Reversing the Creativity Crisis

This legacy HATCH video (2004) offers insight into both our roots and our wings.

Creativity is not merely a “nice to have” – creativity is a critical way of thinking differently – and overcoming challenges. Every science innovation, technological break-through, communication advance…. was sparked by creative thinking. The same creativity that twisted a piece of wire into a paperclip or molded a piece of glass into a computer chip can solve every significant problem the world faces today.

By cultivating a stronger capacity for creative thinking – and adding the arts back into our developmental landscape — we will surge ahead in innovation in every domain of living and invention. Always focused on supporting and uniting creators, HATCH was founded by artists and entrepreneurs — people who understand the power of creativity and the role it plays in shaping our lives and our futures.

CREATIVITY is the magic ingredient in building a bright future. HATCH is driven to infuse every member of the HATCH community by: uniting disruptors and mavericks, cross-pollinating diverse people and ideas, and creating experiences that activate the creator inside each and every person.

In 2010, a of 1,500 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from different size organizations, 60 countries and 33 industries determined creativity to be the number 1 leadership skill needed by CEOs managing companies today. But creativity in America has declined steadily since 1990, and creativity programs in schools continue to be cut. Many have referred to this as a creativity crisis. Meanwhile arts continue to be considered a “nice to have” and not a “must have” as they continue to cut arts programs across the nation. And leaders have lost faith in their ability to innovate (vs regurgitate) to meet ever-mounting pressure to deliver consistent success.

HATCH is a community, movement, and a series of experiences designed to ACTIVATE CREATIVITY to HATCH a better world.