Kobi Yamada’s book “What Do You Do With an Idea?” wins a gold IPPY award
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Kobi Yamada’s book “What Do You Do With an Idea?” wins a gold IPPY award

2014 HATCH Alum Kobi Yamada was recently awarded a Gold Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY).  The IPPY awards celebrate authors and illustrators from around the world, and are intended to bring increased recognition to the thousands of exemplary independent, university, and self-published titles published each year.  Huge congratulations go out to Kobi and illustrator Mae Benson for this well-deserved honor.

Although awarded in the Children’s Picture Book category, “What Do You Do With an Idea?” is truly a tale for all ages:

“This is the story of one brilliant idea and the child who helps to bring it into the world. As the child’s confidence grows, so does the idea itself. And then, one day, something amazing happens. This is a story for anyone, at any age, who s ever had an idea that seemed a little too big, too odd, too difficult. It s a story to inspire you to welcome that idea, to give it some space to grow, and to see what happens next. Because your idea isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s just getting started.”

“What Do You Do With an Idea?” is a creative catalyst that has inspired readers around the world to reinvest in their dreams, to see possibility where there was challenge, and reimagine the possibilities for their big ideas.  Last year, Kobi graciously shared copies of the book with fellow HATCHers; inspiring a groundswell of creative thinking about what’s possible when a willingness to reveal your true superpowers replaces the tendency to be complacent.

As HATCH continues to tackle big picture challenges and multi-faceted collaborations, “What Do You Do With an Idea” could serve as a guidebook for how we can transform ideas into action.