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HATCH: World-changing ideas born in Montana Think Tank

STORY BY MICHAEL SOMERBY. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN EXPLORE BIG SKY ON OCTOBER 25, 2019. SEE ORIGINAL POSTING — EMIGRANT – Somewhere at the intersection of a TED Talk, a think tank, a professional networking event and, in many respects, a Ken Kesey party, lays HATCH. To reduce the event to single descriptors or with comparisons […]
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HATCH Helps Design and Facilitate Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit

On May 17th over 160 executives from around the world convened on a ship off the coast of Bermuda, headed out to one of the ocean’s largest plastics gyres.  The sole focus over the next four days was identifying and accelerating solutions for the global ocean plastics crisis.  The Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit was a […]
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Real Solutions Emerge from the Catalytic Environment of HATCH Labs

The HATCH Lab experience connects experts from diverse perspectives, experiences, and industries to focus on specific global challenges. From climate change to racism to public health, each dedicated think-tank forgoes the status quo to identify breakthrough solutions that create broad positive impact. HATCH labs unlock visionary thinking through the process of immersive discussion and using […]
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My perspective: HATCH Edu – Elke

The first time I attended HATCH I had no idea the impact it would have on my life, personally or professionally. I went into it much like a work trip—business cards, a smile plastered on and my pitch ready. I was woefully underprepared—I didn’t need to bring my speech. I needed to bring my truth. […]
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HATCHedu @ DSEL MSU /// Challenge: Design the School of the Future

THE CHALLENGE:  Design the School of the Future. 45 students from diverse disciplines, majors, and colleges. 15 faculty from diverse disciplines, majors, and colleges. 15 HATCH Alum mentors 1.5 Days 8 Proposed Solutions Video Highlights Recap from HATCHedu @ DSEL MSU:  WHAT WAS THE IMPACT? HATCH.edu was a transformative experience for both our students and faculty. […]
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