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HATCH is a conduit for incredible opportunity. A worldwide network of connections that fosters innovation and venture growth becomes accessible. World changing ideas and projects are born. Globally adopted technologies take their first steps from concepts to products.

HATCH BACK is the platform for reinvesting 5% or more of profits from projects and products that come to being through the HATCH community.

Amazing things happen when HATCHers give back. Story time…

“HATCH literally made made our dreams come true in a very dynamic way.  I’m excited to make the same true for others and to continue creating this community.” – Elias Cattan

“The connections that take place at HATCH and the trust that the HATCHERS give to each other is extremely unique. After meeting Elias Cattan at HATCH, and seeing his passion for impacting the world, I called to discuss one of our Selina locations.  After 5 minutes of talking we agreed on all terms and conditions.  Twelve hours later he landed in Panama, and began working with my team.  This kind of professional  agreement takes months in the regular world … It feels (thanks to HATCH), so natural to work together with so much trust between the group, that five minutes was more than enough to take a really big decision – to work together for 6 months – and know it was right.” – Rafi Museri, CEO and Co-Founder of Selina

Mexico City-based architect and environmental restoration visionary Elias Cattan was introduced to HATCH by Jimmy Stice and Carly Schwartz; key partners in the inaugural HATCH Latin America that took place at Kalu Yala in February 2016.  Elias met Stice and Schwartz at a TEDx event near Mexico City where he was speaking about his work restoring rivers, and his efforts to educate the public about the importance of protecting open spaces and watersheds.  That meeting led to Elias attending HATCH Latin America this past February, an event he describes as “unlike any other conference or forum I’ve ever been to – and I’ve been to a lot of them.”

At HATCH Latin America Elias connected with Oz Zechovy and Rafi Museri, leaders from the Selina Hostels team currently taking Latin America by storm with plans to build 90 hostels in the next few years.  Elias’ views on the importance of integrating environmental sustainability into his architectural work connected deeply with Oz and Rafi’s ecological ethos for Selina’s developments.  Just weeks after leaving that initial connection at HATCH, Elias was asked to book a flight back to Panama to help Selina with their plans to transform older, historic buildings into world-class hostels and bring renewed economic vitality into neighborhoods.  As of today, Elias working closely with Oz and Rafi on all architecture for four Selina hostels – including integrating ecologically sound design that will conserve resources and repurpose materials. Moving forward, Elias will play an important role in the architectural design of Selina’s rapidly growing presence in Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, and other Latin countries.

Elias cites a tremendous excitement about the opportunity to reinvest in HATCH via HATCHBack, because in his words:

“I believe in reciprocal relationships all the way down and all the way through.  HATCHers stick to their commitments and follow through.  My architectural firm Taller 13 has always had designing great hotels as a dream, and HATCH literally made made our dreams come true in a very dynamic way.  I’m excited to make the same true for others and to continue creating this community.”

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