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Throughout my two years at HATCH, I have become a different person. After the first year, I was more open to conversation and asking for what I needed. After the second, I have a stronger idea about what I would like to do once I graduate and how I’m going to get there. Everyone I talked to was always so willing to help and hear what was on my mind. This provided an incredible amount of support. I was able to open myself up to those around me and allow advice and comfort to be given to me. My favorite part of HATCH has always been hearing people’s stories. It’s so amazing to me how someone can get from the lowest point in their life to being incredibly successful with just a little perspective change. Many people I talked to had felt that they went through the worst but were now at their best. Whether it was leaving a job they hated, creating a piece of art, or helping to inspire the next generation, every person at HATCH made an impact on me.  – Ava King

Being at HATCH opened my eyes to a better, brighter world. The people were all so supportive and great thinkers, which made for some really beneficial and fun group times and conversations. Being surround with people who all have done amazing things was a bit intimidating, but there was so much to learn, and in the end great friendships were made.  I have more confidence in myself, I am less introverted, I want to make more of a difference in the world, and most of all, I actually want to get stuff done instead of talking about it. – Abigail Hogan

I have more confidence in myself, I am less introverted, I want to more of a difference in the world, I am organized on what I want to do, and most of all, I actually want to get stuff done instead of putting it off for later. – Myles Wilson

HATCH profoundly changed my life by letting me fall in love with my passions, having cool, creative, and successful people fully engaging with me, and seeing deeply into the intricacies of interesting fields of life. Because of HATCH, I am connected with people who are changing the world, and I’m becoming a world changer myself. – Cole Janssen. 

It’s hard to think that three days can change the way you see the world. Well, except if you have attended HATCH- then you know that it is actually possible. I came to HATCH having no idea what to expect, when I left I was inspired and held a deep determination to make a difference.  I now have the support crew from my HATCH family to help me along the way! Because of HATCH I can make the world a better place. Thank you for teaching me that anything is possible.  – Maria Lovely

Hatch has impacted me in so many ways I can’t explain. It has expanded my open-mindedness and creativity.  Yet the most inspirational aspect is that my young 16 year old voice was heard and taken seriously by highly successful and creative adults. Having conversations like that helped me learn that it’s okay to chase after what I love, and made me feel like my goals were attainable and valid.  – Emma Flach

Hatch had a huge impact on me. It exposed me to so many great people who helped me begin to figure out the direction i want to go in life. It gave me a place to let my creative muscles work. I learned some wonderful life lessons from my fellow hatchers.   – Royce Mann

HATCH has inspired me to pursue my passion and work hard so I can be a contributor to a better tomorrow like many of the people I met during this incredible event.  – Nick Iskenderian 

Hatch has inspired me. Hatch has also intimidated, confused, and exhausted me. I was lucky enough to experience an awe-inspiring Hatch, followed by a year of reflection, followed by another Hatch. My first Hatch Experience left me a little starstruck. All of my creative and artistic senses had been activated and I was inspired to pursue every creative endeavor I could dream up. It took a few months and a load of failures for me to refocus and channel my enthusiasm into a few specific areas. This rollercoaster process of creation and failure did a lot to mature me in a year. I returned to Hatch this year with more specific goals and interests, but still allowed myself to be immersed in the diverse, open-minded Hatch culture. For the second time, I am exhausted and completely invigorated after a few days of Hatch. Hatch has repeatedly overwhelmed me in the best possible way. I feel that these little explosions of creativity, collaboration, and mentorship have forced to me re-examine myself as a person and as an artist. As a young person and artist, I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to repeatedly redefine myself while in a supportive environment of Hatchers.  – Dasha Bough

HATCH made me think about the world in ways I never would have thought of before. HATCH also connected me with people that I thought I would never need to know. But most importantly, HATCH showed me that when people of all different backgrounds come together to solve problems, anything can happen.   – Liam Germain

Hatch has provided many unforgettable experiences for which I am very grateful. In developing my existing strong suites and encouraging me to be more creative in my daily life, it has allowed me to go forth in life with a clearer idea of how to be successful as a creative person.  – Quaid Cey

HATCH has been the best thing that I didn’t even know I needed. I’m at a crossroads in my life where everything is changing and I didn’t have anyone being real with me. I had a bunch of counselors and therapists telling me everything will be okay, I will find my way, etc. but without offering me advice on how or companionship along the way. I was then last minute thrown into HATCH with no clue of what it was and how it would affect me. I spent three days not looking at a phone, reflecting on myself and making connections with people I would have never had the courage to talk to in the real world. HATCH gave me a place to go when I didn’t feel like I had anywhere else and gave me a family unique from anything I’ve ever had. The impact of that feeling of belonging will resonate with me for the rest of my life and will be carried with me in every relationship I will form and new places I will go.  – Emma Bowen