360 Mentorship

Where trusted relationships impact the lives of millions.

Mentoring is a Hatch cornerstone. The HATCH Experience and the HATCH community are built around meaningful relationships. What began as top-down (veteran to up-and-comer) mentorship has evolved into a ‘360’ mentorship approach; bottom-up and peer to peer. We encourage — if not expect — all HATCH community members to mentor, share, and challenge one another. Where else can a 45 year old Oscar winning filmmaker be mentored by a Pritzker prize winning architect?

It’s the magic ingredient of HATCH – the cross-pollination of creative catalysts.

Spurred by all of the breakthroughs we’ve witnessed, HATCH is developing a future-forward Mentorship Methodology that fuses learning from 10 years and thousands of relationships we’ve curated with the latest in data-design and tech-enabled collaboration. Our desire is to make this learning more actionable across multiple verticals, including technology incubator / accelerator models, other non-profits and inside of corporate mentorship programs. Our goal is to make these highly personal interactions scalable through advanced technology and insight.

We are building a world where the HATCH Mentorship Methodology is a global force – facilitating meaningful, impactful relationships across thousands of aspirational leaders.