currently deliver world class design and technology to numerous startup and emerging companies in a variety of industries.


Christie Monson Christie

Building a new business and creating new products

Advertising & Marketing

Christie Monson is a proud mother and entrepreneur. She attended Montana State University and owned a model and talent agency while living in Bozeman, MT. When she was done with school she decided to move the family to Hawaii and started a pool service business, which saw great success. While raising her kids in the islands, she came to understand the importance of health and wellness and in taking care of the environment. Those experiences have influenced her most recent venture, the creation of a line of natural and organic body care products. Her company, Hawaiian Raw Beauty donates a portion of all profits to charities and foundations that promote environmental stewardship, the end of human-trafficking, and organizations that fight the testing of consumer products on animals.

Brett Cline

event promotion


I have been in the service industry for 28 years and just recently sold the two bars that I started 18 years ago. The focal point of the bars was live entertainment and I did 150 shows a year for 18 years. I worked with international,national, regional, and local acts. I have been part of Hatch since the inception and also sit on the board of S.L.A.M..
In addition, for the last three years my wife and I lead a team charged with running Funky Town, Black Rock City – a placed Burning Man theme camp of over 100 people that features international DJs(DJ Dan, Rob Garza, Wolf &Lamb) and a full cocktail bar and crowds of thousands at our legendary day parties.

Marc Coppola

Valhalla - Non-Profit Foundation

Advertising & Marketing

Having founded the Valhalla Movement – Marc is a character dedicated to having an impact. Defining success in unconventional measures he has earned a living by applying the skills of entrepreneurship and marketing for a cause. With a new upstart called Valhalla’s Superhero Academy for empowering people to be social entrepreneurs and be the superhero they admire inside – or Greenseed – Valhalla’s very own crowdsourcing platform one thing is clear – his thirst for the pursuit of new ideas and ways to growing the sustainability movement into a mainstream lifestyle is unquenchable.


Nancy Cornwell

Promoting the importance of all things creative and artistic at a STEM university


Nancy recently joined Montana State University as Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture. As Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture, Nancy oversees talented faculty and staff in the Schools of Music, Architecture, Art, and Film & Photography, as well as Montana Shakespeare in the Parks and the President’s Fine Arts Series. The mission of the College of Arts and Architecture is to educate the next generation of creative professionals, support innovative artistic work of faculty and provide university level leadership in creativity, creative problem-solving, design thinking and creative innovation in higher education.
Nancy holds a Ph.D. in Media Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a M.S in Telecommunications Management from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University (NY). Previously, she served as Provost at Stephens College (MO) and Chair of the Television-Radio Department in the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College (NY). Nancy also taught and held administrative positions at Linfield College (OR) and Western Michigan University. She served as chair of McMinnville (OR) Community Media Board of Directors, was elected to the Board of KBOO-FM in Oregon and has served on the Board of the Southwest Michigan American Civil Liberties Union.
Nancy has published books and articles on freedom of expression, freedom of the press, academic freedom, hate speech and racial profiling. She has a professional background in media production, broadcast journalism and media programming including serving as the nightly news director and public affairs producer for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network in the Republic of Panama. Prior to working in Panama, Nancy served as Assistant Director of Programming for Cablevision Industries, where she helped establish local origination studios, mobile production facilities and oversaw the programming of approximately 150 cable franchises throughout upstate New York suburban Boston and central Florida. While in Michigan and Oregon, she worked with nonprofits to develop internal capacity in video production for fundraising and training efforts.


Alexander Crease

Engineering Student


My environment is a place where ideas become reality. I have grown up tinkering, collaborating, and ideating because I constantly seek inspiration. I've made kinematic sculptures out of coat hangers, bridges out of spaghetti, and a motorized, self solvable Rubik's Cube out of 3D printed parts and a bunch of motors. I am currently pursuing an education in Engineering with a concentration in Robotics at Olin College of Engineering so that I can challenge myself to solve exciting problems. In addition to all that serious stuff, I make lots of puns, I love looking classy, and I spin fire. I can't wait for the adventure HATCH will bring.

Chris Denson


Advertising & Marketing

Chris Denson's career has spanned marketing, media, technology integration and product innovation. He is currently the Director of Omnicom Media Group's Ignition Factory, one of the key groups responsible for innovation across media, technology, and marketing for OMD clients. He most recently served as Head of Creative Solutions for Machinima, where he lead several creative business opportunities focused on the cross-roads of brand integration, content creation, business development, audience engagement, and talent development. Additionally, he is an advisory board member of the Mobile Excellence Awards, Custom College Recruiting, Pluto TV, and a regular guest speaker at industry trade events and educational institutions. Prior to joining Machinima, Chris has worked both domestically and internationally, holding posts alongside several organizations as the Head of Marketing for American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab, Founder of Genius Effect Media Group, Director of Innovation at The Regan Group, Director of Marketing for the New York Film Academy, and consultant to organizations from Africa to Italy. Known as a creative problem solver and idea maker, Chris has worked across multiple verticals including Consumer Packaged Goods, Social Responsibility, Entertainment, Fashion, Arts, Electrics, Technology, and multiple hybrids therein. In addition to his day-to-day professional work, Chris hosts a #1 ranked interview series, entitled Innovation Crush, with over 700,000 listeners around the world.


Catherine Dent



A actress for over 25 years, Catherine is most known for her portrayal as the tough but vulnerable street cop, Danni, on the award winning drama, The Shield which ran for 7 seasons on FX She has worked in 100's of film and TV shows , most recently on the AMC pilot, Galyntine. Catherine frequently crosses to the other side of the camera to direct and produce and is a Fellow at the AFI Directing workshop for Women.


Fred Dent

Creative Financial Solutions


Fred Dent is celebrating his 26th year in the financial planning and investment advisory business. He started Dent Asset Management in 1997. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on financial topics that inspire and educate. For eight years he was the resident financial analyst on CBS affiliate WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge with his popular and informative segment, “Dollars and Dent”. Fred earned his bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University. For the first three years of his career, he worked for a major Wall Street firm in New York City. He is an active participant in several local community organizations. He is a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charter.

Ben Eichelberger

Musician and Flight Instructor


Ben Eichelberger is a professional musician and flight instructor who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been playing guitar and creating music since the age of nine. Much of Ben's musical experience came from writing and performing in punk rock bands as a teenager, and later as a rotating member of the Andrew Landers Project and The Salt Company. He is currently the bassist and occasional co-writer with Teneia & The Maybees. Though music is his passion, Ben has a parallel career in aviation, and maintains a Gold Seal Flight Instructor certificate. He is a contributor to the upcoming second edition of Greg Brown's "The Savvy Flight Instructor," and actively teaches flying courses in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Stacy English

Technology Marketing


Stacy drives marketing incubation at Intel, creating platforms and channels for new marketing of non-PC consumer products. A part of the Global Marketing organization Stacy works with consumer brands and the new devices group to pave the way for adoption of wearable's, and other non-PC products. Stacy's charter includes building collaborations that will help shift the perception of Intel beyond the microprocessor. The maker movement, Basis acquisition, collaborations with SMS Audio, Opening Ceremony & Barney's, Fossil and Pocket Avatars are among the partnerships within this business charter. Stacy has been with Intel 14 years in both the business and marketing organizations, and is passionate about creativity, technology working for good, innovators and building valuable partnerships.

stacy english @shcashenglish

John Farquhar Smith

Producer, no hour the same. Spend too much of the day infront of a computer


John Farquhar-Smith has twenty-five years experience of working in large-scale live production.
He has produced projects including
Eddie Izzard’s Arena Tour “Sexie”, “Battleship Potemkin” for Pet shop boys in Trafalgar Square, the BAFTA nominated, award winning Secret Policeman's Ball for Amnesty International, the Royal Gala Opening of St Pancras International Station by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, The London 2012 ‘Handover Ceremony ‘ in the closing of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, ‘Illuminating of Hadrian’s Wall’, The Sultan of Oman’s 40th National Day and The Evening Celebrations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic torch relays.
Most recently produced the Team Presentation as part of the Tour de France 2014 'Grande Depart'
John brings a wealth of experience in large and complex ‘one-off’ events, in challenging environments, where extensive media coverage means there is no a margin for error.
He is experienced in the management of stakeholders at a national and international level and in dealing with authorities over sensitive and often unique issues.

Mark Fewell

Cause Marketing


Fewelly loves Hatch and the Hatchers. Fewelly loves Montana. And Fewelly loves men who grow Mos to support Movember to raise funds and awareness for mens health, and the Mo Sistas who encourage their men to grow (and who dress up inappropriately at Gala parties). Mark Fewell is a 3rd year returning Hatcher, and honored to be asked back to meet good new people and absorb all the learnings, emotions and connections that the most unique conference gathering in the world delivers. Fewelly is global Head of Market Development for Movember, the leading global mens health charity, and oversees campaigns across 21 countries. Previously he was in executive positions with Nike/Hurley, and Boost Mobile from startup to over 3 billion in revenue. He has also been a freelance broadcast journalist for over 20 years, specializing in sports and lifestyle shows and major events such as the Olympic Games. He occasionally blogs at leisureactivist.com about his travels (which has been a life long passion). Fewelly loves branding, marketing, innovation, creativity and connecting good people. He hopes everyone at Hatch supports Movember in 2014.


Patrick Finnegan

My office in Portland


An entrepreneur at heart and a giver who wants to help the world in anyway he can, I am running two startups while going to school. Originally from Greenwich, CT and then moving up to Williamstown, MA, I like the outdoors. The value I care most about is authenticity. I hope that I am able to bring a lot to the conversation, but I also like to listen in and absorb what other people are saying. My goal in life is to get as many people as possible informed and engaged in civic conversation. My path is not linear or following some weird graph, it is my own and changes every single day.


Michael FitzGerald

Submittable HQ in the Florence Building in Downtown Missoula

Business & Information

I'm a novelist (Radiant Days) and the founder of Submittable and Submishmash, a live open API of all art, music, film, and writing outlets.


Chris Forrest

Innovation consultant

Business & Information

Sitting in the middle of business strategy, technology and design thinking, Chris Forrest is a innovation project manager for Doblin, Monitor Deloitte’s innovation practice.
As one of the early members of Deloitte's Innovation Program, Chris worked on establishing an innovation ecosystem and foresight function for the Canadian firm, developing thought leadership on disruptive forces impacting professional service, building design thinking capabilities and inspiring the development of new innovation systems and services.
Chris helps clients to discover and define their innovation ambition, build innovation capabilities and conceive breakthrough innovations they can delight their customers with.


Cassidy Freeman



Cassidy Freeman is an Actress, Producer and Musician born in Chicago, IL. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Middlebury College in Vermont. While there she majored in Theatre and Spanish, spending a semester studying abroad in Bolivia. After college, she moved to Los Angeles, where she still lives. She spent 3 years as a series regular on CW's Smallville, 3 years as a series regular on A&E's Longmire. Other TV credits include The Vampire Diaries, CSI, Cold Case, The Playboy Club and Once Upon A Time. She starred in and Co-Executive produced horror/thriller YELLOWBRICKROAD and has appeared in Indie festival films such as Brahmin Bulls, Finishing the Game and Don't Look Back. On Stage she spent a summer in DC performing Isabella in Measure for Measure, another summer in NYC performing Cigarettes and Chocolate at the Atlantic Theatre and The Maids at the Moth Theatre in LA. Cassidy plays keyboards and sings in the band The Real D'Coy. They just recorded their second album Boys Against Girls set to release on September 22nd, 2014. She is currently producing a film called Cortez which is set to shoot in Taos NM in July of 2015.


Mike Galli

Bozeman Highschool


I love skiing and wake boarding, hunting and being in the mountains that surround the beautiful place I live in! I was born and raised here in Bozeman, and try to never take living here for granted. My passion is making T-shirts and I'm currently trying to start my own brand with the help of my friend, We design them all, and print them on his dads 6-arm press here in Bozeman, Hopefully HATCH will be a great opportunity for me to refine my skills and learn what knowledge other creative geniuses have to offer!

Zachery Gartner

Student of Film and Photography


I am Montana born, a son, big brother, student, rover, muzungu, photographer, and filmmaker. I am currently attending Montana State University, completing a double major in Film and Photography and a senior in my last semester. I have been fortunate and hardworking enough to be able to travel to Kenya with Engineers Without Borders MSU chapter to document their goal of bringing clean water and sanitation to the people of Khwisero, Kenya. I have also traveled to South Africa to work for Africa Media, photographing preserves and zoo wildlife for media campaigns and marketing. Media has changed my life and increased the well being and happiness of myself and others. I plan to continue that change with every frame I capture.

Darrien Michele Gipson

Film executive


Formerly the Vice President of Development for Def Pictures, Darrien Michele Gipson is the National Director of SAGindie. SAGindie is an educational program that teaches independent filmmakers with limited budgets how to hire professional actors for their films. Darrien is responsible for negotiating all sponsorship agreements, developing ad campaigns and acts as a liaison between filmmakers and SAG-AFTRA, the actors union.


Paul Gladen

Ideas Coach

Advertising & Marketing

Englishman in Montana. Ideas junkie. Connector. Director of the Blackstone LaunchPad at the University of Montana. Helping students and alumni turn their ideas and passions into businesses and non-profit organizations. Co-founder and partner at Muzeview a research and consulting firm. Co-founder of the Hellgate Venture Network an entrepreneurial networking group with over 600 members based in Missoula, Montana.


Ben Goertzen



I am an 18 year old film student at Montana State University. I have lived in Bozeman, MT my entire life and fill my free time by skiing, back packing, biking, or anything else that gets me into the outdoors. My future aspirations would entail documenting environmental and wildlife changes through film and photography.


Andy Gordon

Business Development

Business & Information

Grateful Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Connector, Montanan. Fearless Listener, Leader, Artist, Provocateur. I have a thing for startups and big solutions.


Elke Govertsen

CEO and publisher of Mamalode Magazine


Photo credit: Holly Andres
Elke Govertsen is the founder and CEO of Mamalode Magazine. She has won some awards, given some talks and has lots of ideas.

@elkegovertsen @mamalode

Rhia Gowen

Expressive Art Consultant

Health Care

Rhia Gowen
Dance Curator and Transformational Coach
As a dancer & director Rhia Gowen creates stunning visionary multimedia performances drawing on 25 years in the East teaching and performing Japanese, Balinese, and contemporary dance-theatre. A Natori, or master of classical Japanese dance, she is equally proficient in Balinese classical dance and Butoh (Japanese avant-garde dance). Her work is full of the colorful imagery and mythology of the East, as well as of her love for nature and humanity.
As a Transformational Life Coach Rhia helps you connect with what is needed to actualize your inner vision. Her primary medium is the spontaneous, expressive movement of the body. Rhia believes there is a human need for individual expression, for beauty, and for the joy of movement. With her guidance, intuitive movements can release muscular and energetic blockage, allowing greater vitality and creative freedom.

Jenn Graham

Marketing & Communications


Social Innovation Designer and community organizer based in Atlanta, GA. Jenn applies design thinking and strategy to solve social challenges. Her current passion involves social marketing — understanding how key behavior changes can be triggered through common narratives. She's focused on two social areas at the moment: getting more people cycling and increasing the quality of early childhood education for all.
Jenn is the Creative Director for Talk With Me Baby, a nationally recognized language nutrition strategy for bridging the 30 million word gap, and is leading communications for a statewide campaign called Get Georgia Reading focused on getting all children in Georgia reading proficiently by the end of third grade.
Jenn is also the co-organizer of TEDxAtlanta (since 2010), Atlanta Streets Alive (open streets event with 83,000 participants), (co)lab Summit (A Collaborative Leadership Summit led by Leadership Atlanta) as well as founder of TANDEM — a mobile social app designed to connect cyclists, and co-founder of Cities of Purpose, an Atlanta Dinner Party Project. She serves on the board of Community Farmers Market in Atlanta, the Civic Innovation Council for the Atlanta Center for Civic Innovation, and the Atlanta Regional Commission Innovation Council.


Rachel Gregg

Office Coordinator & Crew Liaison - Montana Film Office


Remember Topic Turtle and Detail Duck? I'm the latter. I'm a worker bee – the man behind the man as it were. Show me an idea and I'll find out what insanity it will take to make it happen. Blessed only with an ability to dive head first into whatever is in front of me I've worn many hats that non-nonsensically led me to a masters in communication and environmental rhetoric and a focus on environmental documentary film. (Naturally) that led me to the live entertainment industry with a rock venue and indie cinema, and ultimately my current work with the Montana Film Office where I hold down the home base and act as the in-state liaison with production crew and at promotional events. It's challenging, frustrating, amazing, lesson-teaching, friend-making, infuriating, captivating, character building, fascinating work and I can't wait to see where it takes me next.


Tom Gruber

Product Designer at Apple

Consumer Electronics

Tom Gruber is a technologist, designer, and entrepreneur who uses technology to augment human intelligence. He was cofounder and head of design for Siri, the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. Now part of Apple’s latest devices, Siri represents a new mode of interaction with devices and the information services they can reach. Previously, Tom led the design and technology for pioneering companies in Collective Knowledge Systems on the Web and Collaborative Knowledge Management for the enterprise, which harvest the collective contributions of people working together on line. He invented HyperMail, the open-source software that turns email conversations into collective memories; HyperMail and its progeny have helped to create a living conversational history of the Web. His research in Artificial Intelligence, particularly ontology engineering, helped lay the foundation for the Semantic Web. He is passionate about underwater nature photography and contact improvisation.

Audrey Hall



As a photographic artist:
Audrey Hall is an internationally collected photographer, known for her poignant landscapes and etherial equine images. Her first trip to the American West as a young girl made a life-long impression and she keeps one toe in Montana and another in Santa Fe, considering the West home and profoundly inspiring to her personal work. 
Born in Brazil, Audrey grew up in a multi-cultural family deeply rooted in both arts and sciences. A Rotary scholar, she studied fine art photography under Thomas Joshua Cooper at the renowned Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. The diversity of her upbringing and education continue to influence her today in both her passions for technology and tradition. 
Her exhibition prints are visually distinct and unique in creation – from rare, velvety platinum prints to idiosyncratic mixed-media canvases. She handles every aspect of the printing process, from concept to completion, insuring every piece is finished by hand and of highest collectible quality. 
As a professional photographer:
Audrey Hall is a professional photographer, writer and producer based in Livingston, Montana. She is widely published with assignments having appeared in numerous publications including Western Interiors and Design, Sunset, the Big Sky Journal and Mountain Living. Her collection of images from the six-hour documentary, Frontier House, was described as “breathtaking” from 13WNET in New York and Wall to Wall Television in London.
Hall’s career in film has spanned two decades with over fifty feature, commercial, documentary and editorial projects working with a wide variety of national and international clients. Her first documentary short film, Painting John, received the Big Sky Award for Artistic Excellence in 2012 and screened across the globe as part of New York City's "Best of the Rural Route Film Festival." She most recently traveled with Pulitzer winning journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn for the upcoming book and PBS series, "A Path Appears."
Hall was born in Brazil and grew up predominately in Montana.  A Rotary Scholar, she has a degree in architecture from Montana State University and studied photography at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. 


Rich Hannah

Director of Business & Operations, Intel Pocket Avatars


Rich dedicated the last 20 years to mainstream consumer products and consumer products that exploited the periphery of what brands were willing to call their own. He's worked at adidas, Nike and Intel and enjoys most the challenges that come with trying to do something different in companies that like to do what they already do well.


Office/On The Road 🙂

Advertising & Marketing

Phil has over twelve years of experience developing and leading strategies and teams in the interactive marketing industry. As CEO, Phil oversees business development, manages client relations, and is responsible for driving the company's unique culture.
In 2013 Phil was recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Regional Winner. He has also been featured as one of Utah's 40 business leaders under 40 by Utah Business Magazine.

Mauri Hansen


Advertising & Marketing

Mauri Hansen
Mauri spent seven years as Chief Marketing Officer at CLEARLINK, managing digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands like DISH Network, CenturyLink, AT&T and Verizon. She then turned her attention inward and spent two years as Chief Culture Officer, where she oversaw everything from hiring practices to employee incentives. Mauri has also volunteered as an adjunct professor, teaching an MBA course in digital marketing for the University of Utah.

Rinnah Henderson

Musician, teacher, traveler.


Rinnah Joy Henderson was born and raised in rural Northwest Montana in the quaint little town of Eureka. Born into a musical family she began her own music career at the age of 16. Composing and performing her own work locally, she then recorded her first album in 2010. After graduating Highschool the songbird flew to Europe for her first overseas tour with a local band Pterodactyl Plains. After returning to the states she started her first Northwest solo tour for her debut album “Darling Songbird”.
She landed in Bend Oregon where she played music in the indie/jazz duo R&R. In 2013 she recorded her second album “Chasing Rabbits” before she ventured off to Poland to teach English and have her album release party in Wroclaw Poland. She did a short Eastern European tour with the one man band Third Seven.
In the fall of 2013 Henderson moved to Jerusalem, Israel where she worked and lived as a volunteer for non-profit organization Shevet Achim.
When the new year came the songbird took flight once again and flew to Uganda, Africa where she worked as a music, dance and english instructor for orphaned girls.
After falling ill Henderson decided to return to her homeland and start working on the next album. She hopes to record this winter and release in the spring of 2015.


Office/On The Road

Advertising & Marketing

Results-driven, dynamic marketing strategist with demonstrated success in building and growing brands, driving qualified leads to sales teams, and providing training and sales support for complex marketing projects. Big picture thinker with unique ability to deliver results through data-driven marketing activities.
A record of multiple promotions shows a proven ability to lead and manage teams that continually innovate and execute at the highest level. Experienced and regarded as an expert in the fields of one to one marketing, direct marketing, brand development, and marketing strategy. Also acclaimed as a skilled trainer, presenter, and speaker.
Specialties: SEO, PPC, Direct Response Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Brand Strategy & Development, Marketing Research, Database Marketing, Cross-Media Marketing, Franchise Marketing, Print Marketing, .

Aaron Hjelt

Climbing gym or rock face


-Executive Director & head coach/guide, Touch The Sky Youth Climbing Programs.
-Owner/DJ/VJ, DJAJ AV Solutions.
-Owner/manager, Spire Climbing Center, Bozeman, MT.


Colby House

Creative Problem Solving


I'm a duel degree student at Montana State University pursuing both graphic design and Japanese.

Shannon Hughes

Marketing Strategist/Wordsmith/Grammar Nerd

Advertising & Marketing

Shannon answered Montanaʼs siren song of steep peaks and endless adventure after graduating from the University of Vermont in 2002. Combining a love of storytelling with a passion for the longview of strategic thinking led to a career in marketing, most recently as Co-Founder and Brand Communication Director for creative marketing agency Spur Studio. Her strengths lie in crafting content and finding the eyes that need to see it (and doing her best to push her boundaries every day).
These days Shannon's biggest adventure is parenting 10-month old Ava with her partner, Orion. When the stars align (or her baby naps) you might find her seeking creative inspiration on a mountain bike or skis near her home in Bozeman.


Alex Huleatt



I am a third year computer science student studying at Montana State University. Born and raised in Colorado, I came to Montana to explore the outdoors. After computer science, my next favorite subject would be biology.

Rob Irizarry



I've spent three decades working with hardware and software technology in the finance, garment and automotive industries, with twelve of those years engaged in pioneering multi-tenant Software as a Service for the Customer Experience market. I've been involved in multiple startups in a variety of roles and spent time investing in and coaching startups and working to improve education at all levels to help prepare America's youth for the technology that will shape their (and our country's) future.
I've worked in and with public and private sector organizations from 10 people to the Fortune 10 building systems, processes and teams in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South Africa and spent a decade living in Asia.
Specialties: Team Building & Leadership, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Startups, Entrepreneurship


Eric James

Technology startups


A constant seeker of adventure, Eric has founded several successful online businesses and become an award winning photographer, capturing the attention of countless media outlets including NBC, FOX, and National Geographic. His ability to lead through action has led to becoming a popular guest speaker on the topics of Photography, Technology, Success, and Entrepreneurship. He also recently established a partnership with famous entrepreneur, Richard Branson to tell the story of our forgotten Utopia, and hopes to be the first photographer to capture Virgin Galactic’s commercial space flight.
Currently, Eric is running an investment fund and working to shake up the way we think about Time Management with his newest startup, TimeVana.com.


Caroline Janssen

High School Senior


I am a high school senior at Bozeman High School and am very passionate about art, music and film in particular. I play guitar in multiple ensembles around the city of Bozeman and am the drum major of the Bozeman High School Marching Band. I am a novice film maker and love independent film making. I have given a TEDx talk with my band, Basement Jazz, am a three-time winner of the Jazz Montana scholarship, and cannot wait to be a part of the HATCH Experience this year!


Speaker, Advisor, Producer


See justadandak.com 🙂


Lydia Kan

Executive Coaching Globally


I really care. About others and the future of the planet. I express my caring with high integrity in a grounded, pragmatic and wholeheartedly practical – "I'll help you do something about this" way. I'm a London-based, hyper-global serial and social entrepreneur – currently focused on a collaborative economy project: 20SpareRooms. My 'day' work is Executive Coaching for the Financial Times #1 Executive Education course, High Performance Leadership @ IMD Business School in Switzerland, the US & in Brazil and leading Stepping Into Power workshops at Esalen & elsewhere. Passionate about ensuring resources are available for Creative Ventures. Incensed by over-consumption, the romanticisation of busy, and greed. Believe that offering the best of myself is why I'm here — and finding the best of you is my role.


Rebecca Kantar

GLG Share

Business & Information

Rebecca Kantar brings her entrepreneurial thinking to GLG, the world's largest community of professionals that is transforming the way executives learn and share expertise. Within GLG, Rebecca is developing GLG Share, a community for startups and experts in GLG's network to meet, learn, and grow via events and one-on-one conversations. Rebecca and her startup, BrightCo, joined GLG in the summer of 2014. Rebecca launched BrightCo to connect the world's top young entrepreneurs and thought-leaders with opportunities. Previously, Rebecca has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Minga, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the global child sex trade by harnessing the power of teens. Rebecca has spoken at several TEDx events, StartUp Iceland, Cisco Live, the Dell Social Innovation Summer Institute, the Nexus Global Youth Summit, The United Nations 11th Annual Day of Youth, and for teams at Coca-Cola and Red Bull. Rebecca was a Fellow at the 2013 Nantucket Project and serves on the World Economic Forum's Global Council on Humanitarian Response. Rebecca attended Harvard College and now lives in New York City.


Stephanie Kent

Multimedia producer


Stephanie Kent is a writer and multimedia producer whose work has appeared in Macworld Magazine, GamePro, Reading Rainbow's blog and Peter Gabriel's new site for social change The Toolbox. She's currently launching The Wall Street Journal's inaugural technology conference and is on the founding team of new literary website Call Me Ishmael where she oversees curation and all things editorial.
Steph's a former TED staffer where she worked with the global network of volunteer TEDx organizers, built community-focused programs for TEDActive and created brand engagement strategy for TED's partner organizations including TOMS, Theory and The Robin Hood Foundation. She enjoyed finding new ways to tell stories stories at TED and produced short animated films, micro-documentaries and social media strategy. Steph recently served as a judge for UCLA Anderson's Case Study Competition and a capstone mentor at University of Georgia New Media Institute.
She holds a Bachelor's degree in Playwriting and Literature from Emerson College and recently competed in her first amateur boxing fight where she raised thousands of dollars to KO cancer. You can follow her adventures @stephkent.


Samuel Kern



Sam is currently a sophomore studying computer science at Montana State University and employee at Foundant Technologies, a rapidly growing Bozeman-based company that provides online grant management software. In addition to computer science, Sam has a broad array of interests and hobbies. From a young age he has had a passion for filmmaking, and this past summer he traveled to Ecuador, where he spent a month making a short documentary about a working-class single mother and her struggle to support her children in the slums of Quito. Additionally, Sam is a photographer, soccer player, pianist, and singer. He has also played leads in several musical theater productions, including Les Misérables and Hairspray. Raised in Montana, Sam loves playing in the mountains. He is an avid mountain biker, skier, and hiker.
Sam strives to take every opportunity to learn and better himself. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up – just that he wants to create things that connect with people at an emotional level. He is interested in finding ways to combine computer science with various forms of artistic expression. This year will be his second time attending HATCH, and he looks forward to another incredible experience.